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Survivor Heroes V Villains – Battle Of The Alpha Males.

Or maybe I should rename the post the guys who THINK they are the Alpha males.

 The episode opened with the capital A Alpha’s Boston Rob and Russell trying to mind fuck each other. Russell was doing a fake conciliatory chat  to “show” there was no hard feelings, and Rob was trying to ramp up Russell’s paranoia, by telling him people were pissed off that he went searching for the immunity idol and his head was on the chopping block.

Boston Rob also spoke to camera saying that “Russell is not playing with amateurs now”.

Over in the heroes tribe it was James V Colby, with injured James vulnerable, against Colby who has lost his Survivor mojo.

It was a combined immunity and reward challenge, with the bad news being both tribes will be going to tribal council, which meant individual immunity was up for grabs in both team. The good news the winning team got to eat hotdogs and watch the other teams tribal council.

Each tribe’s competitors had to compete amongst themselves for immunity then the winner of each team competed to see who would win the reward challenge.

For the heroes the injured James was leading at one point, however Candice ended up winning  individual immunity.

It was Tyson, Russell and Boston Rob battling it out in their challenge with Rob showing who was the Alpha male in this situation. He then beat Candice to win hotdogs for his team.

And then the scheming was on. The villains wanted to force the idol out of Russell.

Coach was his usual flip flopping self. I don’t know why he thinks he is such a ethical person, he has had his foot in both alliances.

Rob was a bit obvious with Russell about the idol and the blind side. And obviously  someone must have tipped them off that Parvati was on the chopping block as he decided to give the idol to Parvati, and vote Tyson out.

However Rob had done the maths and said write down three and three.

However Russell told Tyson he was cutting strings with Parvati and was voting for her and looking after himself. And Tyson bought it.

I thought it was interesting Parvati was saying Tyson is funny and charming – which is interesting as we have barely seen any of him on the show. In fact I find him to be a little dull.

 After the vote Russell took out the Idol and gave it to Parvati. Tyson at that point realised he had been fucked over by Russell, but funnily enough it was Tyson did it all to himself by switching his vote from Russell to Parvati. Karma baby karma.

As Tyson said “Oh man, I have nobody to blame but myself,” and  “I was the victim of my own stupidity.”

Rob looked confused when he realised four people had voted for Parvati when there was only meant to be three.

Anyway Coach did vote for Parvati which meant Rob was the last person he spoke to  before they got to tribal council.

I think to be fair it was Russell -0ne, and Boston Rob -Zero in this week’s contest, but hopefully that will be rectified soon.

The villains then got to watch the heroes tribal council whilst eating hot dogs, and just to rub it in it was raining and the tribe was getting soaked. Sometime it is tough being a hero and they must be wanting to merge soon.

On the other team Colby  was being magnanimous about being voted out. But there was a bit of groundswell to get rid of James because of his leg injury, and his lack of banana etiquette. Also Colby’s heart had appeared to have gone out of the game.

It looked like James had convinced everyone he was good to keep in, but in the end it was unanimous and he was voted out, and looking at the voting footage, by James body language it appeared he knew he was about to be eliminated.

Here  is an hilarious exit interview with Tyson where he reveals why and when he decided to switch his vote.

And here is an interview with James.


1 Wurstsemmel { 03.30.10 at 11:39 pm }

Yep, Boston Rob looked most displeased and rightly so. Russell would have been sent packing if Tyson hadn’t flipped his vote. He did it to himself. Won’t miss him as he was a bit of a nothing in terms of character but miffed that Russell didn’t get despatchec.

Love Boston Rob. Hope he kicks Russell out next week.

2 Sourkraut { 03.30.10 at 11:46 pm }

Amused to see snot-blob and evil russel in a deep and meaningful (D&M) conversation at the start, undoubtedly solving the midle east crisis
Tree mail . Always D&M no doubt poems by T S Eliot
And then to the ol rope-a-dope contest wherein utterly useless sandra does-whine comes in last. maybe if she shut her yap?
The more i see of snot blobs grinning triumphant dial the more i cant wait for coach or russel to snot him one. CMON RUSSEL (never thought I’d ever say that!)
James the gorilla is pinching the bananas. Reminded me of the joke about paying peanuts and getting minkeys.
James wins silver in the Samoan olympic 20 metres morons dash.
sandra duz-whine opens the big yap again at tribal. Dont worry sweety, youll get yours!
Anyway the look on snot-blobs dial when tyson got the arse made it worth sitting through the 100 odd ads (about 12 per break, 12 count em 12 or 13)… in fact it brought a tear etc etc.

finally the mensas vote out peg-leg Pete, what a monumentally mentally taxing decision

3 Ursa { 03.31.10 at 12:10 am }

Wurtsemmel, I’m right there with you. So glad when Rob won immunity, only to have Tyson be a complete moron, what luck for Russell. If this leads to Rob’s defeat, I’ll be very disappointed. I hope next week doesn’t repeat with a moron move from Coach. As long as Russell leaves before Rob, I’m happy.

lucky for the producers that James injured himself, or the heroes would have been even more boring than they already are.

4 TDK { 03.31.10 at 10:43 am }

Sourkraut – LOL, I can never understand your lingo, and after 2 minutes of trying to understand, I give up.

Oh, on to my observations:
– Tyson, omg, you idiot.
– Is it me or is Rob a very likeable character, why is he on the Villains tribe? Sorry I haven’t seen his series before.
– Even Amanda voted James out? Or it was too many votes to get to hers?

5 Fiona { 03.31.10 at 11:00 am }

No – Amanda did vote for James and looked mournful every step of the way, I can’t believe she is still using those sad eyes at every opportunity, it cost her dearly at the final tribal council last time. I can’t help feeling it’s all a bit late now to save the team, they already lost so many of their stronger players. I agree that Rob seems likeable, he is a schemer and a strong-minded person though, but I like his style and respect his playing ability. It is going to get ineresting!! Great move last night by Russell.

6 Sourkraut { 03.31.10 at 10:16 pm }

the lingo is oldfartlish

7 alicat { 04.01.10 at 10:19 am }

TDK – Rob is a villian I’m presuming thanks to Lexgate during the All-Stars season. The early part of that season was when Rob and Amber first became Rob and Amber, and then there was some twist that was meant to mix up the tribes, but basically resulted in only Amber swapping tribes. Rob told Lex that if he looked after Amber at tribal council that night, he’d look after Lex. Lex kept up his part of the bargain and they voted out someone else from that tribe… but then the following week Rob ensured Lex was voted out. Ergo villain 😀

I loooove the whole Rob v. Russell thing! I’m such a Russel fan. Good thing the boys are there as the girls have been absolutely useless this season.

8 TDK { 04.01.10 at 10:47 am }

alicat – thanks for the explanation, although I think I really need to see it to understand the twists and complications involved.
All these strategies are no less than a Chinese/Taiwanese drama series – which I hate, gives me a headache.

I just want to see people survive in rough conditions.
The challenges are getting to be a tad boring now, because they’re not new anymore.
How about a challenge where they dig a hole to look for worms, or catch fish, or something to do with actually surviving in a remote place?

9 sourkraut { 04.01.10 at 2:01 pm }

Some of the tasks Bear Grylls on the SBS pseudo Survivor series would test them out. (Except for the part where he stays in hotels overnight)
As to fishing, I think these boofheads would need a hook with a hand-grenade attached. Dunno if you saw the last series but Shambo/Shambles managed to break the fishing gear in calm water! There was one series way back where one of the men was actually able to catch fish and keep his tribe fed until the standard female backstab alliance kicked him out near the end when they no longer desperately needed food. Wish I could remember who and when but as I stated b4 they all blur into one big amorphous lump of commonality (oldfartlish) and anyhoo, Alzheimers is my excuse.
If they dug too many holes near their camp they may dig up something nasty!
PS From memory Alicat’s description of Snot blob R0b’s villainy is correct but I seem to recall there was something else, either way i can’t stand him and hope Russell gets rid of him (and Perverti)

10 themolk { 04.02.10 at 9:35 pm }

Only just saw the ep, but found it to be compelling. Tyson outed as a fool of his own devices. Russell & BRob sizing each other up, with EvilRussell (dead set legend – my fav survivor now replacing Johnny Fairplay) getting the upper hand this time. According to Probst the ep that aired tonight in the US (this coming Tue for us) continues the Villians splitting & choosing sides. It only gets more interesting. What will happen if they start losing challenges, or when there is a merge?

As for James leaving, it was written in the sky – they were never gonna make the same mistake twice (he shoulda gone last week). I’ll take a 50% Colby over a lame James any day. What Colby may do in the next ep will make or break him. He MUST do something special at a challenge to secure a win for the Heroes. Or will he?

James did have the best lines of the episode, however. “Superman in a girdle”… classic.

11 Reality Raver { 04.02.10 at 9:39 pm }

I think Russell got lucky last week with Tyson just being such a dope, but I think it will give him the confidence to continue.