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So You Think You Can Dance – The Top 8

I cannot believe that SYTYCDA get a choreographer of the profile and talent of Rafael Bonacela from the Sydney Dance Company, and then give him Carly and Phillipe. I now know the show is NOT rigged. Christ he will never come back. The look on his face at the end of the routine said it all.

This routine just highlighted Carly’s inadequacies as a dancer, and there just did not appear to be any emotional between the pair. I know the judges were positive about the routine, but they were not gushing.

Just a few other thoughts before getting into the recap:

  • Bonnie Lythgoe has a boyfriend, and he is younger. Way to go girl, she is a fit looking woman. Maybe Phillipe is looking or a mother figure and they are getting it on. I would pay that. [UPDATE: @LandyK on twitter said Bonnie is seeing a set designer called Chris, someone she has known for 19 years – ok so Phillipe is still single];
  • What ever Jess S gave up for Lent must have worked, as she was not back in the show due to Jessica leaving. An article in the paper suggested Jessica wanted to stay but the show told her they could not be legally responsible. Also her injury had the potential for it to become a liability to her partner.
  • Natalie Bassingthwaite who has looked lovely all season tonight looked like a decoration you put on top of your christmas tree. They needed to take a 1/2 metre of the grey taffeta off the bottom.

Also I find it vaguely disturbing that I am agreeing a lot with Matt Lee this season. Last year I wrote about him:

I would like him[Matt Lee] to find his judging niche ie. what his role is on the panel. He should provide a point of comparison between the routines or genres, or dancers technical strengths and weaknesses for the layperson, which brings me to my next point.

Now Matt has found his judging chutzpah he is the standout judge this season. By the way I am not having a meglomaniac moment, and don’t think Matt’s more assertive judging persona has anything to do with my criticism or suggestions on this blog.

Nick and Jessie H – Hip Hop Jesse Rasmussan-  Ne-Yo

A cute routine  kind of pop hip hop. I thought Jessie outdanced Nick. Even if she does not win the competition she has a great career ahead of her. The consensus of the judges was that it was a good routine, but I nearly fell of my chair in shock when Bonnie told Nick he needed more sharpness.

Matt Lee thought Jessie needed to watch her face as it gets a little bit cheesy.

Jess S and Keiran – Foxtrot – Trent & Gordana – Michael Buble – Cry Me A River

Speaking of peoples faces Keiran looks a bit like the Michael Buble? Anyway I thought Keiran had quite a strange expression throughout, but I did enjoy the routine.

Robbie and Ivy – Andrew Hallsworth – Cabaret – Mein Herr

Well if Robbie’s back was still injured the V move on the chair would have killed it. I thought this routine  rocked, and thought the criticism of Robbie appearing like a boy dancing beside Ivy as bollocks.  I thought the who purpose of his costume and persona was to come across as a guy out of his depth with this girl.

Bonnie thought the routine  was a touch under. WTF she sits through shite routines for most of the freaking season, and then decides THIS is the routine she is going to nit pick.

Jessie H and Nick – Jason Gilkison – Cha Cha – Orient Expressions – Istanbul 1:26am

I thought my fag hag days were over but I am a little in love with Jason Gilkison. Has anyone ever been eliminated on his routines? Even thought I don’t think Jessie nailed the cha cha movements completely in some points I loved her and Nick in this routine.

Matt Lee thought the hip action from Jessie was lacking for a cha cha. Also Jason said there has been only other person in SYTYCA history that had never put a foot, wrong and you are on the same path. I figure he was talking about Jack Chambers.

Jess and Kieran – Contemporary – Larissa McGowan – Propellerheads – Velvet Pants

I really loved this routine. Maybe the thing that irritated the viewers about Jess was her hair flying everywhere all the time, with it back and not being a distraction personally I think this helped.

Jason said it was very pure contemporary, and gave them a few technical criticisms. I hope we see more of this choreographer before the end of the season.

Phillipe and Carly – Jazz – The Square Division

Now I know The Square Division can be a bit up and down on their routines, but I really liked this Ken and Barbie dance. In fact I preferred Phillipe and Carly in this then the Rafael Bonachello routine they did earlier.

Robbie and Ivy – Jason Bird & Katie Cesaro

A well danced but kind of a simple hip hop routine, not one of the highlights of the night. Matt Lee told Robbie to watch the mouth and for Ivy to get more down and dirty. And yes as sharp eyed readers have pointed out Jason Bird was in Scandal Us that reality TV band formed out of the second season of Popstars.

Bottom two girls – Carly and Jess S

Bottom two guys – Keiran and Phillipe


1 kate { 03.31.10 at 11:17 pm }

See this clip of Rafael’s new dance 6 BREATHS:

2 Reality Raver { 03.31.10 at 11:36 pm }

Amazing thanks Kate

3 akris { 03.31.10 at 11:52 pm }

watching it now.. just finished the second dance with Keiren and Jess S… still awkward at judging.. but have to admit she was better here than other nights.. but still want her out.. again.

Jessie H and Nick in hip hop.. I loved the routine and i think they both did well… I wonder who Jase was talking about.

4 akris { 04.01.10 at 6:27 am }

I didn’t like Philippe and Carly’s contemporary dance… but the judges loved it… ??Maybe they didn’t want to put the choreo off side.

Loved Ivy and Robbie.. what were Jason and Bonnie talking about?? The cougar talk was actually funny..Bonnie was actually funny.. the only time i rewinded to see what she actually said.

Loved the Jason G’s choreography and I think they both did extremely well

5 heartfelt { 04.01.10 at 9:50 am }

RR: You are so on the mark with your criticism of wasting Rafael Bonacela on Carly and Phillipe……. what were they thinking!!!! I have had the personal pleasure of seeing this dance-world god’s work come to life in New York under the expertise of the most beautiful dancers and to see one of his works being hacked away like that was very frustrating. I would never have picked it for a R.B. routine if I hadn’t known beforehand.

Re Jess S: I too am wondering what she gave up for Lent. Whatever it was, it won’t be enough. She is enjoying a brief respite. Both her and Carly will be bottom two tomorrow night.

I enjoyed Nick and Jessie H hip hop. It was the best I’ve seen of Nick in a long time. I too felt that Bonnie’s criticism of Nick was unjust. I don’t think this dance will save him though. He has been too inconsistent. I don’t feel Jessie H shined in anything last night but I think she’ll be safe. She’s had a good run so far.

I enjoyed Keiran and Jess S foxtrot. She looked beautiful and Keiran gave it his all. He is a brilliant ballroom dancer. The face pulling was a bit over the top however. The contemporary routine however was awful. Poor Keiran looked so uncomfortable to be half naked, and it’s not something he would be used to doing on stage – the guy dances ballroom for a living! What were they thinking putting him in a pair of trunks! The dance was awkward and boring. Neither one of them looked like their hearts were in it.

Phillipe and Carly’s Ken and Barbie dance was clever. Dragged on a bit, or seemed to because it was so “busy” but they had a good crack at it and it wasn’t boring. They looked like the enjoyed it.

Now as you all know by now I am a huge fan of Robbie. The more I see this boy dance the more I connect with him as a mere viewer of the show. He has been given some hard tasks, and to be fair all the dancers have had some lousy routines and costumes thrown at them, but Robbie comes up trumps everytime. He puts his all in to every dance. He becomes the character, he executes his moves beautifully. I really loved the first routine with Ivy and totally understood it even if Jason didn’t. It was Broadway stage quality. I know everyone keeps saying that Robbie and Ivy are the golden couple but I feel Robbie makes anyone look good on that dance floor, with perhaps the exception of Mikhaela who’s heart didn’t seem to be in it.

The second Robbie/Ivy routine didn’t pop like the first but was so much fun to watch and again, the storytelling was great. Again, execution of the steps was beautiful and the tandem split jump was amazing. Loved it loved it loved it.

Bring on Top 6. Can’t wait to see wait they have in store next week.

6 alicat { 04.01.10 at 10:11 am }

Only have a few minutes for my comments but I’ll try to get in everything:

-Loved Nick and Jessie’s hip hop. I actually thought Nick sat better in the genre than Jessie, he was more laid back and I couldn’t take my eyes off him. Also quite enjoyed their cha-cha; Nick’s body was AMAZING, the way he was moving it could’ve been Kieran up there. I also loved Nick’s control when he did that slo-mo cartwheel over the chair. It’s the best Nick’s danced in a long time and for the first time in ages I’m not putting him in the bottom 2 this week. Jessie was consistently gorgeous and is Robbie’s biggest competition to win the comp imo.

– Kieran and Jess… the first routine bugged me because of Kieran’s facials and Jess’s tattoo. I’m not against tattoos completely, but she just looked so gorgeous in her gown and then she’d turn around and there’d be this humungous tattoo ruining the whole look… ew. They danced alright, but Kieran didn’t pop for me in either of the routines, except for that lift that the judges praised him for – I thoguht the grips were really tricky but he absolutely nailed it. I want to crucify whoever put him in that outfit (if it can even be called that) in their contemporary routine. I was cringing just watching him stand onstage during the judges comments; I hope it doesn’t affect votes. Not because he’s got a bad body, just because anyone up there wearing underwear would’ve been embarrassed. I preferred their contemporary routine to the ballroom, but think both will be in the bottom 2.

– I actually think the contemporary routine Carly and Phillipe did was the best I’ve seen Carly in a routine. I thought her extensions were beautiful especially when they did the lift and she kicked out into the splits… just gorgeous. And she gets 100 kudos points for doing a series of gymnastic flips in high heels. Phillipe’s facials bothered me though hahaha. And did anyone get serious Freddie-Prinze-Junior-in-Scooby-Doo vibes during Ken and Barbie?! Same bad blonde wig, same blue jacket… made me giggle 😀 I didn’t actually rate the Ken and Barbie routine but it seems a lot of other people did.

– Robbie and Ivy, brilliant again… I love their commitment to whatever they do, they always look amazing. I thought Robbie sat amazingly well in the hip-hop routine, he looked really relaxed and confident and was brilliant in it. Ivy is always stunning and really shining as a dancer in my opinion. (PS I think it was Jason Bird who said there were no tricks in the hip-hop routine… what’s he on about?! I saw flips and tricks and double-cartwheels… pretty crazy! But I digress :D) As always, crowd reaction was phenomenal… these two aren’t going anywhere.

– Judges… bahahaha they cracked me up last night! Bonnie the cougar, I was literally laughing out loud… Jason I can’t remember what he did but I was laughing at him too… agree with RR this is the best I’ve seen Matt Lee judge as well this season, he’s saying some really interesting and technical things which I love in the judges’ comments… and Natalie with the Ken and Barbie lift comment! Hahahaha hysterical! It was gold last night 😀

– Also Jason Gilkison is a god. Again. That is all.

Bottom 2 for me: Kieran/Phillipe, and Jess/Carly.

7 Anonymous { 04.01.10 at 4:38 pm }

I thought they wasted the ADT choreography, too.

The pimping of Carly, Phillipe and Jess drove me insane. Particularly the sympathy edit Jess received, especially at the sake of Kieran! Anyone would think from watching the pre-dance videos that Jess was the contestant and Kieran a dancer’s assistant. Ugh… This show.

Carly/Jess/Phillipe/Nick should be the next four to leave, imo.

Jessie H and Ivy are in such a different league to Carly and Jess, it’s almost comical.