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Masterchef Australia – No Audition Episodes It Is Straight Into The Top 50

Gary Mehigan, Matt Preston and George Calombaris are the stars of Ten hit MasterChef Australia.

Masterchef Australia is premiering on Monday 19 April at 7.30pm on Network Ten, and it is immediately showing the top 50. Last year they commence with audition episodes, so this is the first change of the new series.

And if you are wondering what the top five from last year  are doing the SMH have a little information on this.

We obviously know what Julie Goodwin and Poh Ling-Yeow are up to, but it is interesting to know that Lucas Parson’s is doing some golf commentary, and Julia Jenkins is a co-host on 7Two’s show Delish.

The Season Two contestants will be hoping for good post Masterchef careers, and they should as according to the judges  they are better cooks then season one. But then they would have to say that.


1 themolk { 04.06.10 at 10:50 am }

It’s a shame, as the cattle calls in things like Idol are what make the show hilariously addictive, but I understand – the drama is what happens from Top50 on. Also it’s costly to film the auditions and it means you can leave that judging to producers & just have your stars review basic camera tape & so on, rather than jet around the country (not saying this is what happened, merely speculating). Also, it weeds out the dweebs that just turn up to the audition to try to get their head on TV.

I. Can’t. Wait. Bring it!

2 sourkraut { 04.09.10 at 2:51 pm }

does that mean we wont see any more “three chances” Pohs?
If on average they are not better cooks than season 1, it will hardly be worth watching except for the chance of delicious schadenfreude at the train wrecks.
Hope the winner this time is FAIR DINKUM the best chef!

3 Mouse { 04.09.10 at 8:31 pm }

themolk is right but wrong too because George and Gary did judge the regional auditions. I was in the last 30 in Adelaide and they were there all the second day. But I agree let’s see the auditions otherwise people won’t see how hard it was to get through to the final 50.