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Matt Lee Turned Down Role On So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine

Sydney Social 04.04.10

(Image: Sunday Telegraph)

Here is the So You Think You Can Dance Australia cast at the Logies nomination breakfast at The Ivy in Sydney. Canny readers will realise that it is an unusual thing for Matt Lee to be without his usual headwear. I don’t get why he does not go sans hats on the show.

Anyway I do get why he is not being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance Ukraine, if a vignette in the Sunday Telegraph (hard copy only) is true. It stated that Matt Lee had turned down a part on the show, because he was over committed here. But it did say that choreographer Adam Williams might take up the role. I will be surprised if it is true, as he they would need an interpreter, and I am not sure that would be great TV.

UPDATE: Matt Lee confirmed for me on Twitter that he did turn it down, but only because of his Mary Poppins commitments.


1 Anonymous { 04.05.10 at 12:05 am }

I wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss this as untrue. I know that Ame Delves, who was a choreographer on SYTYCD Aus in seasons 2 and 3, was involved with the last season of SYTYCD Ukraine late last year. She choreographed a number of pieces as well as appearing as a guest judge. I haven’t seen the episodes, but an interpreter may have been involved. I believe other English speaking choreographers/judges have also been involved with the show. Perhaps they are struggling to find enough Ukrainian Choreographers.

2 bella vita { 04.05.10 at 2:44 am }

WOW the Ukraine, not that would make hilarious TV (no offence to any Ukranian followers on here)
Actually an Aussie I knew was Top 10 on the Scandanavian version which was equally hilarious, and also another Melb boy who was in the Greek version.
I think Matt will do a great job in MP, as it is getting back to doing what he is actually brilliant at…performing

3 par3182 { 04.06.10 at 3:32 pm }

Is he Ukrainian?