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Worst Winners In Reality TV History

Injera sent me this link which gives a list of the Worst Winners In Reality TV History (Via Throwing Things). It is an American list so does not include Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo on it.

Weird Rumour – Belinda Neal To Be A Contestant on Dancing With The Stars

I cannot believe this rumour is true, that the soon to be former Member for Robertson, Belinda Neal is going to follow in the footsteps of Pauline Hanson, and appear on Dancing With The Stars. But if she is I will definitely be watching it.

American Idol’s Alex Lambert To Go Into The If I Can Dream House

This year’s top 24 finalist Alex Lambert is extending his reality TV career by entering the If I Can Dream House.  He will join the internet reality TV show to continue to pursue his music career. The show is about five (now six) unknowns trying to achieve their dreams. To get on the show you have to send in your audition tape, but clearly he got in because of his time on Idol. Which is a good way of cross promoting the new concept. EW has an interview with him and it seems like he comes from a very poor background. Good luck to him he had an interesting voice.

Interview With Nigel Barker From America’s Next Top Model

Nigel Barker, a judge on America’s Next Top Model talks to the Huffington Post about how he got on the show, and what it is like.

The Real L Word – A Lesbian Reality TV Show

I Fry Mine In Butter blog states there is going to be a reality TV which is basically going to be a real life The L Word. It will be shown on Showtime in the US, so at this stage I have no idea if it will make it to Australia. I am just surprised it is not on Bravo TV, as this would suit their demographic.

Christian Siriano New Reality Show Premieres On Bravo This Week

The Project Runway winner’s profile continues to rise, with his very own reality show, which will show him preparing for Fashion Week. It premieres this week on Bravo TV. No news on when or if it will screen in Australia. (Source: Pynke Celebrity)

Lifestyle You Will Be Showing Season 1 of Aussie Ladette To Ladies

If you missed it first time around on Channel Nine, you can now see the first season of Aussie Ladette to Ladies, which was mildly entertaining. It premieres on April 8. You can also read all the recaps of the episodes on here on Reality Ravings. Go to Lifestyle You for the times it will screen.


1 bella vita { 04.05.10 at 2:58 am }

Interesting article re the Worst Reality show winners.
I wouldnt have thought Bill Rancic would have been in there considering the huge press he and Giuliana have been getting recently with their wedding and own show.

Give me your thoughts but this is my Top 10, in no particular order of Worst Reality Winners on Aussie TV, no doubt other readers can refresh my mind also.

Kate DeAraugo
Peter from BB2
Alley S1 and Kylie Booby S2 from Australian Princess
Scott Cain Popstars
Jasmine from Jasmines getting married (ok not technically a winner, seeing as though it got axed after Ep 4)
Anyone from Chains of Love or Shopping for Love
Outback Jack: Natalie
Random: The X Factor (and even more tragically that i went to the Grand Final!)
Popstars Live: Judges were quitting half way through, the acts were atrocious..can only remember it came down to one guy and one girl
Idol: Nat Gauci

2 Reality Raver { 04.05.10 at 11:18 am }

Oh God Scott Cain Popstars – I had forgotten about HIM. I agree with all of your once except for Natalie from Outback Jack. I liked her and they did have a happy ever after moment of getting married.

3 Reality Raver { 04.05.10 at 11:21 am }

Bella Vita – Your list did crack me up. BTW have we heard anymore about The X Factor coming to Oz again next year. TV execs met with Simon Cowell in England about it. Maybe they are waiting to see how Australia’s Got Talent rates.

4 bella vita { 04.05.10 at 10:01 pm }

As far as my sources go, contracts are being looked at the moment to have X Factor here (again!) with a completely new feel, new image and new network.
Rumored to be on air later in the air or early next, hearing rumors of Tina Arena as one judge (as she is eager to spend more time in Oz