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Australia’s Got Talent – A Cautious Thumbs Up

Kyle Sandiland’s is back, rehabilitated after eight months in TV coventry. I noted in his opening montage that Kyle went through a flamboyant stage during his teenage years, but then it was the ’80’s.

I have to confess previously I have not watched Australia’s Got Talent much, as it has always seemed to be an extended version of Red Faces, including having Red Symons on the show. But the new panel  and pre- show marketing hype has definitely drawn me in.


  • Kyle Sandilands did bring energy to the panel and was very witty at times;
  • Also the panel had chemistry and nice banter between them but Brian McFadden is not as funny as he thinks he is;
  • KRap cracked me up but they buzzed him out, the show is ageist;
  • Brianna the girl who sang musical theatre is she the new Nikki Webster? But probably with a better voice, so may avoid the ignomy of a Strawberry Kisses type single. I thought the guy with her was her grandfather not her dad.
  • The Beaver Shaker’s the teen B-Boy dance crew were good, and I am glad they did not ask them how they got their name;
  • Loved the roller troupee ok it was a bit raggedy but it was entertaining and anything that brings back memories of Starlight Express has to be a positive thing;
  • Now I know they loved the 15 year old boy who sang Hallejulah, but seriously Danni Minogue the best version you have heard ever? Better than Jeff Buckley? Or even better than Australian Idol winner Damien Leith? I think she needs to gain a little perspective on it.


  • Too many kids acts, and feelgood stories eg the KStar dance troupe, who were really good, did not need the heart tugging story to go with it;
  • I know those elderly swinging couple (the dance not key party style) were cute but so are those kitten pictures on the internet, but seriously do we need to see them again?
  • Why only 20 secs of the buffed male acrobat, but tonnes of footage on young kids;
  • Brian McFadden trying to get into the barrel that the 14 year old contortionist was not funny;
  • Taking the piss out of obvious mentally ill guy called Elvi Pes, there should be some Australian Reality TV Code of Practice against this; and
  • Danni Minogue’s dress looked like they had recycled Mr Snuffluficous from Sesame Street.

The first episode had a nice fast pace to it, and thankfully the Red Faces type feel has been reduced, however it still has a bit of an end of year dance concert vibe to it. The new panel is a success and has made the show watchable, and I will definitely be tuning in again.

Oh and that Sydney lady who we see singing next week cannot be 42.


1 TDK { 04.14.10 at 9:38 am }

It was all so fake.
From Brian trying to be funny, to the first act’s endless tears, it was all too over-dramatised for me.
All the preview at the start and during the break gave all the acts away already – I don’t need to see the rest of the show!! However, I will – just so I can cringe some more, Australian television is crap!! Actually, television in general is crap!! Turn off the TV people and read a book or do something intelligent!!

Anyhow, onto my observations:
– Brian: overdramatised, and very rude, laughing at inappropriate moments
– Danni: boring as usual
– Kyle: his usual self, which I don’t respect, however he was the most entertaining of those three; but still crap
– The judges used their buzzer like it’s a toy, yeap the show was that boring
– There were some genuinely good acts in there, like the father/son singing solo; the 15 y.o. kid singing Hallejulah
– The host was very rude and very cringeworthy, especially playing the ignorant to Elvi Pes
– Most acts were boring
– Strangest act: watermelon man, lol, I really laugh at that act, no idea why, it’s just silly, you have a teacher doing this, makes you think, does he have something he kept inside him for all his life and now is his chance to reveal it?

2 Anonymous { 04.14.10 at 1:38 pm }

This show is so tacky, it reminds me of Hey Hey It’s Saturday. I didn’t watch it last night, but I saw the promos for the kid singing Hallelujah. I thought it was an awful performance! Halllllllllllllll ayye looo YUH. Ew. Children never know how to sing that song with the soul it requires.

3 TDK { 04.14.10 at 1:47 pm }

Anonymous: actually the Hallejulah kid wasn’t bad, he’s got soul in there.

4 bella vita { 04.14.10 at 11:19 pm }

For one so cynical and critical of these shows I enjoyed it
The judges were actually a really great combination and thought they did a great job, however glamour Dannii is just in a league of her own.
Brian must be rapt, considering how unpopular he is back in the UK and after the success NOT of Football Superstar, he has finally got a decent slot on commercial TV.

The acts were the usual sob stories and ones to laugh at.

Bobby and Brianna I both thought were incredibly overrated. Brianna is one of those children who I personally cant stand vocally or presentation wise. Big deal, she’s 12. much better 12 yo’s there.

Just for interests sake…
4 rounds this year before making it to the judges, and they didnt give the final Yes to until 3 days before the taping back in early March

5 Vince aka K-RAP { 04.15.10 at 12:22 am }

Thanks for the kind comments about my act

AS a performer, I did like Dannii. Very professional and respectful.

6 Vince aka K-RAP { 04.15.10 at 11:44 pm }

“KRap cracked me up but they buzzed him out, the show is ageist;”…

The semi-finals will be recorded in May…
So why not join this Facebook group
5000 signatures say K-RAP a second chance on Australia’s got Talent?”

7 Dara { 04.26.10 at 1:02 am }

Bobi Andonov (Hallelujah) to win, and Brianna in 2nd. Loved them both! Bobi is better singing Prati mi SMS (Send me an SMS), check that one out. Brianna is so charismatic though.