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Survivor Heroes V Villains – Coach Finally Worked Out The Definition Of Karma

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“I did not want Boston Rob out,” whined Coach at the beginning of the episode. Huh his random vote for Courtney helped cut his throat. Clearly he is suffering some sort of starvation amnesia.

And then Jerri chimed in by saying she had not wanted to vote him out either. She seems to be implying that it was not her fault that Rob was eliminated. Well why did you vote for him – she had the swinging vote. Well it did not take long for karma (yes Coach I know spiritual words too) to come and bite them on the arse.

The look on Jerri’s face was priceless when she realised Coach’s fire was being snuffed out at tribal council.

Oh yes and I would give my left arm to have seen Boston Rob’s face when Coach schleped into base camp with his tail firmly between his legs.

Ok lets have a quick overview of the episode to see if it gives us any clues as to why some people voted the way they did.

The reward challenge was a tiki bowling  with the prize being a pizza feast. The villains sat out their two weakest players Sandra and Courtney, something I thought was a bit foolhardy considering the lack of physicality of the challenge. Courtney should be able to pick up a coconut,  but Coach wanted to win, but at one stage it did not even look like he was going to get a roll.

The Villains inevitably lost the challenge, and missed out on carb loading.

Jerri has a whinge about it the strategy ONCE she is back at the camp.

Sandra was quick to fire up and say “So it is my and Courtney’s fault that we lost the challenge?”

I found it amusing the heroes thought it was a female alliance in the villain’s tribe. Russell’s nose was put out of joint by that remark by Rupert, which will probably put a target on Rupert’s back once the merge occurs.

Speaking of targets Sandra who was in danger of being voted out managed to put one on Coach’s back by working on Russell’s paranoia. She told him Coach wanted him gone, and he believed her.

The immunity challenge was another icky mud challenge, and I am sure the male viewers were loving the images of Candice and Amanda rolling around in the mud.

And yes Courtney and Sandra were duds in the challenge, with Courtney also injuring her ankle. Though I think she may have pretended to just so she had an excuse for being completely crap. And the Villain’s unsurprisingly lost. They did not strategise well and they should have made two strong teams and one weak team of Courtney and Sandra seemed like a no brainer. Russell would have loved being chained to Parvati.

Then this is where it all becomes confusing. Sandra swings Russell to vote for Coach.

Danielle thinks this is a bad idea and will further weaken the tribe and wants Courtney gone, Russell had a minor brain explosion and tells her to pull her head in.

Next is my favourite shot of the episode where Russell is standing at camp with the axe in front of him as Danielle is talking to camera how he was flipping out. Give those editors a pay rise now.

Then he comes back to Parvati and Danielle and tells her she is right and that they should vote Courtney out.

Then Coach is voted out with four votes, and these were Sandra, Courtney, Parvati, and Danielle. Russell had voted for Courtney. If someone can explain that please tell me.

I don’t know whether Russell voted for Courtney so people in the Heroe’s tribe would continue to think it is an all girl alliance, however they don’t find out how they voted. So that does not make sense. And why was Danielle now voting for Coach.

But Russell didn’t look too upset about the outcome. Problem for Russell is that Coach is the first person on the jury and chances of him voting for him are zero.

The only interesting thing that occurred on the Heroe’s tribe was JT finding the immunity idol and being busted by Amanda and Candice. And it looks like in next weeks episode he is about to make a dumbarse move and give it to Russell, because he believes he is in danger of being voted out.

Here are some exit interviews with Coach where he defends his fuckwittery the week Rob was voted out.

The first one is from E Online and here is another from Reality Wanted, and Inside AOL TV. As Sourkraut pointed out be careful reading comments as there are some rumours floating around about the final three.


1 TDK { 04.14.10 at 8:56 am }

Oh boy, can’t wait till next week to see why the heck TJ would give the idol to Russell.

2 Wurstsemmel { 04.14.10 at 9:51 am }

Coach is so inconsistent. He doesn’t seem to know what he’s at from one minute to the next. Jerry also has a short memory. Whatever. All I know is that it was a lot more boring without Rob. Love him or loathe him, Russell is the oBly character of any interest left.

3 TDK { 04.14.10 at 10:10 am }

Would love for TJ to win it though, he’s seems a genuine nice guy, he’s just being shifty to win the game.
Rupert is annoying.
Amanda is cute.
Parvati is annoying.
Jerri is annoying.
Russell is really annoying, someone vote him off to cut his ego, but then there’s little entertainment left for us.
There rest of the bunch I don’t really care.

4 Jeb { 04.14.10 at 10:37 am }

Sad to see coach go – i reckon he’s a good guy, just a complete and utter idiot as well.

Jerri isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed either but I hope she goes far. Not sure why. Wears her heart on her sleave.

We need to see more of Candice. I need to see more candice. And amanda and danielle. They all seem like lovely people that’s all.

I liked Sandra getting into the game. It was like she was going to out “russell” russell. But then (like you RR) the final vote left me mystified. Why did danielle and parvati vote for coach? when did they decide on that? Maybe they decided to go for coach and we weren’t told but then Russell angled for coach’s jury vote by voting courtney knowing that coach would be gone anyway. Notice the hand shake thing at the end as coach was leaving tribal.

My hearts in my mouth watching courtney do anything. Is it nasty to say that she looks beyond skinny to unhealthy. She should have gone – not that likeable with the gen y talk to coach at tribal. But got to give her props for, um… surviving.

I guess at the end of the day I genuinely like all the competitors left for different reasons. Can’t wait ’till next week.

Miss BRob but would will miss Russ more if he ever goes.

TDK – JT has won a series.

5 TDK { 04.14.10 at 10:39 am }

OH yeah, TJ did won.
In that case, it’s even more boring now.
Not sure who I go for, doesn’t matter really.
Just want to see Russ get out-smarted by a physically useless Sandra. Mahaha

6 Tequilamockingbird { 04.14.10 at 1:26 pm }

You hate Russell do you Coach? Well why not get a Jerri, Sandra, Courtney, Coach alliance organized then vote him off! Or you could just have a sook all episode, do nothing and get sent home. Good riddance!

7 Bee { 04.14.10 at 1:44 pm }

Agree the voting was weird – especially Russ not voting the same way as Parv/Danielle.

It’s a pretty clever move if the Villians play the fake “all girls” alliance to the Heroes, in order to get them to tell Russ their voting strategy. Especially then if dumbass TJ gives Russ the idol to win his allegiance & trust. Looks like the merge is happening next week.

I miss Boston Rob :-(

8 TDK { 04.14.10 at 1:48 pm }

All this alliance and stratetic moves talk is hurting my brain.
I wouldn’t survive the first day if I were these guys – mentally that is.

9 sourkraut { 04.14.10 at 2:14 pm }

Russell you Burke! sucked in by Sandra duz whine’s lying weasel factor. surely you saw her “style” on previous series. She is utterly useless at anything except lies and deceipt, and then to top it all off she thinks she should have been on the heroes tribe. ha fucking ha.
poor coach. blindsided by the now obvious female villains alliance. Danielle had so much to say about getting rid of Courtney (read utterly totally uselessly incompetent) and then she votes for coach. Likewise perverti, although I expect that from her. Anyhoo goils, watch your backs, that little stunt (Cunning) has probably cost you a million to the 2nd time benefit of duz whine, who unbiassed as she is confesses to hating them all equally. very magnanimous.
Hope Colby or Amanda win, and hopefully the heroes are smart enough to vote out the villains, except for Russell when the merge comes


10 Reality Raver { 04.14.10 at 4:50 pm }

Tequilamockingbird – you are so right Coach could have done that. But he is so passive. Was he like that on Tocantins?

TDK – I am sure you would be fine if you were thrown into that situation you would thrive, just use Russell’s strategy and align with everyone!

Jeb – agree re: Courtney she looks like she is anorexic. Also I cannot work out why she sticks around she clings on like a limpet and does not appear to make any bold moves or strategise. I don’t care who wins as long as it is not her.

Bee – I saw TJ mouth to Russell before one of the challenges – just hang in there. So I am wondering if they had an alliance before they got on the island.

Sourkraut – Agree I am really starting to like Colby.

Wurstsemmel – I think it will be a bit more boring without Coach as he was so easy to pick on. However I am loving the series. Maybe they need to parachute Johnny Fairplay in now.