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So You Think You Can Dance Australia – Congratulations Robbie

The opening number was brilliant for once the twitter chick from Channel Ten/or Fremantle were not over selling it.

It was a the dancers in a montage from iconic films, and just as I was wondering who choreographed, it was revealed it was Jason Gilkison – of course. He also acknowledged Matt Lee and Bonnie Lythgoe’s assistance and input with it.

Speaking of Bonnie, she has done a bit of a “Dorian Gray” and looks younger then she did three months ago when the series started. She was looking particularly funky tonight.

And if I was a betting woman this will be the last time we see her on the judging panel. I think they will change personnel next year.

I was not a fan of the top four Alice in Wonderland routine, the costumes were great but I am not a fan of hip hop. But I did like Juliet Verne’s top Ten dance.

No surprise that Phillipe was the first of the top four to be eliminated. Obviously that Daily Telegraph story about him being the favourite to win was bollocks.

The Hairspray musical looks like it is going to pop. Jason Coleman is going to be the choreographer and auditions start soon. The question is how many SYTYCDA alumni are going to be in it. I bet Ivy is definitely one.

Bonnie Lythgoe will be busy also she is going to be directing Cinderella in LA. Also Matt Lee will be in Mary Poppins in Melbourne.

No surprise that Robbie and Jessie H were top two, so the Shire vote did not cancel one of these two brilliant dancers out. It was nice to see the two best friends there.

No surprise that Robbie won, but I would have been happy with either. I am curious to know which prize he will pick. The Australian Dance Theatre is the best fit for him, but hairspray would be fun, and travelling around the US for 6 months with Jason Gilkison would be fabulous.

I am sure both Jessie and he have fantastic dance careers ahead of them.


1 josie { 04.22.10 at 10:06 am }

Go Robbie!!!!! The opening routine and the fame routine were my fav routines of the night. I also really loved the top 2 dance.
I really hope he picks the ADT prize

2 Anonymous { 04.22.10 at 10:17 am }

A very predictable and dull result to a very predictable and dull season.

No mention of the Fame performance, RR? It was by far my highlight of the night. Talia is a dance goddess. Now there is a dynamic winner.

3 Anthony { 04.22.10 at 10:19 am }

According to TV Tonight, Robbie has chosen the Burn the Floor prize – to tour the USA with Jason Gilkison.

4 akris { 04.22.10 at 10:47 am }

Congratulations Robbie! Worthy Winner!

I loved the fame routine too.. but I still don’t like Talia.

5 Heartfelt { 04.23.10 at 12:39 am }

No surprise that wonder boy Robbie took out the top prize. I have been backing him all along. Gut instinct? Who knows, call it what you will. All I know is that Robbie had great all-round appeal and such versatility in all the genres. I think he will do well in BTF. He is a dedicated and hardworking technician and I don’t think for one minute that he will be fazed by all the ballroom he is going to have to learn. What a tremendous opportunity for such a young man. Well done Robbie. I never lost confidence in you. Burn the Floor? Geez…. Burn the whole freakin’ house down!