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Brian McFadden – To Be Kicked Off Australia’s Got Talent?

What is it with Brian McFadden, and his bad temper? We had the tweets with his ex-Kerry Katona, which really did not make us want to get on Team Brian, and now this –  telling a 50 year old contestant on Australia Got Talent to fuck off.

An article on Nine MSN says that Brian may have put his employment at risk because of his comments.

The article says:

Irish singer Brian McFadden may be kicked off Australia’s Got Talent after he allegedly told a comedian appearing on the show to “f*** off back to England”.

In an exchange cut from the Channel 7 show, McFadden swore at 50-year-old comic Anne Ferguson-Howe after she criticised fellow judge Kyle Sandilands about a radio lie-detector stunt gone wrong, the Herald Sun reported.

Sandilands reportedly began the war of words when he mocked Mrs Ferguson-Howe’s weight after her routine had bombed on the talent show.

British-born Mrs Ferguson-Howe then struck back by asking Sandilands “when was the last time you had a chat about rape?” — a reference to the judge’s controversial radio stunt last year.

McFadden then reportedly told Mrs Ferguson-Howe to get off the stage before she replied “Listen pal, if you’re going to dish it out, you’ve got to learn to take it back.”

McFadden then reportedly removed his microphone, climbed onto the stage and said to the woman “Why don’t you f*** off back to England?”

“I’m a thick-skinned woman of 50 who loves a laugh but if it had been a 20-year-old girl the size I am with low self-esteem, I think I would have gone home and shot myself,” Mrs Fergson-Howe said afterwards.

She made up with Sandilands after the show but received no apology from McFadden.

“I’ve got no problem with Kyle — we shook hands,” she said.

“Brian, I tell you, I’d spit on him.”

Channel Seven told the Herald Sun the exchange was edited out of Tuesday’s show.

I mean seriously why does Kyle always attack women on their weight, but he seems to think it is ok for overweight guys to be on TV. And really Kyle Sandilands can defend himself.

Maybe Seven leaked the story to get some media in the Masterchef Australia glut, but I don’t think so. I know I normally say all publicity is good publicity, however Australia’s Got Talent is very much pitched at the family market.


1 TDK { 04.29.10 at 2:50 pm }

AGT is over-rated.
9/10 acts don’t even have decent talent.
Kyle and Brian are both attention seeker pathetics.
There is nothing entertaining about that show.
And to think they behaved like fools on a family show is disgusting.

2 CJ { 04.29.10 at 3:18 pm }

What type of visa is Brian Mcnotalent on anyway?
Can’t we send him back to Ireland?
On second thoughts they’re probably paying for him to stay here!

3 Kez { 04.29.10 at 5:20 pm }

Brian Who?? Even Delta can’t be bothered hanging around him and has gone o/s

4 Gillian { 05.01.10 at 7:42 pm }

The nerve of him telling someone from the UK to go back to their own country. He’s only here because he was rejected from the UK. He’s a pig and has no respect for women. I’d really like to know Lara Bingle gets abused for dating a married man while Delta Goodrum is rumoured to do the exact same thing and she is still Australia’s darling. I don’t believe the butter won’t melt in my mouth routine she has going on but if she wants to salvage what’s left of her career, she should get rid of him pronto.

5 Manuela { 05.18.10 at 12:22 am }

Boah! what all the bullshit!
Brian is great!
I think Brian is a great jury member and a fantastic singer.
and I think his ex-wife kerry is talking bullshit about him regarding his children.
not always believe everything the internet or standing in the newspaper,
she does not know Brian!
So how can you write something like about him!
you all have no other hobby!
be her since not all perfect, so let it … my goodness it encourages me to full.

6 hey there { 06.21.10 at 2:52 pm }

are you guys serious is this stuff true? wow, dont worry i absolutely hate him hes an arrogant pig. i think he should be sent back to ireland. yeah i agree most of the performances let through arent evern talent but the ones that are in grandfinal are always amazing goooo justice crew! i love them. they are an inspiration

7 justice. { 06.21.10 at 2:55 pm }

@manuela-seriously what are you on. speak english. ok everyone has there own opinion of brian, obviously kerry his ex want like him but shes not going to go around saying shit anyway hes a pig and needs to leave the country,