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Masterchef – French letters

We are back in the Masterchef kitchen again. How can we miss it if it won’t go away? Anyway, let’s get into it.

To kick things off, it’s the customary team selection for the Wednesday night challenge. And, as is also customary, being team captain is sold as a “reward” for the Sunday night win. How can this be? I give up on trying to figure it out. I also give up on trying to work out how choosing colours is important. Unfortunately, the system used last week is out of favour, and we are back with that annoying pick-one-who-picks-one strategy, starting with the captain. I will concede that choosing the opposing captain could be important, and Jonathan chooses Daniel. My response is “who?”, but Marion’s surprised at the choice, given that he’s a strong cook. Apparently. I mean, how would we know, we never get to see him.

Jonathan’s team: Fiona who picks Matthew, who picks Claire, then Callum, Jimmy, Phillip, Joanne, Carrie, Aaron.
Daniel’s team: Peter picks Marion, who picks Adam, then Courtney, Alvin, Skye, Sharnee, Jake.

Aaron is the “non-choice” as Daniel chooses Jake over him, and he cracks the shits.

Next morning, they pop on their coloured aprons in the house and there is commentary over how that changes the dynamic within the group. So, what happens in the Masterchef kitchen no longer stays in the Masterchef kitchen.

Boxes are delivered – one for red and one for blue. They have a letter in French and a dictionary to translate. Fortunately Claire can read French, which she does, aloud, rather unnecessarily. They really only need her to translate, not read, and she gets around to that after a bit. It is a huge advantage for the blues, since the red team is reliant on the dictionary and seems to be taking forever. The upshot is that each team has to find a book with a Masterchef symbol and choose their three course menu from that book.

Callum finds the first book, which is by Michel Roux, and the blues also get the second book, by Tony Bilson. They act like prats, holding on to both while they choose and telling the waiting reds to go away to let them choose IN PEACE. They select the Tony Bilson book, leaving Michel Roux for the reds.

The blues finalise their menu and run off to the International College of Management in Manly, while the reds continue selecting their menu. They seem to work quickly and head off.

As the blues arrive, Callum thinks the deteriorating weather is worth noting, so I’m guessing there will be an outdoor eating challenge? Otherwise that is really irrelevant information. Matt greets them with the news that they will get a 15 minute head start for being first to arrive. They’ll be cooking a three course meal which we already know. It must be ready by noon, but we don’t know what time it is now. Thanks, Matt. If they win, they’ll be going to an exciting kitchen for lunch with Matt, but if they lose, all members of the losing team will be up for elimination.

Each team gets a mentor. So I guess the Blues are getting Tony Bilson and the Reds will get Michel Roux. MICHEL ROUX! Poor Tony has to come out and stand in the rain to receive his applause. Aaron is pumped, as he reminds us that the man on the landing is the very man who wrote the book Jo is clutching. We get a close up of the name on the cover to verify this. Claire says they’re feeling chipper with their head-start and their extra person, even if that extra person is the one nobody wanted. Poor Aaron.

As the reds arrive, Adam tells us that Matt is standing there in all his glory. Tuxedo, people, he’s wearing a tuxedo! The reds welcome Michel Roux. They look way more excited than the blues did. No offence, Tony, but this man has an accent. When Matt asks him what makes a good dish, he responds with “sophistication and simplicity with the best ingredients”. Sage advice.

The mentoring gets off to a flying start when Michel steers the reds from their chosen pigeon main towards the duck. Skye seems to be on the verge of a “but” (it has Asian influences, and the instruction was for classic French) but the others all fall into place.

In the blue kitchen, Jimmy’s taking the breast from the duck, Aaron is terrified that the lobster won’t be perfect and Carrie is working on the creme brulee with poached peaches with Jo and Phil. They are all concerned that if their dish or part thereof fails, it will let the team down.

In the red kitchen Marion is filleting the duck. Adam is talking vegies and is hoping that the judges don’t punish the team for the Asian style accompaniment. Sharnee is making the pistachio creme anglaise and Skye is taking care of the peaches and balancing the subtle peachiness with the rosemary. Courtney says that she is working on the oysters, but I can see Jake with a shucker and that makes me nervous (not as nervous as the oysters, though). Alvin is discussing the relevant amounts of lemon for his coulis with Michel.

The way Carrie is interviewing about the importance of setting the brulee makes me think it’s not going to. Jo is dealing with the pastry and is making Jonathan angry. No, “furious”.

Gary and George come in to bellow a bit about some surprise guest judges. Marion says “what else can they throw at us?” as though Michel and Tony are liabilities, not mentors.

Daniel seems to be taking control in the kitchen quite well. Gary comes in to tell them that they have 30 minutes to go and they need to do an extra dish, using Chandon Cuvee Riche for the sponsors, I guess. Michel suggests a strawberry mousse with a poached strawberry cocktail.

George breaks the extra course news to the blue team. Jonathan? Is not happy. He seems to say that they are doing a tart with tomatoes and a sabayon, but this doesn’t make much sense. Tony is only concerned about how the plating will go – he’s particularly worried about the knife skills, and he must think that Donna Hay is on the judging panel. Jimmy gets the duck out to show Tony, who is HORRIFIED that it might be overcooked. Jimmy is thoroughly chastened and Jonathan is glowering. Guess what? Claire’s brulee hasn’t set – who’d’ve thought. Jimmy’s duck breasts, fortunately, are “cooked to perfection” (his description).

Marion’s duck also looks perfect, but she’s still worried that it’s not a French classic – can they use “we was suckered into it by our hero-worship for a classic French chef?” as their excuse?

George and Gary count down their respective teams. I’m so glad they won’t be on the judging panel today.

The judges are revealed: Guillaume Brahimi and Tetsuya Wakuda. The teams dissolve into worshipful lathers.



Adam pronounces Tetsuya Wakuda convincingly, but I don’t know this Guillaume Burani.

Alvin’s Cucumber coulis and Jake’s poached oysters
G – gets a lot of bitterness, “maybe too much lemon” (duh DUH!)
T – very much enjoyed the oysters. “wonderful. A nice dish”

Smoked duck breast with stir-fried vegetables (Marion and Adam)
T – perfectly cooked, and “very, very, very tender”
M – “I love the combination”… but he questions whether it is classic French (duh DUH!!!)
G – finds it very Not French

Strawberry Chandon Mousse (Daniel)
M – “wonderfully smooth, but lacking in strawberry flavour”. On the positive side, he loves the liquor

Poached White Peach with pistachio creme anglaise (Skye and Sharnee)
G – perfectly poached
T – feels that the pistachio is too course, “it should be like silk”


Roasted Lobster (Aaron, Matthew)
G – “Magnifique” AND applause! I’m so happy for Aaron (oh, and Matthew)! Sucks to those who didn’t want him.

Duck a l’orange (Jimmy, Claire)
T – “I love it”
M – wants to have a whole pile of the fig compote
G – “This is French cuisine!”

Tomato Champagne Sabayon
G – should be a palate cleanser but it’s too sweet
M – a “sweet sledgehammer”

Creme Brulee (Carrie, Joanne “I didn’t make the brulee”, Phillip)
M – brulee not set properly, “which throws the dish out of whack”
T – is a bit upset. No, really, he said “upset”.


Thanks, Claire, for recapping, but I’m sure we can all remember what happened just before the Perfect Italiano ad.

Matt finally reveals where the winners will go – Pilu at Freshwater. He talks up the red team, before getting to the negatives: the lemony coulis, the grainy pistachio, and the Asian main.

Recap, recap. Matt – you want my job, buddy?

The blues’ lobster was the dish of the day and the duck was Tetsuya’s favourite, but the dessert was a disaster. A DISASTER.

Daniel, do you think you’ve won? “Yep.” Good on him for honesty. Jonathan starts to cry when Matt asks how he’ll feel if his team goes to elimination.

Drag, drag, drag it out. Jeez, and they criticised the UK version for its ponderousness, if I recall.

Blue wins, so Jonathan’s tears and overall snippishness are in vain. Unfortunately. I have failed to warm to that man.

Blues go to Pilu, and reds face elimination.

  • Was there a 15 minute penalty or were the reds just 15 minutes later?
  • Did Michel steer the reds towards duck so it would be duck vs duck?
  • Am I the only person who didn’t know Tetsuya trained in the French classics?
  • Will Joanne find her pillowcase stuffed with runny custard tonight?
  • If there hadn’t been a surprise fourth dish, would the team captains have taken responsibility for nothing?
  • How do people feel about the fact that the whole team faces elimination?

“I’m hoping to avoid donning the black apron” is my new favourite phrase.


1 dda { 05.12.10 at 10:39 pm }

I think the mentors went a little control freaky on them. A) duck may be more frenchy but sty fry aint. B) tony the mentor telling jimmy ‘i didnt tell you to do that!’ when he cocked up the duck. sheesh, take a chill pill.

2 sourkraut { 05.12.10 at 10:54 pm }

so after the PICK your nose contest I am definitely ROOTING for the red team!
Oh Crap its a french passe!
Unfair that the letter to both teams is french. I know they are snobs about their language but is this a cooking or linguistics contest? worse still only 1 french speaker and so the blues get ALL the advantages, which cumulatively must have helped.
So, the Godfather helps the blues. will he make a dish they cant refuse?
reds mentor likes his food to talk to him. I’d love to be at the table and listen to what the snails would have to say (sacre merde).Anyway the reds are stuck with him and his french cook book and so cook Asian/french duck (probably vietnamese with french influence?) with monsieur roux’s blessing
Now poor johno (blues captain) is furious at someone (he’s never made a mistake himself)
Oh look now he’s unhappy cause poor ickle diddums he has to cook a surprise extra dish. Listen sun shine the reds have to do it also but without the 15 minute advantage!!
Well bilson (or wotever) thinks the duck is f#$%ed, but moments later, like magic, out it comes perfectly cooked YEAH RIGHT! pull the other one its got bells on!
Oh Good Johnny’s happy now . all shout huzzah!
Guess wot? Speshul judges. who could it be? the libs team of Abbott & Costello, Laurel and hardy, Mutt and Jeff, Heckle and jeckle? no its just the worlds two greatest chefs (says Gary who obviously has not met any of the worlds other half billion or so cooks LMAO!) or to me just 2 more MC bozos!
Matt where is the cravat and why the bow tie? is it part of the handee wipe tie contest?
At last the Jedging and surprise, the french judge says the reds duck is not French! who is wanking who after Mr roux gave it his blessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Johny’s sabayon is crap but he’s not furious at himself now?
blah blah blah and the winner is……….after the blues flashbacks said they were worried, …. the blue team! Wot a surprise

3 AT { 05.12.10 at 10:57 pm }

…woah dude calm down! i’ll be honest, i thought it was pretty stupid that jono has a sook (then again don’t they all?) before realising that they won. though it did look like the red team won for a moment. btw, according to tv guide (not sure if they are 100% accurate) but i think the whole team will try to make a pesto from scratch then the worst 2 (or 3?) will do the full on elimination challenge after that

4 kate (not THAT Kate!) { 05.12.10 at 11:10 pm }

I actually enjoyed this one more than some of the previous ones – we got to see more of the food prep for a starter (but maybe I’m biased as a francophile admiring both the cuisine and the language, and just enjoyed having the reds penalised for having no one who could even vaguely puzzle out the letter!).

Good to have independent (and credible) judges, and nice to give other chefs roles as mentors (even if, unsurprisingly they effectively became team leaders). Meant not much for G&G to do except yell time, but…

I’d been determined to warm to Jonathan – and he started well, allowing Claire to preen away with her pretty accent even though I rather suspect being of french morrocan origin he too could have translated it. But I’m afraid his commentary really didn’t help his cause. Oh well.

As for the whole team being up for elimination – kind of makes sense if you believe it is really about teamwork and perhaps a protection against some of the arbitrariness of some previous eliminations. But in this particular case the most likely candidates were probably a bit easier to tag…

5 seepi { 05.12.10 at 11:57 pm }

Jonathon is a bit of a cold fish – unusual for someone who seems a bit camp. He has been under pressure a lot of the time we’ve seen him though.

Whereas claire is cool as a cucumber the whole time. is she even real?? I want to see her struggle with something.

I thought the wrong team won. the creme brulee was an actual Fail, and in an actual restaurant meal the first two amazing dishes wouldn’t have made up for it. I’m glad that poor jonathon didn’t have to lose again though.

6 seepi { 05.13.10 at 12:05 am }

ps – the contestants are so much better this time around. Could you imagine Aaron and Andre from last time trying to make the lobster, or even the creme brulee.

7 rusty { 05.13.10 at 12:06 am }

Don’t agree about the whole team having to face elimination. What if you’ve just worked your butt off, and had a top chef praise your dish.

Then some brain-dead teammate who couldn’t be arsed to do their job properly brings down all the rest? ANd if that brain-dead teammate just happens to get to prepare the one dish in their repertoire they are actually good at, an that happens to be pesto, and so escapes their just desserts?

And why did they all have to stand out in the rain? Wet t-shirt looks all round?

At least Jonny Boy is real, though I notice some of the others are now beginning to crack open the feel-good facade as the comp. gets hotter.

8 cg { 05.13.10 at 12:28 am }

Mon Dieu! Aaron was picked last…and he is my pick to win the whole sha-bang! This type of team selection seems to be a popularity contest so Aaron must not be too popular…but neither is Jono so perhaps it isn’t a comment on his cooking abilities…and he did cook a “magnifique” lobster! Carrie must go. She simply cannot cook. Desserts were supposed to be her specialty, I believe. But alas, the red team faces elimination. If the contest was fair dinkum, Shanee would be on her way home for her pistachio slurry. But with the whole team up for elimination it looks like anyone could go irrespective of their performance in the French challenge. And as a final comment, isn’t Mr. Brahim just yummy! I’ll take him over wimpy little Manu any day!

9 Pollywaffle { 05.13.10 at 12:32 am }

Glad that Aaron broke the mould – he appeared genuinely shirty at the start being the only one left on the pantry shelf . He later enjoyed the best form of retribution – doing well. It was set up in the edits of course, so we knew he’d blow them away but it didnt feel so contrived as other episodes.

BTW what on earth did Phillip contribute- washed the peaches?

Jonathan is quick to turn on the tears or the shits. I feel he plays whatever part they want him to, open his back and stick in the tape….there is nothing heartfelt about it. The man went on a 2 day honeymoon sandwiched between various episodes of Masterchef – not sure if that underscores his seriousness or his silliness. Certainly makes it hard for himself.

The whole episode seemed a bit over the top, out of balance with what we have seen so far. It felt styled and staged as a semi final rather than a relatively ‘early in the season’ episode. Its a tough way to weed out the dross – cook serious French food for seasoned French Chefs when all might be needed is ask them to make a good vinaigrette.

10 Fides { 05.13.10 at 12:34 am }

Yes I’ve cooled to Jono after his comments tonight. I was hoping he was grumpy because his team lost, but I guess he was just not happy about anything. Interesting he picked his little sidekick Fiona first after never picking her at all the last time. What did she do exactly?

I’ve just realised that because Sarah and Devon left the same week, it’s mucked up the numbers so one team will always have an extra person. So far, the teams with the extra person have always won.

I was liking Joanne after the pressure test the other night, but she really irritated me tonight and that was even before she absolved herself from the brulee. I imagine she’ll be among the last picked for future team challenges after that.

11 Anthony { 05.13.10 at 12:39 am }

How are you guys NOT warming to Jonathan??? I teared up when he did tonight! I don’t find him annoying or dislikable at all! Give the guy a chance!

Anyway, yeah I didn’t like Joanne’s comment, even though it’s the truth and she is (or maybe was) one of my favourites!

Marion’s still very likeable! And we finally get to see Sharni and Daniel!

12 Berry { 05.13.10 at 1:07 am }

Has anyone read this on the Facebook page linked to MC website under ‘Does Jonathan have what it takes to beat top chef, Justin North?’

Jonathan has worked as a chef before, I used to work with him when he was an apprentice chef. So much for being “amateur”

Does anyone know – is this for real?

13 Anonymous { 05.13.10 at 8:46 am }

Wrong team won IMO. The food of the red team was consistently good. The stir fry was a direction from their French chef. Two bad dishes on the blue team while Johnathan gets the shits over his team members cockiups but conveniently overlooks own. Love that the woman blurted outIt wasn’t me!’ no understanding of a team challenge obviously. Then it was time for Johnathan to threaten the tears.

And agree with Sourkraut, writing the challenge in French was stupid. A culinary challenge not a linguistic check. Didn’t Clare love showing off her French accent reading aloud in French. What the?

14 Sand' { 05.13.10 at 10:32 am }

I really enjoyed last night’s episode, it was the most interesting in a while, with all the prestigious guests. I felt sorry for the red team who didn’t dare to stand up against Roux’s stir-fry duck and was flabbergasted by the “I didn’t do the brulee” by Joan. Also George pronounced “Guillame” instead of “Guillaume” so he got it wrong for both first and family names.

15 Kaylen { 05.13.10 at 10:44 am }

I find it interesting that, with the majority of criticisms by the Judges for the Red Team’s food came from directions that Michel Roux gave them.

Alvin’s cucumber coulis – Michel instructed Alvin to add more lemon.

Red team’s main course – instructed to change from pigeon to duck stir-fry.

Sharnee’s pistachio crΓ¨me anglaise – she was going to do the pistachios in the blender, until Michel told her to do it in the mortar and pestle.

Which leaves only the mousse as a failure – but then, who made it? Never seen him before! So, not important. πŸ˜›

Either way, I’m not saddened to see the red team go to elimination. There’s a greater chance that someone I’m not fond of in getting eliminated from their team, rather than the blue.

Unfair, I think, that the ones that cooked well also have to face elimination. Should only be those that failed. :(

Jonathan annoyed me. Sorry, I think he’s a good cook, but his personality makes me hope he fails. πŸ˜›

Joanne throwing her team-mate under the bus and distancing herself as far as possible from the desert DISASTER was amusing. The self-righteousness of the others in the blue team was misplaced – they would have done exactly the same if they were in her position. πŸ˜‰

Either way, it was an interesting episode. Guillaume Brahimi was hot. πŸ˜€

sourkraut – it’s good seeing your comments again. Your wit and biting criticisms are, as always, accurate and great to read. πŸ˜‰

16 Kyvyny { 05.13.10 at 11:14 am }

Courtney was rocking some nice boots in the debrief. Cowboy boots even?

But wow, Joanne really ran fast from that dessert as soon as the opportunity to own up to it was presented.

Red team should have won. Consistency is what it takes, not a half-half effort. Sure, they had some hiccups in the overall dinner, but it was consistently at a high standard. Not so lopsided like the Blue team.

Editing Jonathan lamenting not winning a challenge yet only set out the reveal that his team somehow won.

17 akris { 05.13.10 at 1:06 pm }

Kaylen: very good observation about the advice of Michel being the things that got picked on during the judging… I totally forgot about the pistachio blend (although I think that Alvin suggested to put lemon juice and Michel said not too much) Red should’ve won.

I agree with everyone who wants Jonathon to not win, and for me, not even get close to the end.. he just seems beyond fake exaggerating everything.. or he’s just got no emotional filter whatsoever..

Notch down to Joanne.. although honest.. doesn’t do her any favours. And if i was her, i would definitely be thinking it, but not saying it.

18 AT { 05.13.10 at 1:24 pm }

checked tv guide website and the ad preview again. i was wrong about the bottom 3 doing the full on challenge after the pesto. and it looked like they all have to do the second part of the elimination challenge tonight as well with the herb guessing game. wonder where the bottom 3 getting picked from the pesto challenge came from? also i thought since daniel is the team captain for the red team, he would be the one doing alot of commenting for his team but marion is doing all that instead. ahh well at least he still got a bit more exposure last night.

19 ericg { 05.13.10 at 1:27 pm }

Managed to watch only the judging clip onwards.

The update is great, Injera. Pour in more emotions. HAHA!

Loved the independent judging system.

Hate Matt P’s dressing – as per usual.

Joanne was making a fool out of herself publicly. I think she might not know of the actual definition for ‘Teamwork”.

No comment on Jonathan and his ‘wet’ moment on TV yesterday evening.

MC should invite more independent judges to taste these amatuers’ cooking after all, a competition has to be fair and square.

20 kate (not THAT Kate!) { 05.13.10 at 1:55 pm }

We ask for more independent judges – but here we are criticising the outcome they gave!

Though have to say based on what we saw at least, the outcome may have been the result of conflicting views about what is and isn’t french in both content and style amongst the four top chefs involved as much as the cooking…

Still, have to allow for the editing, and two ‘superbe’ dishes might well have outweighed in overall scores four relatively mediocre ones, provided the taste of the last two dishes wasn’t actually too bad (remember editing, editing to make it look closer than it was???). And I’m not sure all courses were or should have been given equal weight in any case (certainly the little champagne last minute things shouldn’t get the same weight as a main in my view).

But had G&G been on the panel, I think we might have speculated that red were up for elim because more candidates who need to go early (and avoid another ‘eliminator’ epi with crocodile tears and hugs)…

And on the desert and Joanne’s disclaimer, while Jonathan’s tone might have been a bit off, his comment that she took an excessive amount of time to do the pastry was to the point in that the delay probably did impact on getting the brulee right overall, after all, three of them were on dessert and should have been helping and supporting each other….

21 Fides { 05.13.10 at 2:11 pm }

Totally agree with other posters about the reds being robbed of victory. The judges should have scored each course for each team out of 10 separately, rather than get carried away by a magnificently cooked lobster. At least some transparency with scoring/judging would have been nice.

The red team were in a catch 22 : if they didn’t do the duck, Michel Roux would have been affronted. If they explained that to the judges, the judges would probably say that they shouldn’t cook what they’re not 100% happy with, though I’m sure the judges would be thinking the red team were upstarts if they didn’t make the dish suggested by their mentor.

Thought Marion was more of a leader on red team when you heard her shouting encouragement to the team. She was adorable when she found out it was Tetsuya, and Adam looked like he was about to cry at one stage too.

These team challenge eliminations are the weakest part of the format. The whole team up for elimination just sucks – it’s good for the angst and drama, but I know I’d rather see the best cooks rewarded and the worst cooks get what they deserve.

22 sourkraut { 05.13.10 at 2:56 pm }

Again stating the obvious the red team should have won and their loss as pointed out was caused by the advice of one of the two best chefs on the planet (and possibly the galaxy for want of scientific proof or otherwise) My favourite personalities were mostly on the red team and I certainly hope at least Alvin survives!
Kate (N T K) sorry I cant agree. what happens next time if the letter is in Urdu or mandarin or calathumpian. It has nothing to do with deciding the best chef and everything to do with rigging the end result IMO. French food is Ok but overrated and caters to snob appeal a bit like their wine which for an average standard bottle is no better than the average standard aussie red.
I still have not seen anyone in this entire group that has the talent of Chris B, (cmon girls rip me to shreds) and up to last night the tasks the MC2ers have been given (that I have seen and that is admittedly less than 50%) have been mediocre at best (hamburgers, spag bol, sushi, cup cakes, snag rolls……..Taxing stuff that) Main interest has neen the B F cake and only 3 of them had to do that, and the curry dish could have been interesting if a few more of them had a clue how to cook them.

23 TDK { 05.13.10 at 3:49 pm }

Joane – you’re a traitor with bad attitude.
Jonathan – go home to your mother, she’ll comfort you.

24 Laura { 05.13.10 at 6:20 pm }

I’m so sad that the red team lost – all of my favourites are on it (Skye, Alvin, Marion) and all of the sub-par contestants were on the blue team (Carrie, Phillip). Well done on picking up that all their criticisms were a direct result of following the advice imparted by Roux.

I hope Sharnee leaves tonight, she seems to be the weakest in the team.

BTW I don’t blame Joanne for distancing herself from the creme brulee. Yes, it was a team challenge, but overall, it is an individual competition. At the time, she didn’t know that the whole group would go into elimination and so she would assume that the judges were looking for ammunition as they were tasting. Her two elements were perfect, obviously she would want credit for those and not to be blamed for the creme brulee. What is so wrong about that? She may have blurted it out at the wrong time, but it would have come out anyway.

25 Lucy { 05.13.10 at 6:59 pm }

I don’t care how well he cooks I would not want to work for Johnathan, his attitude seems to be a part of who he is, rather than a one off reaction.
As for Joanne…what a silly reaction, bet she regrets it now.

26 Injera { 05.13.10 at 7:43 pm }

Lots of observant viewers here!

dda – agree that it was less “mentoring” than… sabotage?

Sourkraut – so much gold in your comment, but I love the Godfather reference the most!

Kate (NTK) – the letter seemed pretty lengthy for such a short message, but I think the reds focussed more on following the blues around than trying to figure out the message. I, too, have tried with Jonathan, but last night lost it for me.

Seepi – agree that the reds didn’t have a DISASTER dish like the blues did. Would have been much better if the judges had scored each dish. I thought we were promised transparency this season! And Andre would’ve made a strawberry risotto!

Rusty – totally agree. Tonight’s elim could see completely the wrong person leave. As for Jonathan being real, I get what you’re saying in that he actually says negative stuff, but when Aaron cracked it at being picked last it seemed genuine, whereas somebody saying that they are “furious” in a calm voice seems less so to me.

CG – agreed. Guillaume has surpassed Manu in my fantasy French chef date. I hadn’t picked up that Carrie was meant to be a dessert superstar. How… sad.

Pollywaffle – good call on the fact that the episode seemed out-of-kilter with what we’ve had so far. Perhaps it means that they are really hitting us with some big guns this year, if the “two greatest chefs in the world” are only the beginning!

Fides – good pickup on the Fiona change of priority. Wonder how that transpired? And you’re right about it being a bit of a bind for the reds, given that their chef was presented to them as a mentor.

Anthony – that was a strength of the show last night – we actually got to see some of the “shadow” competitors. And Marion! And Adam!

Berry – haven’t seen that rumour. I’m sure if there’s truth to it, we’ll hear more!

Anon – yep. Even the SMH/Age is running a story along the lines that the reds were shafted by Michel Roux!

Sand – didn’t notice the mispronunciation of the first name. (But I’d probably be guilty of mispronouncing it, too!)

Kaylen – I think there’s a Brahimi appreciation society forming! And, as Akris noticed, good pickup on the pistachio process.

Kyvyny – editing gives it away again. I hope it improves as the season goes on.

Akris – Joanne definitely had a “did I say that out loud” expression on her face after that comment!

AT – you’re right, Marion did take the spokesperson role. But as you say, at least we got to see Daniel.

ericg – perhaps you should send Joanne one of those “there is no I in team” posters!

Kate (NTK) – ha! We are fickle. But I think it could have been more transparently done, with scores rather than comments and an outcome that seemed to contradict those comments. But, yeah. Fickle.

Laura – I think Sharnee going would be the “best” outcome, given that she’s the contestant on that team I’m least attached to. Fingers crossed.

Lucy – do you think we’ll see any fallout from Joanne’s comment?

27 Lucy { 05.13.10 at 8:24 pm }

Dunno – probably. They’ll get some ratings for it i guess.
She’s seemed ok in the other episodes and people liked her up until this point. This just seemed like a really silly comment said under immense pressure, we’re all guilty of that. Mind who knows how they edit these things.
I guess i’m just comparing her one off to what seems to be constant in Jonathan.
Regardless, this competition seemed unfair as the reds were never going to go against what Chef said, you wouldn’t in a ‘real’ kitchen either, all they ever say is ‘yes Chef’.

28 TDK { 05.14.10 at 9:46 am }

Laura – “but it would have come out anyway”, yes and I agree deliberation back at the masterchef kitchen would ensure G&G would have asked who was responsible for the brulee, so it was STUPID of her to so blatantly blurted it out infront of everyone. No class whatsoever, and that is what I hated. She just seems to be a very stuck up type of person.

29 ashlie and krstie edwards { 07.12.10 at 9:29 pm }

dear Marion

you are a very very good cook I mean an excellent cook!!!!!!!!!!. I don’t know why you were eliminated.

What do you like cooking the most ?

love from ashlie edwards
age:8 year:2