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Survivor Heroes V Villains – Is Russell Going To Be Able To Survive

Tonight on Survivor it looked like Russell Hanz was in the middle of a physical, emotional, and spiritual breakdown, will he be able to overcome his paranoia and survive?

For someone who thinks he is the greatest player of Survivor ever, tonight he proved he will never win as his social game is just so poor, and that is an important element of the game.

But first I don’t think I will ever be able to watch another series of Survivor again, as I cannot see how they can top this series.

Each of the eliminations were just so left field.

Firstly Rupert whose position was exceedingly perilous at the start of the episode became even worse when he had a fight with Russell about his integrity which meant he was going to be eliminated at the next tribal council if he did not win the immunity challenge.

And he did not as Parvati won it in the balancing on a block whilst your hand is in the air tied to a large bucket full of paint. Think the green gunge at the Nickolodean awards and multiply the colours. Apparently when Parvati had previously done the challenge she last six hours. Something which made her go up in my estimation. But this time she did not have to last that long, as Jeff Probst was using food temptations to get people to step down.

I found it interesting that Sandra was so secure with her position that she stepped down in less then a minute for biscuits and milk. Russell also stood down.

In the end it was Rupert desperately trying to hang on but he slipped and Parvati won.

The Jeff revealed there was another immunity idol back around the camp. I must say I am starting to get over the immunity idols, however this one could prove to be very interesting, maybe because Russell did not actually play it.

Sandra found it and points to her for not standing around trying to read the note with it, and just shoving it into her pocket, and not telling anyone.

Then Rupert for once decided to play some games and pretend to have the idol by putting a rock in his shorts. It was pure gold when Russell starting to begin his freaking out stage said to Sandra that he was sure Rupert had the idol.

I am really starting to like Sandra. She is assertive to Russell and her other tribemates. On the alert to make a move, but sensible enough to pull her head in once she worked out her plans were not going to work out. Also managing to survive without any firm alliances.

Once the rumour went around that Rupert had the idol, the girls decided they wanted Candice out, because if she flipped on her tribe last week it meant she could not be trusted not to turn again. So it was decided that half were going to vote for Rupert and half for Candice. At tribal council with Rupert and Colby also casting votes for Candice meant she was eliminated. That was gold. I never could understand why she flipped on the heroes when Sandra was about to turn.

Anyway Karma is a bitch.

Then the second elimination for the night just when you thought Rupert was going to go again, Russell started flipping out about the closeness of Danielle and Parvati. I don’t think he likes it when he feels that the girls were actually more in control of the game then he is.

So he decides he needs to split them now, but he does not realise that this pair are not as stupid and Jaison and Dr Mike from the Samoa series.

He tells Danielle that Parvati wants her out, he then tells Parvati that Danielle wants her out. Then Parvati tells Russell she will be discussing this with Danielle, and that’s when he starts flipping out. “No you cannot do that” he screeches.

Of course Danielle and Parvati work out what Russell is up to and tries to stop the people from voting her out. As Rupert and Colby will vote for anyone but themselves. Russell had the immunity idol so he could not be voted out now that he had basically threw a grenade through the villain’s alliance.

Jerri who swore to Danielle she would not vote for her, turned her vote at tribal council and sealed Danielle’s fate and she was gone. Rupert and this stage could not believe his luck, and the previews from the next episode shows that he may make a deal with the devil – Russell to continue to advance in the game. However the issue is that Russell could be safe as I know who I would want to take with me into the final three, as he would get no jury votes!

By the way in the US on the official website you get to see what occurs at “Ponderosa” the place the jury members stay once they have been eliminated. Needless to say no one spoke to Candice when she arrived.

Here is Jeff Probst’s blog on the episode, and it is a very interesting read.

Also here is an exit interview with Candice, and here is an exit interview with Danielle. The issue of Parvati knowing something about Russell prior to the series is also raised, and they plead the fifth.


1 par3182 { 05.12.10 at 1:11 am }

Just a heads up – be careful scrolling down after reading those interviews, the “other news” box after both articles reveals the winners of The Amazing Race currently airing on Channel Seven.

Danielle’s breakdown at Tribal Council foolishly revealed her ties with Parvati, and Jerri finally made an excellent strategic move upon hearing that. Russell made waves too early; none of the Villains will want to be up against a Hero at the final Tribal Council with so many Heroes on the jury. Best time to split Parvati and Danielle would’ve been at final five, with only Villains remaining.

How Colby can be “proud of the way he plays the game” (his slam to Candace) when he has no game at all baffles me. I can’t believe he would step down from the challenge for food when the boot was potentially between him and Rupert.

The real players left are Parvati and Sandra and I hope one of them wins this thing (but I’d prefer it be Sandra).

2 reality raver { 05.12.10 at 4:32 am }

par3182 – kind of ironic that I planted a link with The Amazing Race result in it, as I have been dodging spoilers on that one since I have been in the US, and one was under my nose and I did not see it.

Agree re: Colby have found it very disappointing his lack of game playing. Also I have found Jerri I bit apathetic as well, but she could take out the game as she has not pissed anyone off, except Boston Rob and he is not on the jury.

3 MolksTVTalk { 05.12.10 at 12:01 pm }

WHAT THE HELL was with that “Parvati and I are closer than you’ll ever know” from Danielle?!?! I little bit of jungle love?

A cracker episode. The first 5min showing what happened at camp after tribal will be priceless. And then, the Cancer starts working her magic again. I told you they should have gotten rid of Sandra when they had the chance…

4 Reality Raver { 05.12.10 at 12:16 pm }

MOlksTVTalk – but who do you want to win?

5 Neil { 05.12.10 at 1:16 pm }

Stuffing those rocks into his pants was the first smart thing I’ve seen Rupert do – Priceless.

6 sourkraut { 05.12.10 at 2:06 pm }

my observations:
Russell making friends with potential jurors (at the start of the ep).
Sandra uselessbaitch first to pull out of the challenge…lazy thus deserving of the megabucks. I’m seriously afraid this “person” is going to win it cause the men are too stupid to get rid of her or the other bitch.
wot a set-up even jiffy states perverti won the same challenge b4… what happens?surprise surprise she wins it again. if this keeps happening I’m going to send the producers the bill for new tv sets and more ammo for the acme exocet fake reality show seeking missile.
Russell you Homer. Sucked in by rupert and Sandra! you are now between a rock and a hard place (sorry w semmel)
25 ads between jiffy counting the votes and jiffy announcing the winner well dun 9 you are just as pathetic as 10 in this regard. still i suppose jiffy may have to take his shoes and socks off during the break to tally the votes even though they can now be done on the fingers.
candice gone… who cares SHOULD HAVE VOTED FOR SANDRA get the idol out in the open and out of the way!
All are looking well fed but not seen any more chooks running around and what about yeller bananas
Perv’s smirk annoys the crap out of me how many series has this character ruined?
Danielle been watching MC2 boo hoo. Goom bye.
Bet russell and rUPERT HAVE NOT GOT THE BRAINS TO COMBINE TEMPORARILY TO GET RID OF PERV OR dUZ wHINE (stupid caps lock, stupid lazy me)

7 TDK { 05.12.10 at 9:55 pm }

Physically useless, I admit, but Sandra is a very strong minded person – I’m warming up to her assertiveness.