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Australia’s Next Top Model – Has Healthy Body Image Been Discarded?

The Herald Sun reports today that one of the contestants on this year’s Australia’s Next Top Model has been told to lose weight.

The article states:

At 55kg, Melbourne’s Alison Boxer is underweight, according to the universally recognised Body Mass Index.

But that’s not good enough for a guest mentor on the latest series of the Fox8 show.

Alison, 16, said she was told to lose “centimetres from her thighs”.

“It was a shock to the system to be told I needed to lose weight,” she said.

“At home a lot of people say I’m too skinny. I was 50kg at one stage, which I thought was a bit scary.

“So I was coming from a place where people were telling me to gain weight, to now people saying I should lose weight.”

Alison, the second-youngest of 16 contestants, said she was one of four girls told to lose weight just a week into filming of the catty TV competition.

A Foxtel spokesperson confirmed Alison was told to shed a centimetre around her waist. But the Yarraville teen said she was told her hips and thighs were the real problem areas.

“It was a bit of a shock as I’m so young and new to the world and to be told, no, your walk was bad and to lose weight in the first week was pretty full-on,” she said.

“I have never tried to lose weight before, but since then I have been going to the gym twice a day and eating in proportion to try to lose the weight.”

I take it that this girl is not going to win the series after blabbing on like this. However isn’t the show’s host Sarah Murdoch the Chair of a group promoting healthy body image? I am not sure what Sarah would think of this, but the reality is the modelling world want their girls young and thin.

An article in the Daily Telegraph confirms the producers went with “more commercial” frames. It also reveals the three NSW contestants  – Ashton Flutey, Chantal Croccolo and Kelsey Martinovich.

The series will premiere on Fox 8 in July.