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Masterchef – cream coloured ponies and crisp apple streudels

“We need to make sure we keep the right people in this competition” says Gary in the preview, which makes me clench my teeth, since I know that statement was taken from the completely unnecessary inquisition that will take place once the dishes have been tasted and judged. Unnecessary unless they’re not looking for the best cook, but Ms/Mr Congeniality, that is. Why, I wonder, does the Monday night elimination involve this agonising interview, but the Thursday night elimination doesn’t? I mean, the guess the herb method of elimination is far more arbitrary – more based on luck – than the actual cooking test, isn’t it?

Duh-DUH! Daniel’s assuming there will be a recipe. It would be far more interesting for us if the preview hadn’t already spoiled that twist. Actually, can it be a “twist” if it’s announced to the viewers up front? I mean, twists in novels are obviously known to the author, but are hidden from the reader. Aren’t we the “readers” in this situation? Why are they giving away the surprises, unnecessarily, ahead of time.

If Alvin doesn’t make it through, it will be the end of his world. Clearly the only way to get into the food industry is via a reality show. I only wish I’d seen the season that produced Andrew McConnell.

Sorry about all the preamble, but it’s 8 minutes in and they’re still flapping their gums. And wiggling their fingers nervously. And making expansive gestures. Alvin’s already blinking back tears.

The dish

Schnitzel, coleslaw and chips.

Daniel has never cooked schnitzel and he never orders it. George believes they won’t be able to make this unless they galvanise all the flavours on their palates. As they taste, Alvin decides the meat is pork, but Fiona is convinced it’s veal. Daniel – the schnitzel virgin – strips the crumb off completely in order to best identify the meat and concludes that it’s veal. Alvin clutches his forehead as he realises he missed an opportunity to do that, too, but I think he’s pretty safe with his pork assessment. I hope Daniel is also tasting the crumbing mixture so that he can ID the elements there.

The cooking

Gary lets our contestants know that they have 45 minutes to complete their dish, and can go to the pantry as often as they like. Unfortunately they don’t get to hit a time-out clock whenever they go into the pantry, so he advises them against “wasting time” there.

Alvin grabs his pork and Fiona thinks she’s picked up veal but she’s not sure. Daniel doesn’t know which one is veal, so goes for “vealish”. Daniel is first out of the kitchen. Alvin has decided that he doesn’t want to revisit the pantry, so piles up his shopping basket.

Fiona is mixing panko and standard breadcrumbs, but Aaron interviews that even from the moon you could see that the breadcrumbs are fresh. Alvin realises this, and grabs a sourdough, but loses my respect when he says “this is Masterchef, so everything has to be done from scratch”. Is he new? This is the show that uses Real Stock. And accepts “stock” as a correct answer in a taste test. Daniel is also using sourdough and then moves onto the cabbage for the coleslaw “like a ninja with a knife”, according to Joanne. Alvin thinks his slicing looks a bit amateur. I hope he means that in the sense of “one of the 18 best amateur cooks in the country”. The Gs visit to freak him out a bit and it seems to work, as Alvin is immediately consumed by a fireball.

We return to the fray, and a detailed recap from Callum. Fiona is feeling okay with 15 minutes to go but is tempted to skip the mandoline guard. Fortunately the watchers on the cast-iron balcony berate her so we are spared bloody coleslaw. The Gs approach and get her second guessing herself over the crumbs, and then question her choice of meat. Daniel is, at least, honest enough to cop to not knowing what the meat in the taste test was, or what the meat he selected is. He hasn’t added anything but parsley to the crumb and doesn’t seem to take the Gs heavy hints that perhaps there could be other elements.

Fiona is making a mayonnaisse for the first time ever, but Daniel is using a jar. Alvin is also a mayo virgin but has at least seen somebody make it before. The Gs are worried and George lets us smug home viewers know that if we’re thinking “I coulda made a snitzel” that we couldn’t. No way, no how.

Alvin realises he hasn’t flattened out his meat, and there’s a wild flurry of plating as Gary counts down. Time is up and I think Fiona had a sob. Joanne is having a bit of a weep too, I think, and the other contestants seem to be rallying around Alvin who has lost all hope and, to cap it off, suffers yet another fireball attack. Some people are just born unlucky.


Daniel’s up first and is worried that he’s going to look like a bit of an idiot over the meat. He tells Matt that it’s a veal schnitzel and cops to using mayo from the jar, and then tells the judges that the others made mayo. Matt keeps grilling him on the meat and there’s an uncomfortable silence.  Daniel is sent away while the judges taste his dish.  George reveals that it’s a pork schnitzel and that Daniel picked pork, which is a problem since that means he fails the palate and the knowledge test. The chips look brilliant, I think. Jowls wiggle and wobble as the dish is tasted. Matt laments the lack of real mayo and Gary doesn’t like the overcooked meat. The chips are as good as they look.

Fiona is happy with all the elements of her dish, but then admits that there are flaws. Fiona says that she tasted veal and confirms that she went after veal in the pantry. George asks a pretty pointless question about how she’d feel if she went home having not replicated the dish, which is what will happen if ANY of them go home given that this is the challenge. He is disappointed by the packet crumbs, but excited by the thyme. Gary is disappointed by the mayo, but Matt loves the escalopes of meat.

The Gs are horrified by the ignorance they have encountered so far, so I’m guessing they are going to apologise for having repeatedly told us that these are the country’s best amata shefs.

Alvin gets a smile from them over identifying the meat, but then has a bit of a weep and gives a “from the heart” speech. They send him away so they can taste his dish. Gary notes that his is not cooked enough, but notes that George’s looks okay. The coleslaw needs finesse. Matt thinks there is a lot of the good stuff in the dish and George is excited by the crumbing.

Matt concludes that there are some flaws, and Gary raises my blood pressure again with his “we’ll ask them some tough questions” schtick. Because a good answer can retrospectively make the cooking good? No? Then pass your judgement now, you schmucks.


Alvin interviews that the judges, having tasted all the dishes, will now tell them who is going home. Clearly he IS new – doesn’t he know about the inquisition? Oh, yeah, nobody expects the (Spanish) inquisition – I know, I know.

Matt tries to tip the contenders off by telling them that it was a “pig” of a challenge, but nobody twigs. Fiona nods when Alvin is praised, but then Matt kind of undermines the whole “they should know this” thing by saying it was a “tricky, tricky” test. Fiona gets props for the thyme in her packet crumb.

Daniel is asked to talk about what he does in the real world and I’m going to make myself a cup of calming tea BECAUSE THIS MAKES ME REALLY SHOUTY!

Back in time to see Fiona burned alive by the fireball, which I’m taking as a good omen for Alvin’s survival. I still heart Alvin, despite the tears.

Fiona’s safe. Blerg. Alvin is safe. Weep. Daniel is out and Matt tells him to spend some time in the kitchen working out where he wants to go. George wants to know what’s on his mind. He says he won’t go back to crappy office work, but now it’s all about Alvin and I’m kind of hearting him a little less right now. Daniel looks a bit over the histrionics and leaves with his dignity intact.

Back at the house, they’re all worried about Alvin. Claire interviews that Dan will be hard to beat, and Jimmy thinks it’ll be a toss-up between Fiona and Alvin. They’ll be surprised, then.  The lift door opens and… Sharnee is shocked that Fiona is with Alvin. Matthew is sad for Dan, but Alvin has completed his transformation into Sally Field.  He is surprised and touched to learn that they really, really like him…


1 Nonnymouse { 05.17.10 at 10:02 pm }

Mate, your recaps are awesome, but for those of us who follow this blog strictly for the MC posts, they’re missing the MC tag.

2 dmc { 05.17.10 at 10:08 pm }

Thanks again editing department for telegraphing all the way through that Alvin was not going to get the bump. Mind you, I wasn’t that sure about the other two.

3 Angel86 { 05.17.10 at 10:11 pm }

After specifically mentioning the type of potatoes in the intro to the challenge, there was no subsequent mention of what potatoes were used or should’ve been used. The recipe on the website show 3 different herbs plus parmesan cheese on the crust. So, none of them really came close to replicating the crust, considering they only had 1-2 herbs and none of them appeared to have the cheese.

4 Jacqui { 05.17.10 at 10:12 pm }

Injera, i actually missed the “pig” of a challenge comment! Thanks for putting that in! Interesting episode! Shame i still have to watch last nights one!

5 skye { 05.17.10 at 10:16 pm }

We thought Dan (aka the albino guinea pig) was for the chop, as he has never really been seen and seems to be pretty average onscreen talent. He must have given them something in the audition rounds that they thought would work (he seemed to have a dry sense of humour, perhaps that, tied with the tatts and the grim demeanour they thought he was Chris II). I had to leave the room during the awful “Please weep and tell us how cooking is your passion.” segment. I cannot abide it, that wholly unnecessary seg, full of emotional manipulation and low grade torture, seems to be exactly the kind of stuff MC was praised for NOT having last season.

6 ericg { 05.17.10 at 10:26 pm }

Thanks, Injera! Missed the whole cooking thing until the last bit where Alvin was tearing. BY staying back at the gym was all worth while. I have got such a superb recap anyways.

Oh well, it could be seen that after some editing, Daniel would be the one going. It would be an interesting pressure test if both Daniel and Alvin are eliminated seeing that Daniel was only good at plating, and Alvin’s pork wasn’t cooked (that is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy unacceptable even at the take away shop’s standard!).

So, Fiona and Alvin the weeper managed to continue their dreams to be Australia’s MasterChef 2010.

7 injera { 05.17.10 at 10:47 pm }

Nonnymouse – thanks for the tip-off! I’ve gone back and added the tag, so I hope that’s all working now.

dmc – it was pretty damn obvious that Alvin was going to get through, wasn’t it? I mean, he couldn’t even talk about breadcrumbs during the challenge without breaking down, so it’s unlikely he’d have been able to pull it together for the post-challenge commentary if he’d been out.

Jacqui – If I fall behind in the episodes I never find the time to go back. Do you think you’ll watch last night’s now?

Skye – I agree that Daniel’s had the loser edit all along. I do remember some of the “tell us about your journey” stuff last year, but IIRC it wasn’t nearly as heavy-handed as this year. I certainly don’t remember as much blatant “now tell us about [insert tragedy/personal challenge]”.

Eric – I think the gym was the better long-term choice. Perhaps the reason the weepers are going forward is because their dishes are always so well seasoned from all the tears?

8 rusty { 05.17.10 at 10:47 pm }

So alvin cooked this half-raw meal from the heart, eh … he sure knows how to work the judges.

I Like Fiona. She’s the only one who takes it on the chin. But she’ll never win this comp. – too sensible. Some drama queen like Alvin or Jonno

9 Pollywaffle { 05.17.10 at 10:57 pm }

Crumbs, it was soooo easy to follow the trail to the conclusion the little chipmunk wasnt going any time soon. Channeling Julie worked a treat for Alvie-boy in his save-me dont insinkerate me speech. Cook with love if you havent plated up/left out a key ingredient/or served raw food.

Ingredients definitely went missing in action… What happened to the parmesan? The Cheese ad stamped this as a key ingredient in this recipe – the folks at Perfect, are on the phone about the cock-up as we blog.

And there is nothing wrong about Panko crumbs – good enough for Karen Martini in this weeks Sunday Age , good enough for me.

Store bought mayo, aka MC treason? Dont put it in the bloody pantry then if its not MC-worthy, gits.

10 sourkraut { 05.17.10 at 11:29 pm }

“we’re throwing the official industry ccokbook in the trash can” With apologies to Doug Fugger’s used car ad of 30 years ago.
That said the demo plate schnitzel looked like a shitzel….overcooked outside and undercooked inside and the coleslaw and chips are more wonderful “ethnic” cuisine ho ho.
Jonathon from the peanut gallery looked seriously bored and unsympathetic to the poor bs below.
Alvin’s flashback …I’m sure I’m gonna lose etc etc gave the game away that he survived. Cmon MC2 SURPRISE me… next time show the loser on the flashbacks and really have him/her lose.
Callum thanks for your wonderful recap to that point. Real Monty Python summary stuff!
Bang bang! Soften the meat. I’ve seen better meat hammering from an 80 year old arthritic grandma. At least Daniel and Fiona did it and Alvin’s meat as a result of no hammering looked more like a hamburger.
Daniel Nawty nawty… criticising the mayo in the demo coleslaw. and thus using the stores product. I cacked up larfing at that one.
Disagreed with Alvin’s comment that”nothing is worse than handing undercooked meat to the judges”… That’s just the way they like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
And so to the Spanish inquisition (which nobody expected)
Matt you are a grade 1 so and so What nasty statements and questions and thoroughly awkward silences.. At least pretend you are not going to kick Daniel off even b4 you saw the other contestants dishes. talk about body langwidge.
Fiona how dare you use commercial bread crumbs without mopping up the table with Handee wipes?
SO Matt why do you suddenly now after x weeks into the comp suddenly decide you have to make sure the right contestants remain? You did not seem to be worried about the right people at the start of the comp. Apparently a woman called Irmgard (who I looked forward to seeing in action especially cooking schnitzels) got the boot for not knowing the diff between pork and some other meat. Now where did i recently see that happen??????????????????????????
I have to admit I was not taken with Daniel and I do like Alvin, but Daniel was dead set robbed tonite and Alvin should have gone home. Just shows as i said in MKR, you can’t give snig about the judges food and get away with it.
Another of Matt’s stupid questions. straight out of Mad magazine. “how do you feel if you are going home tonite” Someone please just for larfs reply “Great I wont have to put up with your inane questions and ……… any more” OR Question 2 to Daniel “what’s going through your mind now” Answer: “F&*K off you clown how do you think I’d feel?”
Well proof positive . this is Not masterchef, It’s a popularity contest.
Finally Daniel if you really want to become a chef, go to TAFE and do the course like my son did, DONT rely on the miniscule bit of learning you may have got from the geegees on this REALITY show HAH!
Thank goodness for the appearance of the Gravox girl in the ads. She sets my sour heart a flutter!

11 sourkraut { 05.17.10 at 11:39 pm }

Sorry about iterating your inquisition crack. I wrote the above crap b4 reading your post

12 wallah { 05.18.10 at 12:43 am }

Thank God for the Colbert Report. I wonder, how much longer they could have justified talking about the contestabts failure to differ between pork and veal? Huh? Yawn.

13 CG { 05.18.10 at 4:44 am }

I too was wondering why the judges didn’t ask / test about the type of spuds used for the chips because they said they would in the intro and that the contestants had to choose the right spud from a selection. My guess is all three of them f*cked up on the spuds as well as the meat and to reveal that 2 of the top 24 amateur chefs in Aus not only cannot tell pork from veal but don’t know their spuds would destroy any remaining thread of credibility MC Aus has within the cooking world!

I think both Fiona and Daniel should have gone home tonight on the grounds they didn’t know what meat was in the dish…and more alarmingly, both went on to pick out a different meat than the one they intended to from the pantry. This lack of knowledge trumps Alvin’s over/undercooked meat…err protein! Maybe it was my tellie but Alvin’s pork actually looked OK to me…but he should have “hammered” it…everyone knows that! Good grief.

Who owns the MC brand..did it start in the UK? Do the UK producers have a financial interest in the Aus series? Perhaps MC 1 made so much money in Aus they have free rein. But they have deviated so far from the MC concept it isn’t even recognisable when you put the UK and Aus shows side-by-side. The big difference that hit me tonight is that in the UK version, the dishes cooked are generally pretty good and the cooks/chefs don’t know their food is bad. MC Aus seems to be not about progression of the best cooks but the least worst.

14 Airwalk { 05.18.10 at 6:58 am }
15 dmc { 05.18.10 at 8:02 am }

No, that’s a mistake.

16 Injera { 05.18.10 at 8:07 am }

Rusty – I’m going to have to add “from the heart” to my bingo card.

Pollywaffle – “don’t insinkerate me”! You’re right, the Perfect Italiano guy will be weeping for rools after that effort. Panko crumbs: mmmmm – I think I’ll have to get a katsu curry for lunch, now. It does seem bizarre that they stock the ready-mades in the pantry, only to criticise their use. Perhaps they need to spend some time with MPW, who uses ingredients like HP sauce quite lovingly.

Sourkraut – I’d completely forgotten about Irmgard! For consistency’s sake, then, Fiona also should be out.

Wallah – I wonder if MC would ever use veal… Or have they done it in the past and I’ve missed it?

Angel66 and CG – Good pickup on the spuds. George did make a bit of a feature of that in the intro, didn’t he? Love how we’re not assuming that they got it right, so therefore it wasn’t worthy of comment!

It must be that MC doesn’t keep such a tight rein over their “brand”, since this is – as you’ve noticed – such a different beast. Last year’s winner is still getting strong reviews of his restaurant “The Wild Garlic”. What’s our winner doing? Oh, yeah, magazine recipes and cookbooks that includes a recipe for a disaster dish…

Airwalk – In the interests of consistency, I think Masterchef will have to ask The Age to leave for not being able to differentiate between chicken and pork! At one point, Daniel mentioned that he thought he might have picked up turkey, so maybe that’s why they have bird on the brain!

17 kate (NTK!) { 05.18.10 at 8:41 am }

Daniel wuss robbed – he may not have named the meat correctly, but he did replicate the dish presented correctly in terms of meat and presentation more generally. Presumably he cross-checked his careful examination of the meat upfront against what he served up, and while it is a very odd knowledge gap which should have weeded him (and Fiona) out much much earlier in the process, frankly being able to replicate the dish was supposed to be the test, not naming the ingredients properly.

Of course, he made a fatal mistake – criticising the judge’s cooking, viz assuming they used plastic mayo.

So I guess he deserved to go for failing the sycophant test, plus not knowing that it is only campbells products that are sponsoring the show and thus ok to cheat on.

And then compounding the mistake by being honest about his ‘dream’.

Alvin made lots of mistakes, but there is a big difference between fresh breadcrumbs and packet, and between veal and pork, so really Fiona should have gotten the chop!

And there seemed to be some technique things to in Alvin’s favour, though I would have liked to actually see what it was that Alvin in crumbing the meat that was so great (but hey, that would be actual cooking and this show is not about that this season).

I think we have to assume that they all at least got parmesan and maybe some of the herbs – but it really is annoying that they spend half the program showing them getting out of bed and then the other half whingeing about the possibility of going home, and don’t bother to show us the actual cooking…..

As for this being the hardest challenge ever as Matt kept claiming, give me a break! Hardest for the judges to rig to give the outcome they wanted perhaps, but really – chips, coleslaw and breadcrumb coating. Not exactly one of Aria’s chocolate extravaganzas, or those multilayer pastry confections.

What it really showed up (once again) is the lack of some basic skills on the part of the contestants – I mean never made a mayonnaise before?! Don’t know the difference in appearance and taste between pork and veal?!

All very problematic.

18 AnnyB { 05.18.10 at 9:47 am }

Can someone tell me what ‘bowl chopped breadcrumbs’ are? When judging Alvin’s dish he was practically ecstatic over the fact that Alvin’s breadcrumbs were ‘bowl chopped’. Alvin used a processer as did Daniel, so what we he referring to.

On another tangent, have you noticed that at the end of each cooking segment there are some injuries. Alvin was sporting a bandage which covered most of his hand….a burn or a cut. Usually there are several blue bandaids worn by a contestant.

19 TDK { 05.18.10 at 10:11 am }

Injera – you may want to fix up this sentence in your post “George reveals that it’s a pork schnitzel and that Daniel picked pork,”

My views:
– MC is turning out to be a lemon, tacky (dramas) polished (with tears) exteriors with not much juice left on the inside.

20 Wurstsemmel { 05.18.10 at 10:20 am }

Always love your headliners, Injera, but was worried there might be exposure to Matt in lederhosen for a moment…was very worried about watching the recorded episode. Luckily not. Phew.

Why was he so cranky? Can’t have been the ‘W*****r of the year’ award because this was filmed earlier. With everyone else re. the interview. Absolutely unnecessary. That sum’s up the whole show this year really. Lots of unnecessary crap. Too much recap, too much bawling…really minimal cooking content. I thought the idea was to take MC up a notch from last year according to all the pre-show fanfare. I found last year more interesting and exciting. This year I really couldn’t give a schnitzel.

Love Alvin. Wish he wouldn’t go down the weepy route. It’s changing my mind. He shouldn’t have been in danger tonight. Sure, he should have clobbered the schnitzel. Sure, maybe his mayonnaise and cutting skills weren’t the best but I think his mood was getting the better of him (no excuse I know). He did at least KNOW what he was tasting and what he was cooking.

Daniel and Fiona had no idea. Plus both ‘cheated’ with either jarred mayo or premade breadcrumbs. Sure, both products might be fine but I think they’re just placed in the pantry to lure people astray. In the end, I would have sent Fiona home.

21 skye { 05.18.10 at 10:21 am }

In our house we decided that in the Fiona vs Daniel showdown (ie. they both deserved to go due to not recognising pork, but only one could go) jar mayo trumped box breadcrumbs for crapness. So Daniel was the correct one to go. Obviously she shouldn’t be there either, but on that dish Daniel was the loser, on points.

22 AnnyB { 05.18.10 at 10:24 am }
23 Pollywaffle { 05.18.10 at 10:44 am }

Injera, love the headline so much had to keep going….
“ when Matt P bites, when the Gs sting, when Im feeling sad [cos Im in the bottom 3], I simply remember my passion for food and then I don’t feel so baaad….”

24 Muru { 05.18.10 at 10:50 am }

AnnyB – It seems all Daniel wants to do is to whine to somebody and place the onus on the producers/judges for his own inadequacies. All I can say is thank god Daniel is gone. He won’t be missed.

I agree with whoever said Fiona should’ve been eliminated too. If 2/3 of those up for elimination can’t tell apart pork from veal, can you imagine how many of the other contestants hidden behind the secure steel railing on the balcony can’t do the same? That brings the credibility of the show down a whole heap. So much for the “best amateur chefs in the country.”

25 Pollywaffle { 05.18.10 at 10:53 am }

AnnyB – bowl chopped might have included Alvins finger, hence no more reference to it

26 Pollywaffle { 05.18.10 at 12:03 pm }

Geeez how did Daniel manage to never have eaten a parma in his life – would have thought was a rite to passage for most blokes. Now having a strong feeling the producers are using the ‘Come Dine with me’ show’s recruitment technique – can see the screener yep never eaten pork, doesnt know what a schnitzel is, hasnt heard of chicken ever used in a UK dish, thinks there is only one form of mint- spearmint – yep sign em up

27 Masterchef Australia – Daniel Aulsebrook Claims Favouritism Occurs On Show | reality ravings { 05.18.10 at 12:16 pm }

[…] know of course the producers and judges have favourites. In fact as Injera’s latest blog post it suggests that this is very much the case with Gary Mehigan’s comment “We need to make […]

28 Rosie { 05.18.10 at 12:30 pm }

While I have to say I prefer my schnitzels – whether pork or veal – cooked through, I could have sworn I heard them say last year that slightly rare pork is acceptable.
Not that I’m excusing Alvin’s schnitzel, which was far too thick to be worthy of the name.

But Jesus, how could anyone who is “one of the best 18 amateur chefs in Astraya” not be able to tell the difference between pork and veal??!!

29 sourkraut { 05.18.10 at 2:33 pm }

i am seriously considering suing you for about 1 week of my life! I want it back.
If it wasn’t for your blog giving me the chance to vent my spleen and expand my tiny ego I would not bother watching Master hahaChef. The favouritism, bias, bigotry, (by implication towards certain groups) falsehoods, unreality, lack of showing actual cooking, overacting, dramatic teary moments and general all round bullshit of this show somehow manages to keep me watching it to see what manner of crap is coming next. Possibly like idiot’s fascination with car crashes, or people remembering the worst possible ads on tv
THERE THAT FEELS BETTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! where’s the bloody smiley button?

30 TDK { 05.18.10 at 2:37 pm }

sourkraut – thanks for summing up how i feel.
The smiley is on the bottom left corner of this page, although it is disabled from being highlighted and copied – so, I”ll just use this :)

31 kate (NTK!) { 05.18.10 at 3:25 pm }

Unfortunately the worst features of the show will no doubt continue while MC continues to win consistently at the ratings – according to Crikey, ‘last nightMasterChef was the most watched program last night with 1.741 million, from Seven News with 1.579 million and Nine News, 1.483 million. Today Tonight was 4th with 1.377 million with A Current Affair next with 1.358 million. Two and a Half Men was 6th for the fresh episode at 7.30pm on Nine with 1.385 million (and a big audience in Melbourne)…’

32 Pollywaffle { 05.18.10 at 4:01 pm }

Skt – agree its perverse self flagellation to keep watching and purging, thats essentially the human condition that MC taps, but Im personally waiting for the hair in the dish episode ( preferably a pube) to make it all worthwhile.

33 Fides { 05.18.10 at 4:41 pm }

Love your recaps injera, they’re absolutely bang-on.

I can understand why Alvin and many of the others are so emotional at the prospect of going home. Being in MC is pure escapism from their horrible lives/jobs. That’s probably why a bunch of this year’s group seem so tight – they all have such miserable circumstances in the real world that being in MC is basically being on an extended holiday.

But like everyone else, I’m really hating what the producers are focussing on. I loved this show last year for the food – that was the magic and I want it back! I remember last year, after or around the time Justine was eliminated, there was a media article about her personal tragedies in the year prior to coming on masterchef, ie losing her job, ending a relationship and death of her grandmother. Can you imagine if she was on the show this year, how often we’d already have heard about it and guaranteed one of the judges would have asked “what would your (dead) grandmother be saying/thinking?”

I’ve just read the series 1 bios on the MC website, and compared to the way they’ve done the bios for this year, it’s so clear that a big shift has occurred. Last year, it was all about their food philosophies with not a dead relo in sight. This year, we hear about contestants battles with their jobs, health scares, weight loss, traumatic childhoods, loss of whatever loved one – pretty much every adversity you can name.

Sorry, just had to get that out of my system!

34 Fides { 05.18.10 at 4:54 pm }

No mention of Phillip’s yet to be seen cooking talent here, but with that photo, who needs talent? Such a wannabe!

35 Kaylen { 05.18.10 at 7:47 pm }

Fides – uhm, whoa. I’m sorry, I won’t be commenting for a while. Got something drool-worthy to stare at. Always thought he was hot, but dude. Yes please. 😉

Oh, wait. Episode. Daniel who? Eh. Don’t know him, don’t care that he got kicked out. From what I’ve seen, he can’t cook. Plus, my eyes are less sore without him on screen.

36 injera { 05.18.10 at 10:39 pm }

Kate (NTK) – I wouldn’t be surprised if you are right regarding the judges punishing Daniel for daring to suggest that they might use mayo-from-a-jar! The sycophant test, indeed. And, yes, it would have been great to have more explanation of what makes a good schnitzel crust, although I’m guessing they’ll want us to tune in on Friday for that…

AnnyB – I thought I must’ve misheard the “bowl chopped breadcrumbs”, so I’m glad you heard it too. I’ve no idea what it means, either. And thanks for the link.

TDK – I was clearly overcome by confusion. Pork that was thought to be veal; veal that was mistaken for pork; turkey that was never in the mix… Aaaaaargh! Thanks for picking it up.

Wurstsemmel – “couldn’t give a schnitzel”. Awesome.

Skye – how good would it be if the judges actually DID award points, and we could see what they marked.

Pollywaffle – now Matt has a new album to release. He can play ALL characters (although I’m not sure I want to see him inching up the stairs on his bum).

Muru – at least we’re getting to the stage where there will be so few contestants that the prods won’t be able to ignore any!

Rosie – so glad you said that about the rare pork. I was sure I’d heard that relatively recently (in the last year or so) but figured I’d imagined it, since the judges were hyperventilating over a tinge of pink.

Sourkraut – the blog IS a decent form of therapy, I’ll agree, but we do keep going back to what ails us so we can participate in the talking cure!

Fides – thanks, and I have not looked at the reluctance to return to “real life” in that way before. You’ve nailed it! Ah, I remember when it was something of a food show…

37 sourkraut { 05.18.10 at 11:35 pm }

Polly w
2 hairs are better than 1. LMAO Reminds me of the “waiter there’s a fly in my soup” gag
Hopefully the cure is not worse than the disease.

38 Grant { 04.18.11 at 10:31 am }

Has anyone noticed Callum’s bright yellow shorts?