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Masterchef – I can’t believe it’s not butter!

And so begins another week in and around the Masterchef kitchen. I use the term “around” loosely, since we will be heading to Melbourne this week. Ah, yes, I remember being discombobulated by film crews at the Queen Vic Market earlier in the year. Just in case you’d forgotten what happened last week, we get a recap – we lost Phil and [not Callum] Daniel (thanks, Sooty, Helene and Eric!) – and just in case you are incapable of watching a TV show without some hint of what is to come, we get previews – pizza, unusual ingredients, and George yelling “Come on Aussie!”.

Marion is grateful that she’s still in the competition, saying that last week was “massive” and this week will be “huge”. That’s all the house action we’ll be getting, as our contestants have arrived at the Masterchef kitchen to find a row of bew-ti-ful zesty ovens (is “zesty” a brand name?). Alvin interviews that he doesn’t make pizza. Oh, Alvin, it’s all about the comfort zone. Inside the Masterchef kitchen is the dough recipe, and a bunch of ingredients including the sponsors awful cheese. They are expected to make a lovely dish using that? Eeeew. The time limit is 45 minutes, and Adam is keen on getting that all-important key ingredient advantage for the invention test.

Sharnee is getting stuck into her pizza dough, whilst the others are all grabbing topping ingredients. Fiona is doing pear, blue cheese, rocket and something else. Wise choice – Perfect Italiano probably doesn’t do the blue cheese. Alvin’s is bacon with pine-nut caramel and lime juice. It sounds… courageous. Who dares, wins, I guess. George warns him not to burn the base, where I’d have thought that better advice would be to change his toppings. Sharnee is making a four cheese pizza, and Gary is panicking because he thinks they’re running out of time. Adam is being ambitious with the idea of a three course pizza, which sounds a bit Willy Wonka. All toppings will be on the one pizza, apparently. “That sounds awful” says Gary, and the Injera household, in unison. Fiona’s worried about not getting done and seems to have been over-generous with her toppings. We nearly get to see a pizza-dropping disaster, but unfortunately she regains her balance and has a completed pizza to offer to the judges. Sharnee is one of the first finished with her cheese and fig pizza, but Alvin is pleased to have finished a pizza, as ugly as it looks. Countdown to… fireball. So, we’ve seen four contestants in detail. I wonder how many pizzas will be tasted?

Bouncing and bellowing from Gary, who tells us there will be three pizzas tasted. Whatever. Sharnee is up first. Gary tears her doughy pizza base apart (literally) and tells her that the base was the reason they called her up. He likes it. We get to see George eating in profile, which is an experience I’d be happy not to have again. His assessment? “Well done, Sharnee”. Alvin is up next, which has to be some kind of a joke. Matt tells him they liked the “kick” in the pastry around the outside. So, they’re tasting three and one of the three is something they don’t think is going to be much chop. It has a “yum yuckness” about it. Our last pizza to be tasted is Fiona’s. She’s hoping to impress the judges, but she hasn’t got much competition, based on the fact that they tasted a turd that had only barely been polished, and one other. Gary likes Fiona’s and Matt finds it “clever and balanced”.

Matt says that there were lots of good ideas – okay, we’ll take your word for it mate, since the editors didn’t show us any – and then disappears in flames before he can tell us what the best one was. When we come back, Matt says that they tasted “three excellent pizzas”, so they must have snuck in an extra one after Alvin’s. Fiona is declared the winner and she’s happy to get the boost of confidence.


Gary decides that this would be a good time to explain how the invention test works, because he obviously thinks that this show is garnering new fans, not just alienating old ones. Carrie doesn’t want to be in the bottom three – good to see that she’s setting her sights high. The theme is “modern Australian”. Peter is thrilled, as is Claire. Matthew always wears that grin, so I can’t really read him – his grin is his poker face. Unfortunately, George doesn’t bust out the “I’m as Greek as a souvlaki” song that went with the ads for multiculturalism of my childhood.

Fiona has a choice of prawns, lamb and fruit. Just in case Fiona’s a bit dense, Gary reminds her that she has to make a choice and reiterates the choices that are right in front of her. She considers giving the other contestants a “hiccup”. She chose the fruit, much to the dismay of Peter and Marion. And Jimmy.

Skye is thinking pav, Claire is doing a bavarois. “It’s advance Australia food,” says George, and the contestants are polite (or sycophantic) enough to laugh because that? Was not funny. Marion is devastated that she HAS to cook a dessert, which fits in with the discussion we’re having on the couch. Do they have to make dessert? Does the fact that the “core ingredient” is fruit mean nobody can try savoury? Carrie is making a souffle, which prompts George to ask whether her dish will be light and fluffy and she assures him it will be, which means that it won’t be. Der. Jimmy’s making a rice pudding, which sounds like it could be nice, but is it Modern Australian? That’s a question Gary is asking, too. Sharnee is making meringue and Fiona is doing coconut pannacotta, with a macadamia praline. It’s pretty sensible of her to experiment with a couple of different shapes. Peter is making a rice pudding, which prompts Gary to say “I love rice pudding!”. Huh. He didn’t say that to Jimmy.

“This is the great Australian dream!” yells George. Really?

Skye is making lychee toffee, because she failed at that in the team challenge. Hopefully she’s perfected that technique. Sharnee’s meringues look pretty (she thinks) but aren’t sweet enough. Carrie is worried. This time last year, I was thinking of creating a macro for “Julie panics” so I hope that’s not an indicator of things to come. Skye’s toffee looks amazing. Claire is being talked up by the judges, and just as they finish praising her she realises that she forgot to get butter from the pantry, so her lime curd won’t be memorable. Marion is pleased with hers, but acknowledges the riskiness of putting fish sauce in a dessert. Claire’s disappointed, but doesn’t cry. Sharnee thinks hers is a disgrace, but doesn’t cry. Peter’s moulds collapse, but he doesn’t cry, either. We’re making progress, if not with the cooking, then with the emotional resilience.

Time’s up!


  • Sharnee is called up first and is reconsidering her commitment to meringue. Gary is disappointed with the pavlova, but loves the way the cream is “squidged” and adores the lime syrup. George foofs up the presentation, or so he thinks. Maybe this dish looks better in real life than on TV, because it doesn’t look very appealing, but George says she’s “kicking goals”.
  • Carrie – “not cooked” says Matt. He’s generous enough to think that five minutes would have made a difference.
  • Jimmy – “not one of your best. The rice is gluggy, heavy and the banana bread is raw in the centre”.
  • Skye – “You’ve come an awfully long way in a very short time,” says Matt. “Spectacular.”
  • Fiona – “it looks terrible, the mango is cut very clumsily.” Wow – winning the pizza challenge did amazing things for her.
  • Marion – Gary goes back for more. “It is like *bang* in my mouth!” George massages his head in ecstasy.
  • Claire – she walks off, crying, even though apparently doing so is not her style. She’s feeling insecure about lacking “a rich, cultural history” that some others have. Or she forgot to get butter. Seriously.
  • Peter – “heavy, soapy, chalky”. So, a win for Peter? Unfortunately not.

Top three

Sharnee, Skye and Marion. Sharnee cries. And here I was thinking we were beyond the tears. Before announcing the winner, Gary says that they will gain a huge amount of power in the competition. Marion wins! And is not just getting to tilt at the windmill of the pro chef, but will get another super dooper prize that is a surprise. One that will probably be spoiled in the previews. They leave to savour their victory.

Bottom three

Carrie, Peter and Jimmy.

Everyone else is dismissed. What, you ask? Everyone else? Why, surely there are only another couple of people left?  Claire, Alvin and Adam, right? But… who are all the people congregating in the background. Matthew? Jonathan? Aaron? Joanne? Jake? Adam?  (And even Callum?) Huh, well, wouldn’t you know. They weren’t all dismissed from the competition in a group elimination that I somehow missed.  They were there all the time!  Wonder what they did tonight…


1 Sooty { 05.23.10 at 10:12 pm }

“Claire – she walks off, crying, even though apparently doing so it not her style. She’s feeling insecure about lacking “a rich, cultural history” that some others are. Or she forgot to get butter. Seriously. ”

She’s like a pair of puce french knickers. Droopy. No starch.

Injera- we lost Phil and Daniel

Callum still there, along with all the other invisibles. I actually panicked that somehow Jonathon had gone, where! how! until I realised we hadn’t seen a whole raftload of them.

2 Heléna { 05.23.10 at 10:17 pm }

I had a heart attack when I saw Callum’s name – I re-read it three times and reassured myself that there must be some mistake :p

I was late to MasterChef last year – did they actually show everyone’s dishes every night? – I know they did in the final stages but can’t imagine it would be possible to edit in all the contestants and keep the show (+commercials :p) under one hour

3 Injera { 05.23.10 at 10:18 pm }

Aargh! Thanks, Sooty. Updating post now… Hard to keep track of the invisibles.

French knickers. Awesome.

4 Pollywaffle { 05.23.10 at 10:24 pm }

Injera, crystal recap inspite of Sunday night sap.

I want to know whyon earth Gs choose the ‘elephant man’ pizza (ie Alvin babys) – when clearly we know they havent prescreened any dishes – cos its an intact pizza , they couldnt have grabbed a morsel without us knowing about it, er , so why choose one of the pissiest pizzas?

Claire’s sudden awakening she is handicapped by her bland ‘Lawyer food’ amongst the sea of diversity that is MC2, – goodgrief, it was very ‘the quality of Masterchef shall not be strained’

5 wallah { 05.23.10 at 10:34 pm }

hahaha Claire is my ex-wife in reverse. After working in hospitality and realising how shitty hours, low pay, greedy owners, and knackered legs made her unhappy, she went back to uni, and is now a practicing lawyer. The irony? She cooked “white lawyer food” when she worked in the industry. I can’t say I really miss Keen’s Mustard Powder and sultanas served with rice. She is now an excellent cook…..

6 Injera { 05.23.10 at 10:36 pm }

Good point regarding the intact nature of the pizza precluding any tasting, Pollywaffle. Clearly they wanted to keep Fiona in the game tonight for whatever reason. I hope they don’t persist with the fiction that winning the first comp is a huge advantage!

Wallah – bizarre! Keen’s mustart powder and sultanas with rice might have been an inspired choice, subbing “tropical fruit” for sultanas…

7 ericg { 05.23.10 at 10:47 pm }

Very painful episode this evening.

Just wondering what other contestants would have thought when Alvin’s pizza was chosen???! -_-” It looked like Onion Bread garnished with Mayonnaise. 5 minutes into the show, I was thinking of suffocating him.

I would love to see Carrie leaving the contest. And I wonder what tomorrow’s Good News Week would be like having Matt P there?

8 Ursa { 05.23.10 at 10:57 pm }

I thought Sharnee’s dish looked delicious, and considering it was just cream and fruit arranged prettily inside a meringue, I’m sure it tasted awesome too.

Not sure what was going on with Skye’s ‘brilliant’ glass lychee. Was it just a lychee sitting under some spun sugar? Pretty, but I’d like some food please.

I’m happy with the bottom 3, I’m not overly attached to any of them. Also, I wonder if they’ll really need to use the tower clock to time their cooking like the editing suggests.

9 sourkraut { 05.23.10 at 10:58 pm }

All my and other peoples previous comments apply to this ep. There is something i just cant put my finger on that makes me really down on this show. However they all came out tonite, and sorry I just cant be bothered listing them all. Just a few are:

Pizza…. Where was the artichoke,anchovies, sun dried tomatoes, any sort of tom paste?

Spinach,blue cheese (yuck) and pear You jest. And the other one with fig. What is it with bloody figs on this show?

Invention test…. MODERN OZ cuisine! WTBFH?????????????????
I am as Oz as the next bloke but don’t try and tell me Oz has developed its own modern cuisine! (if so certainly none of the offerings from to night)

Geo you are not at a footy match!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Matt Beethoven would not have been inspired by your “thickness”

Why do the cameras pan on the flying nun and the whinger all the time? Is it to throw us off the track that someone is up for boning?

Jimmy Why cook dog turds?

Half the contestants, Why do rice?

Marion You are definitely one of the jedges faves!

bend over a bit further… toffee boobs would have looked interesting (but how would you plate them up?). Who would volunteer to lick……….? (like the scene in Woody Allens film Bananas where the heroine got bitten on the boobs by a snake … rest to your fertile imagination)

Claire… manfully? kept up the eps emotional quota. At least the whinger comforted her during Matt’s uncunningly disguised bullying. WELL DONE JOANNE!

Peter.. his “thing” looked like a mad kangaroos crap… all over the place.

I am now sick to the ARSE of only seeing the offerings of the favoured (and obviously unfavoured) few. I sincerely doubt that the unseen contestants things would be any less interesting or praiseworthy or crappy than the others.

I wanna see Adam’s food and I wanna see it now. Waddawewant??? To see the other contestants. wennawewant it …. next series, cause its too bloody late now. (Why have 24 contestants knowing full well you cant show them all)

Oh F@#k it all I’ve forgotten my other whinges, and anyhoo why bother, it makes no difference, SAME OLD SAME OLD every time

Come back Chris B. All is forgiven. I’m sure he could have something delicious out of the fruit and a can of lager..

10 KC { 05.23.10 at 11:09 pm }

Ahh it has struck again 😀 Everytime someone who wins the mystery box challenge and then tries to screw everyone else over with a difficult ingredient ends up screwing up themselves 😀 Fiona was probably just a bit away from landing in the bottom 3.

I was wtf-ing at Modern Australian cuisine as well because one of the biggest discussions about Australian food is that there isn’t really one. The country has got so many different cultures so I guess maybe fusion cooking would be one? I have no idea. But I think rice was used a lot because Asian cuisine is such a dominant cuisine in Australia but again this is just pure conjecture 😀

FINALLY! MARION WON! WOOH!!! She is one of the contestants that has the biggest chance to beat the celeb chef and I hope she does 😀 Skye’s dish was beautiful but I’m glad she didn’t win because even though that sugar ball thing was inventive kinda, food wise, it was a mousse and a lychee with sugar. I’m so glad Marion won.

Does anyone here find Sharnee boring on TV? Her personality, kinda like Clare, just sits there and it doesn’t really show up well. Added with the fact that unlike Clare, she doesn’t look like she’s that great a cook makes me hope she gets out soon…As mean as that sounds. I also can’t forget how she got in top 24 even though she didn’t plate up the pasta (SERIOUSLY perfection doesn’t equal missing a crucial element) Her dish tonight also didn’t look that great. The meringue was quite brown but I guess her side dishes were good.

Bottom 3 I WANT CARRIE OUT 😀 I can’t bear her crying. SHE CRIES ALL THE TIME! OMG! And she sounds like if she gets out her life will end. IT WON’T! You have a lifetime of opportunities after MC. Jimmy I don’t mind but I hope Peter stays 😀

11 Rusty { 05.23.10 at 11:40 pm }

I missed most of the episode, but what I did get to see was Claire working overtime on the tears to avoid being told off. Worked a dream!

Before Matt had even tasted her slop, she was cunningly drawing the attention of everyone and his dog away from the dish as she “stumbled” off to the side, clutching her hankie and Sharnee.

Talk about strategic moves – she makes Jonno look like a rank “amata”

Jeez, but can’t she save for when it matters?

12 Saz { 05.24.10 at 12:04 am }

I also want to see adam’s food. If they were going to pick a disaster, why not adam’s 3-course pizza, I wanted to know how it tasted however delicious or disgusting it may have been.

13 Pollywaffle { 05.24.10 at 12:20 am }

Me thinks since we’ve seen Carrie weeping in the preview, shes ipso facto safe ( ugh), and given Steph A is a Euro-school judge, Jimbo, Jimbo is going homeo

14 AT { 05.24.10 at 2:06 am }

I bet it will be like last year with Julie sooking her way to the finals so I’m really scared that Carrie will end up the same given her immense mediocrity and judges feeling sorry for her and all that (stupid Monday interrogation interviews). urgh…get a fkn apprenticeship if you’re THAT desperate to be a chef!

15 Muru { 05.24.10 at 4:37 am }

Saz – I think the producers gave Adam a bit more airtime this episode, since we haven’t…really seen much of him. Same with Claire, actually. I think the producers do that so the contestants who don’t win or lose any challenges (and, thus, don’t receive much, if any, airtime) aren’t shoved into obscurity.

16 dmc { 05.24.10 at 8:53 am }

We need to see more food from people. This only showcasing the best and worst is flawed. Maybe a quick 4 -5 second picture of everyone’s pizza with a caption so we can see what people are producing. Jake? Have we ever seen him cook something?

17 TDK { 05.24.10 at 9:37 am }

If Carrie doesn’t go..

18 dmc { 05.24.10 at 10:14 am }

Oh, and yes, loved the ‘three excellent pizzas’ comment – that was after he described Alvin’s pizza as ‘more rejection than perfection’.

Are the editors that stupid?

19 TDK { 05.24.10 at 10:16 am }

LOL – Alvin has the humour to laugh his own joke off though, my family had some good giggles looking at his “creation”.

20 Pollywaffle { 05.24.10 at 12:00 pm }

Did I dream it was a pizza challenge, a pizza challenge for Australia’s best amata chefs. Get real.
Didnt we already have one of those a couple of weeks ago in the restaurant challenge? As I recall one team focussed on pizzas, er thats a SLIGHT advantage for the mystery box.

21 Rosie { 05.24.10 at 12:45 pm }

I read somewhere (and no, I don’t remember where, but it was a newspaper article [I think?] with comments from someone who worked on the show) that they needed to give the contestants extra time for this challenge, or none of the pizzas would have been cooked. Made me go hmm last night.
I forget how long they ostensibly gave them – 45 minutes? – but there was no way a pizza base could be made, and proved, then cooked, in that time.
So whenever Gary waffled on about the time, I just sorta said suuuure, Gary.

Anyone else heard anything about this? Maybe I dreamed it. 😀

22 Injera { 05.24.10 at 1:25 pm }

Eric: I can’t figure out why Alvin’s pizza was chosen. The “we liked the kick in the crust” comment really doesn’t seem plausible. Given that we were shown Adam’s crazy Violet Beauregard creation in the making, I would much rather have seen his. And I’m sure some of the other representatives of “Australia’s top amata shefs” might have had something presentable. I won’t be watching GNW, but will be interested to hear what it’s like!

Ursa: I think Sharnee’s sounded like it would taste great, but wasn’t sure about all the little bowls around the edges (or what Gary meant by “squidged” cream – got a vision of Princess Di in my head and couldn’t shake it). I didn’t pick up on the Flinders St Station clock. How hilarious if they have to be guided by that!

Sourkraut: the flying nun! I missed that reference earlier – who is that? Fiona? And this has got to be the first time “Bananas” has been referenced in an RR comment!

KC: That’s so true about the ingredient selection, although I did hear one of the other contestants muttering something about Fiona being a dessert fanatic (I think). Love the fact that there was no real reference during the judging as to whether what was offered fitted the ModOz definition. Probably because then they would have had to define it. Hoping it’s Carrie, too.

Rusty: Matt could at least have offered her a Handee wipe! I was completely taken aback by her disappearance during tasting. Looked down at my keyboard, then up, and… where’s Claire?

Saz: Totally agree – would have been great to see Adam’s pizza.

AT: I do so hope you are wrong!

Muru: It makes sense to make sure we don’t “forget” the non-top/bottom three contestants, but I wish they’d show us more of them. This week it was just Adam and Claire shown, and I don’t think anybody even SPOTTED Jake!

dmc: Love that idea of the captioning. And thanks for clarifying Matt’s “more rejection than perfection” remark. I couldn’t figure it out, but knew it was something “pithy”.

TDK: Alvin did seem to be taking the challenge in good humour.

Pollywaffle: Oh, good point about the previous pizza challenge.

Rosie: I haven’t heard it, but it makes sense that they’d need more than 45 minutes, starting the dough from scratch. Love the fact that you are also talking back to your TV.

23 Paul { 05.24.10 at 1:28 pm }

Marion & Skye showed their class in last nights episode. You’d think they would go close to going all the way.

If Carrie makes it through tonight I’d be shocked as she is easily the weakest contestant remaining and panics under pressure. You would think Peter & Jimmy wouldn’t stuff up.

It depends on the pizza base and the temperature where the dough is proving. If its a thin base (which it looked like) in a warm enviroment (not too hot) the whole process might only take 20 minutes or so.

24 Rosie { 05.24.10 at 2:05 pm }

That’s interesting, Paul, thanks. I’ve never tried to make pizza dough, only bread, and even that was a long time ago.
At least it makes more sense to give them so little time, if there was at least a faint chance of their completing it.

25 sourkraut { 05.24.10 at 2:30 pm }

Would have been interesting to see my last night repast, ie immaculately BBQued snags and salad (fat and healthy), “tossed up” by one of the contestants as modern OZ cwizine!
I imagine the masterclass will give us some plate gussied ponced up version of some French or Italian dish cunningly disguised as Oz cwerzeen.

26 sourkraut { 05.24.10 at 2:33 pm }

Fruit snags!

27 Fides { 05.24.10 at 2:53 pm }

Please let it be Carrie. Judges, just put her, and us, out of our misery.

Good call upthread about Claire’s inspired waterworks. Way to deflect! Also, she sure can’t go back to lawyering at all can she, now her opponents know how to push all her buttons. Though I did read she was once quite a force to be reckoned with in a courtroom.

Like others, I want to see more of Adam and his food. There’s just something I really like about the samurai-hair guy. Good on him for innoventing (as Alec Baldwin said on 30Rock last night) – shame the judges preferred Alvin’s crapola pizza.

28 Paul { 05.24.10 at 3:15 pm }

A lot of lawyers never see the inside of a courtroom – especially the in house corporate lawyers (and there are tens of thousands of them).

29 CG { 05.24.10 at 3:49 pm }

If the pizza shambles didn’t prove how freaking STUPID the format for the Sunday night challenge is, nothing will. Not only was Alvin’s pizza horrible-tasting, the crust on the winning pizza by Fiona was “raw”.

How could they possibly say they were tasting the “3 best” pizzas – esp when Alvin’s clearly looked oK but tasted horrible! What a joke. Not that the advantage afforded the winner – getting to pick the core ingredient for the invention challenge and extra time in the pantry – seems to make any difference. Cut the recapping, cut the judge banter, cut the crying and other drama – and taste all the freaking pizzas!!!

The results last night just proves (again) that this show is NOT about the food – at all. It is about the judges, their egos and getting them exposure to increase their takings from books, sponsorships, endorsement deals, etc. This would also explain why Friday night is 1.5 hours long.

I am very close to tuning out and just reading this blog up until perhaps the last two weeks. The show is not enjoyable and I am just too distracted by all the inconsistencies and antics.

Carrie better go tonight. That said, Peter has been flying under the radar (along with several others) and Jimmy is one-trick pony who also needs to go sooner rather than later.

Bah, humbug.

30 CG { 05.24.10 at 3:58 pm }


Ah, the wonders of Google.

Don’t open/read the attached link if you don’t want to know about a – possible – upcoming elimination.

A lawyer gossip site with some insight on the three lawyers in the top 24: Claire, Adam and Peter. If the information is accurate, Adam is a bit of a freak…not exactly sponsor material?

31 CG { 05.24.10 at 4:05 pm }

The UK is the destination for this season’s Masterchef. The top 8 will go. Makes sense I suppose given Matt and Gary would have some UK connections. Will Greece be next year’s destination?

32 Fides { 05.24.10 at 4:19 pm }

Thanks for the spoiler link CG. I just can’t help myself.

Totally agree about the disappointment that is Sunday night episodes. Compared to last year, when I was all “yay, mystery box and invention test is on tonight” – this year I’ve been watching with a sense of dread of how bad it’s going to be. And did the Gs use quite as many bad puns and cliches last year, or is this part of the new, improved MC?

33 Paul { 05.24.10 at 4:37 pm }

I don’t know how often people need to be told – all the food is judged off camera and the ones that are deemed ‘interesting’ are the ones shown on television.

Masterchef is not live TV !!!!!!!!

I think you are frustrated by inconsistencies because you want to see inconsistencies. If people either;
a) sat down and just watched it for pleasure OR
b) watched it with an open mind instead of just forming the first incorrect negative conclusion that jumps into their head.

Then your viewing pleasure will be enhanced.

Honestly, I don’t know why some people watch it if causes them such angst. Are they masochists or something ?

Rating better than last year too by the way so I dare say the makers are doing something right.

34 Injera { 05.24.10 at 5:29 pm }

Paul, it might well be that food is tasted off camera, but the way the show is presented – i.e. what the hosts/judges themselves tell the viewer – is that they are “only tasting” x number in the mystery box challenges. Given that the selective tasting – which is what they are telling us happens, whether or not it actually does – gives rise to suspicions of inconsistency and favouritism, would it hurt for them to state that they were tasting all and had selected the three best for judging?

I – and, I suspect, most commenters here – are commenting on what we see on the show, i.e. what the prods have put together for our consumption.

35 kate (NTK) { 05.24.10 at 4:37 pm }

Thanks for the write up Injera and comments everyone.

I didn’t watch; am glad I didn’t and won’t for a while at least.

I actually do watch in order to get food ideas and learn about cooking while being entertained (yes I could just watch cooking shows but they’re mostly boring).

So I would have been particularly disappointed not to see the range of possibilities they came up with for their pizzas had I wasted my time.

This year all I’ve learnt is that if you add lots of fat, sugar and salt, it will taste nice. And that if you pull out the tears, all will be forgiven.

Thanks MC.

36 Kaylen { 05.24.10 at 5:49 pm }

Australia has its own modern cuisine? lols.

Bottom three: All of them failed. Glad to see them in there! Be glad to see the end of Carrie. Jimmy seems, as mentioned, a one-trick-pony and Peter? Who?

Glad to see Marion win. Skye, also, impressed me. I thought Sharnee’s “pavlova” wasn’t liked all that much by the judges? I know they said her sides and that were very good, but if that was all, what does that say about the other contestants? 😛

Overall: unimpressed. Recorded it last night, and it was a good way to waste away an overcast Monday afternoon. Emphasis on waste. 😉

37 RarelySeen { 05.24.10 at 6:07 pm }

I am sick of the moronic flames and ads, ads, ads. The editor needs to be first up against the wall. Where are the mystery other contestants? Who is directing this diatribe? Lift your bloody production values Ch.10 or forever be damned as a pathetic 1950’s esque game show.

38 Airwalk { 05.24.10 at 7:38 pm }

Was going to rebuke Pauls comments but Injera did a pretty good job. I am watching MC for the cooking not the music or faux drama so would like to see more of the contestants food and less getting ready back at the house and the Gs gossiping during the challenge. Doesn’t cause me angst to watch it but can easily put it on ff and watch it at 1.3 speed (i record it on my hd) and watch ABC(Rick Stein) SBS (Food Safari) for real food/cooking progs

39 Pollywaffle { 05.24.10 at 7:52 pm }

Airwalk, I would rather eat Alvins pizza than watch MC live.
Tonite Matt and George are following MC in that other stupid show, cant remember name, but will be interesting to see if they can improvise or totally stick to their menus

40 Muru { 05.24.10 at 8:22 pm }

CG – Nice find. Personally, I never really liked Adam, but after reading that he’s probably my least liked contestant right now, even more than Carrie. What a freaky man.

As for the elimination tonight, again, I’m not fussed at who goes. I won’t be surprised if Carrie goes, but at the same time I won’t be surprised if she’s kept in for the comedy factor. I love the way the judges torture her with comments like, “So how does it feel the be in your THIRD elimination challenge?” Haha.

41 KC { 05.24.10 at 10:32 pm }

Honestly I agree with Paul. If its such a pain to watch then why don’t people just not watch it. If you have a digital set top box you have several other channels to choose from. If not, you still have 4 other channels that have shows on at the same time. People complain and complain about it but really, if its making you that irritated you might as well stop. And if you stop, I really think that allows you to stop ranting on about how bad it is.

For me, I enjoy it. I think its better than last year (OH BLASPHEMY) and even though its over-dramatic, its a really good show to watch people who might really have FOOD DREAMS actually put up really spectacular dishes.

42 Airwalk { 05.24.10 at 10:46 pm }

FOOD DREAMS my arse-if they want a job in hospitality theres many more ways to go about it…a Tafe Commercial Cooks course led to my trade papers after years in the business. And just because people are critical of the show does not mean they should not watch it, maybe that is some peoples source of entertainment-discussing by comments here or other forums. (just watched the final episode of Lost and lets see you try telling the millions of fans now voicing their opinions they should not of watched it for the past 6 years.) Maybe those who don’t want to read peoples points of view should avoid reading them?

43 sourkraut { 05.24.10 at 10:52 pm }

If you dont work for ch10, you should

44 Airwalk { 05.24.10 at 10:54 pm }

My thoughts exactly-most of Pauls comments have made me think the same thing (and KC: spectacular dishes???? haven’t seen many of those)