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Masterchef – who’ll be sleeping with the fishes?

Last night on Masterchef, Matt made a complete prat of himself, but we won’t be seeing that in the previews for tonight. We will, however, be seeing George bellowing about something and Jake feeling “devastated” because he wanted his seafood platter to be perfect. So, um, spoiler alert? Jake puts up a dish that isn’t perfect? Smoke ’em if you’ve got ’em, people. I think this could be tedious.

Post credits, Matthew reminds us why they’re here – because they messed up the pasta. Unfortunately I’m not sure why I’m still here. Jake tells us that seafood is the one thing he’s really good at, so this Rick Stein challenge should be right up his alley. Has he forgotten that the pasta challenge was also seafood? And that we have just seen his interview alerting us to a lack of perfection? Trivialities, perhaps, but my tolerance threshold is low tonight. Jimmy reiterates his food dream, and I don’t think Masterchef is really the right place for him: they’re always going to criticise him for something that he should be celebrated for and he has a strong sense of what he wants to do, anyway. If Matthew doesn’t make it through tonight, he should probably try to sort out some of those dad-approval issues.

Gary’s hurt his leg, so Matt is on hand to welcome the boys to the kitchen. The safe contestants are lined up on the balcony as usual – I really hope Aaron positions himself over Matt and drops something at his head. We get the big intro to the guest chef, but since we’ve known that it’s Rick Stein for at least 24 hours, it’s just grating, pompous blah blah blah.

The seafood platter is revealed and the “little man” beside Jimmy is, indeed, beaming. Neither Jimmy nor Matthew looks to be confident. Rick goes through all the seafood carefully, after which George says, redundantly “there’s lot of different seafoods here”. Well, yes. Fifteen elements, to be precise. Matt prompts Rick to reveal that it would be $300-$350 worth of seafood and “it would be a travesty” to mess it up. Our losers have two hours to do just that. Fireball.

Jimmy is planning not to panic, which is a damn good approach. They’re getting their nage on, or “stock” as Marion dumbs down for us. She’s concerned that Jimmy’s not onto his crab yet, as are George and Rick, particularly since he’s been a little too precise chopping his veg for the nage… I mean stock.

Jake is mixing his mayo by hand, as is Jimmy, but Matt has completed his within 30 seconds using a stick blender. He interviews that “it would be a travesty” to screw up the expensive seafood, which shows that he has potential for a career in politics, with his ability to stick to the talking points. Maybe that would satisfy his dad?

Overcooked seafood is the biggest mistake people make, according to Rick, so that’s what he’ll be looking for. Jimmy gets some advice from the peanut gallery to beard his mussels after cooking, which is not something I’ve ever considered doing. Matt is breaking open his sea urchin and Joanne observes that both he and Jake are going like steam trains, while Jimmy is falling behind. He is determined to run his own hare-and-the-tortoise race here, which is an idea with some merit if he manages to get everything done and not destroy the sea urch… oh, too late!

After the fireball, Jimmy’s sea urchin is still a mess. Just as he voices over that he hopes Rick doesn’t notice, we see Rick peering over the balcony with a look of concern. George and Matt scurry over to try to talk Jimmy through a salvage operation.

George bellows at them: “do me a favour and don’t. overcook. the. seafood”. Well, since you asked as a favour, George. Jake loses a body part from his crab and Matthew provides us with an inventory of what he still has to do. Jake feels that he’s got everything cooked at this stage so is just cruising, and Jimmy has Joanne and Adam hissing at him from the balcony to get his crab out. Peter thinks Jimmy might actually be edging ahead, since Jake has taken half an hour to pick his crab. After the crab, Jake then starts on the oysters, and seems to be taking his sweet time cleaning those, too. Matthew is getting onto his tarragon butter sauce and somebody notices that Jimmy’s is too thick. Just as Rick calls Joanne over to tell her to get Jimmy to thin it down, he pulls the head off his lobster. Bom bom BOM!

Jake, having cruised through the prep, realises that he has undercooked his blue swimmer crab. Jimmy is dealing with poo chutes as Matthew starts to plate up. George exhorts them to “boom boom”. Really?

Jake still needs to do his mayo and his crab, and Peter thinks he has forgotten about his sea urchin. He hasn’t. George promises us that for one of them it will be the last time they’ll cook in the Masterchef kitchen, so at least we’re not in for surprise comebacks.

Jake’s mussels still have their beards, Jimmy has forgotten his fingerbowl, and who knows what Matthew is doing? Plating up with ruthless efficiency, I guess. Time’s up and Jake is devastated because his seafood is far from perfect.


Rick smiles at Matthew, so he won’t be getting a return gig. He needs to take a crash course in snarl 101 if he’s going to cut it with this crowd. Matthew explains that he felt he was up against the seafood specialist in Jake and is then dismissed so our judges can eat. Matt declares the platter spectacular and Rick agrees. As for the cooking, Rick is happy with the mussels and clams and George is impressed with the sea urchin. Negatives? The yabby is undercooked and the bug still has a poo tube, but Rick still declares himself happy with it.

Matt reminds Jimmy that he should be trying to prove that he’s not just a “spice” man – is that why they’ve presented him with an almost spice free challenge? He believes he’s put every element on the plate, which is a start, I guess. Rick doesn’t necessarily disagree with this self-assessment, but thinks it looks “dropped” on the plate and George eagerly points out the urchin issues. He’s a bit of a dobber, our George.  This is why I don’t like the judges prowling during cooking.  Matt delicately spits out some crab cartilage and also finds some “intestinal tract”. He’s too sensitive for “poo chute” but will hurl somebody’s food on the floor?  I think I need some strong paper towels to mop up the mess I’ve just made.  George loves the crab dressing and they all praise the yabbies.

He starts by saying he’s not happy with his work – I guess it’s a good strategy to set the expectation low. Jake’s messy presentation is seen as “God throwing seafood on a plate”, so dropping is bad, throwing is good, but only if you’re a god. Which… Jake is?  Matt spits “gravel” out of a clam and pulls out a poo tube (he wasn’t too precious this time). The crab salad lacks capers, but the tarragon butter is good and the oysters are lovely.

Rick bows out of the judging.


Matt tells them they put up three GREAT seafood platters.

  • Jimmy put up the best crab salad, but the presentation was clumsy
  • Jake: best yabbies, oysters and mayonnaise, but the crab salad was insipid and not generous
  • Matthew: nailed the presentation is criticised for leaving the intestinal tract in. Given that he wasn’t the only one to do so, it’s obvious that he’s safe.

Oh, what was that, Matt? Matthew is safe. Huh, who’d’a thunk it. Are you sure you don’t want to interrogate them over their “intentions” first? He’s told to phone his dad and essentially say “nerny nerny ner ner”.

Jimmy gets an eerie “time’s up” chill. And… fireball.

And he’s going home.

“The great thing about Jimmy going is that you know he’s going to be okay”, says Aaron.  This suggests that the others would be placed on 24 hour watch.

Other points

  • There must be a rule where the chef can’t communicate directly with the contestants, preventing Rick from telling Jimmy about his sauce, but why was Joanne in sole charge of overseeing Jimmy’s progress
  • Was there any mention of the quality of Jimmy’s sauce in the judging?
  • As discussed with EricG, why does the chef join in with eating and commenting on the dishes and then recuse him/herself from judging? Do the judges actual remove the chef’s comments from their consciousnesses?
  • I really wish they’d just tell the unsuccessful contestant that the decision’s been made and what it is, rather than have that totally useless “I wanna be here 110%” session.
  • Matt’s credibility for me is so low that I wouldn’t be surprised if he kept a poo tube up his sleeve for judging. Not that it would be SCRIPTED, you understand, just – you know – teed up with a couple of cameramen.
  • Tomorrow? Maggie Beer. I typed “Maggie Bear” first, which would be great if Ruth Cracknell was still with us. Can you imagine?  She’s call Aaron “Arthur” and compare him unfavourably to Robbie.  Still, even given how much I love Maggie Beer, how is that going to be a challenge of a similar calibre to, say, Philippa Sibley? Aaron could have a shot.


1 TDK { 05.31.10 at 10:12 pm }

Does anyone else noticed everyone who leave the comp, that when they arrive at the car that is supposedly to takes them home that they all look back at the MC kitch remiscently? So fake and setup that I whince everytime I see it.

2 Jenny Draut { 05.31.10 at 10:26 pm }


totally agreed with you on that one!!


I also totally agreed with you about Matt-the super fat judge…I really am not trying to be mean….he really is too fat for his already giant frame and double or triple chin…..he gets on my nerve..

although I was not entirely surprised that Jimmy is gone, Jake gets to stay for a few more days or even weeks..pretty boy Matthew is easy on the eyes and slowly showing he CAN cook, could be a real challenge among other contestants…but wait…still a side dish for the almighty Marion…Amen

3 ericg { 05.31.10 at 10:36 pm }

Another fully recapped blog, Injera. Thanks!

Erasing the chef’s comments before making the judging will never happen. Or will it? 0_O

I didn’t actually watch the front bit of this evening’s episode but Jake’s presentation was awful. But what did the judges say? Something along the lines of “God sent seafood”? And what did Matt P say about the three dishes?! Contradiction… I dislike! -_-”

TDK: You don’t like the setup? They need to show how important MC is to them now that they have been through the challenges which are always tagged as “The Hardest/ Toughest/ Most Difficult Challenge Ever!!!” – A life time experience you will never get elsewhere!

JennyD: I couldn’t agree more with you and your view on Matt P. Excuse me for being mean, but I think he needs to sign up at a gym nearest to his family home. Good Lord!

4 KC { 05.31.10 at 10:38 pm }

Aww that’s so cute Maggie Bear :D:D:D HAHAHA 😀

I actually really like the long intros for the guest chefs because I don’t know who most of them are so its nice to be able to get an insight into them 😀

And I think Joanne was the one sole in charge of Jimmy support crew probably because they seem to be tight. I’m surprised she didn’t cry actually.

Poo chute is now what I’m gonna call those poo intestines in seafood. Poo Chute :D:D:D

5 Jenny Draut { 05.31.10 at 10:43 pm }

I couldn’t be bothered to watch last’s episode and did not know what fat Matt P said or did…

by reading on the full recap it makes me repect Matt P down to ZERO….

as for Aaron, don’t really mind him at all…..he shows he can cook too…and I won’t be surprised if he wins the challenge agains Maggie the “Bear” hahahaha

6 librarygirl { 05.31.10 at 10:46 pm }

I don’t care if it would cost $350 in a restaurant, boiling up all these yabbies was very dull television.

7 pollywaffle { 05.31.10 at 10:59 pm }

Funny last night’s seafood lesson was to hold back cos its disgusting to drown the pasta in TOO MUCH seafood and tonight its the plentiful platter of abundance, ‘MC Seafood goes Large’ ( never quite translated, that UK title) – go figure.

It would have ponged to high heaven in there, glad it wasnt smellivision, especially with that jewel of the ocean bit about the sea urchin – George, you can turn a mild tummy quiver into a full thrown dry retch

Jake has aligned himself with Sea-food, and its rather annoying as you know if he didnt have this alament working, he’d have nuthin.

George was LUUUUUUUvin too many things tonight, that I couldnt focus well enough to see what they were as I winced about him luvvin stuff. I wasnt lurvin his outfit though. His black padded shirt – quilted, I think, was such an unecessary layer. why pad the mini michelin man?

And Gary’s “leg” injury – come on, there’s room around the MC warehouse for a wheelchair. Sounds a bit sus to me, more likely explanation is he’s off to Red Door for a week a la Nigella ( too tubby for her Twinings TVCs apparently)

And yes, cant wait to try the poop tubes at Bannisters at Mollymook where Ricks happy to be serving them up.

8 sourkraut { 05.31.10 at 11:01 pm }

So is the $350 seafood meal obtained at the EOFYS sale?
Said it all b4 Getting boring writing and reading it.
Precious pompous poo py pair. best chef blah blah…2nd biggest wuss…another wun who would not commit to judging.
False tension. all knew Jimmy was gone after butchering the nage, the lobster, the urchin.
Pretty boy survives. gotta keep the viewing demographics happy. Only good thing was to see the look of greed on the judges faces at the thought of tasting all that see food and eat it.
Why not BLIND judging and not watching the cooking by the judges? aah who cares. Should have made them both eat the lot.
So poor Jimmys gone . Probably deserved to but GREAT PITY> I looked forward to see more curry dishes but as the judges only feel comfortable with boring English french italian cuisine we cant expect much else. PITY I had such high hopes to see decent Asian food this time but without the actress. but no, same old etc. And more emotion than a hollywood harem.
Place it in the poo chute

9 pollywaffle { 05.31.10 at 11:11 pm }

Sourk’t – well noticed about the highly lauded guest judge who does not ever judge. How so? Why do all these great world chefs bugger off before the pronouncement ? This is one of the true consistencies of MC.

10 Jenny Draut { 05.31.10 at 11:18 pm }


LOL and well said about not having enough and proper decent Asian food…but then again these judges have very little knowledge of Asian Cuisine as I said all along..

if only Matt Moran can bring some real stuff or spark to it perhaps?????????? I still remembered when he was on the Chopping Block..he was very good as judge…good comments etc etc etc…

as for this $350 sea-food…hmmmm…wouldn’t buy it but wouldn’t mind to try if its given…

11 sourkraut { 05.31.10 at 11:31 pm }

Jenny D
I’ve been ferreting on about Asian food since i started boring people during MC1, and the disappointing thing is I was under the impression this year would be different ….BUT….SIGH.

Also wondering about the $350. would love to do a proper costing of it if I could get the list of ingredients. Oysters max $20/dozen raw, mussels $20 aprox for a shitload, lobster $50? Ice $250/ kilo? crab $30 max, urchin $0, pick them up off the rocks (use to go rock fishing in younger sillier life) balmain bug $?. WHERE WERE THE CHIPS??? (cooked twice and shaken not stirred)

12 TDK { 05.31.10 at 11:35 pm }

sourkraut – thanks for the laugh re. ice $250/kg.

13 sourkraut { 05.31.10 at 11:38 pm }

He probably had to drive back to that mighty international metropolis of seafood in Mollymook that same night cos 10 was too tight to pay the rail fare

14 pollywaffle { 05.31.10 at 11:40 pm }

Skt – you forgot the Simon Johnson Capers – $999kg

15 TDK { 05.31.10 at 11:45 pm }

Hang on, let me get this right, Matthew under-cooks the yabby and still has poo chute in them and Rick is prepared to accept that as acceptable in his restaurant for $350, and to relay that back to Matt’s proud dad?

16 pollywaffle { 05.31.10 at 11:46 pm }

Exactly TDK : Dad you always said my cooking was shit, and guess what

17 TDK { 05.31.10 at 11:46 pm }

George – please stop with your reiterative shoutings!! It’s not helping them because they’re just useless phrases, and it doesn’t get the audience any more excited because we’ve heard it a thousand times.

18 Anonymous { 05.31.10 at 11:48 pm }

So now we have the fat police.

19 TDK { 05.31.10 at 11:48 pm }

pollywaffle – LMAO @ that last comment.

20 pollywaffle { 05.31.10 at 11:55 pm }

Fat Police? No just the Widescreen Metrics Association

21 TDK { 05.31.10 at 11:56 pm }

pollywaffle – LMAO again!! Damn you, it’s 11PM, I should go to sleep.

22 Jenny Draut { 05.31.10 at 11:58 pm }


almost made me pissed me pants…laughing…..

don’t forget the shit presentation worth..wait for it……a wholly $100 and the biggest plate on the planet..

sure the fat police is here to stay…


as I said pretty boy stays for the girlie….never mind if its under cook or poo chute….luvvvvv the saying…

23 rusty { 06.01.10 at 12:30 am }


I missed the show – had more important things to do – but so what? there’s always your recap. (but do I detect a sour note coming in?) and I cracked up on your Ruth Cracknell! She would really add class to any farce.

Great banter, by the way, the rest of you, but

Where’s Paul, to tell you you’re all so sad, mediocre, and bitter?

24 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 12:38 am }

Well no wonder Jake did not use as many capers. He had probably surreptiously been told by 10 that the budget for the night’s show had been blown because of the cost of broken crockery. wot a CROCK!

25 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 12:40 am }

How about Norman Gunston as the next celebrity guest judge/ inquisition master/interviewer?

Sadly in my case Paul would be right.Truly sour!

26 Suzanne { 06.01.10 at 12:48 am }

Started watching it online, but got a bit bored in the judging, so read your excellent recap instead.
I really couldn’t tell the difference between the different plates, so couldn’t distinguish between the messy one, and the god-given one.

I don’t think it would be that difficult to do blind tastings. It was so obvious last night with Marion’s dish and again tonight with Jake.
Was disappointed to see Jimmy go, he seemed like a nice guy. LOVED Jake’s comment about “You got tears out of me yesterday”. Hmmm maybe Jimmy’s downfall was lack of tearing up in the “begging to stay on the show” segment.

27 Injera { 06.01.10 at 8:19 am }

TDK and EricG: I’ll have to look out for those poignant looks back at the Masterchef kitchen – haven’t noticed them before.

Sourkraut: that $250kg ice is a killer!

Rusty: Tried, but clearly failed, to disguise my bitterness… Ack.

Suzanne: Blind tastings are the perfect way to go.

28 CG { 06.01.10 at 9:24 am }

Great recap Injera. But a boring ep. I fast-forwarded thru the online version.

Most interesting thing for me was Rick Stein. He is certainly looking worse for wear.

His little dog died and then he left his wife of some 40 years for a young Aussie tart. He now splits his time between UK, Aus and Thailand, apparently. Thus the restaurant in Mollymook.

I don’t know if he is ill or has just lost some weight to try and impress his teenage girlfriend…but he looks gaunt and pasty.

Not impressed, Rick. You came across as such a nice guy on your BBC series.

29 I like food { 06.01.10 at 9:58 am }

Did anyone else think the contestants up top during the challenge seem a little scripted ? I feel like I’m watching an amateur production up there.

30 Paul { 06.01.10 at 10:21 am }

MC has cracked the 1.8m mark the last 2 nights.

For all peoples complaints there are more people watching this year than at the same time last year.

Didn’t really like last nights episode. As I said the other day, MC seems to have moved away from dishes people can relate to onto impossible dishes that the average Jane or Joe has no hope of possibly replicating.

Far too many components in that dish for mine. Each judge would have to taste each of the 15 components from all three dishes.

Think they couold have chosen a more simpler dish from Stein. A first class fish n chips with home made tartare sauce and/or mayo for example.

31 AnnyB { 06.01.10 at 10:28 am }

Rick Stein’s girlfriend is not a ‘teenager’. She’s in her 40s.

32 pollywaffle { 06.01.10 at 10:31 am }

I like food – yep, the sheets they’re holding, don’t for one minute believe that was the recipe

Joanne: find uncrowded section of balcony, wave frantically to Jimmy, “get a move on Jimmmmmmy”

Rick: step in between Joanne and railing, advise something credible about eschalot… low tone

Joanne: look torn, focus on lobster bastardry, put hand to face and gasp “OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG”

33 Paul { 06.01.10 at 11:03 am }

CG on the ball again…..LOL

34 I like food { 06.01.10 at 12:20 pm }

Pollywaffle…..“OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG”…you nailed that. Spot on. I say that everytime I see her.
To be honest I doubt that she’d know Jimmy was doing the wrong thing in the first place.

35 RarelySeen { 06.01.10 at 5:47 pm }

As always lots of fun reading the comments and Injera’s superb summary of the show. I genuinely called out Jimmy’s name as he left Masterchef. He will be missed. My (chef) husband said Jake would be the guy to hire in a kitchen, as no job would be too small, tedious or horrible for him (remember his shuck for life at the Press Club).

Rick Stein is not cutting edge. Anyone who puts a show to air called the ‘far eastern odyssey’ or some nonsense and can’t be bothered repackaging the title for the near neighbours of the far east (us) is a colonial-styled dickhead.
Library Girl: Stein’s dodgy seafood cook up is reminiscent of Paul Hogans’ tourism ads from the 1980’s suggests he was too busy on Oxford St to think up a genuine challenge. The UK is still well behind Australian cuisine.
Pollywaffle: As usual I get the most LOL’s from your comments.

36 NT Kate { 06.01.10 at 6:56 pm }

I’ve skimmed a bit of the show from the site, and as others have said this was yet another disappointing one.

The biggest problem for me was that absolutely no love for Jimmy came through whatsoever – instead it was all about Jake who managed to stuff it up despite it being the challenge he should have romped home in (and if there had been any reality to the – thankfully omitted on this occasion – ‘got to make sure the right person stay in the competition’ wankfests – would surely have been turfed on that basis).

And about Matthew, who really really needs to get some counselling about being an adult and not being so dependent on parental approval.

I take the point that MC as it’s currently slanted probably isn’t where Jimmy should be – but that’s only because they’ve foolishly redefined it to be about pretentious ‘three hat’ deconstructionist/’innovative’ weirdo dishes that have little interest for the average punter (I mean brains as the mystery box item – the joke test set for the G’s in the final masterclass last season!).

It was one thing when they scattered crocquembouche-esq challenges in amongst the normal ones. But now…I’ve been particularly annoyed at the sneering put downs of dishes as ‘perhaps good bistro food’ – because surely most of them are going to end up running small bistros or cafes, serving bistroesq dishes via their catering companies, or even (radical as that might sound to the G’s), serving Asian ethnic food, assuming they don’t end up as tv stars as they all clearly want to.

In any case, Jimmy clearly did cook more than curries in the course of the competition and overall has performed way above Jake (and Matthew), and George’s sneering comment about spices near the beginning was off, and does nothing positive in terms of promoting Australia’s image as a racially tolerant multicultural country. In fact it reminded me of that famous Monty Python sketch about Indians (yes we’ve got the recipe now, you can go home…)

MC this season has the attraction of watching a trainwreck – you can’t tear your eyes away even though you know what you are watching is a terrible tragedy.

So yes Paul, ratings may well be up in the short term.

But I’d say they’ve pretty much killed the franchise in the process.

37 { 06.01.10 at 7:30 pm }

NT Kate, could not have put it better myself

38 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 8:13 pm }

Have to DISAGREE with your asessment of Stein. I may not have seen the actual ep Of his recent cooking/travel shows on ABC, and so it may have looked worse on the shorts than in the ep itself. BUT in the shorts i saw him apparently berating some poor little Bangladeshi vendor at a market by rather arrogantly telling him “I;m talking to the tv now” or words to that effect. Maybe in real life it wasn’t as bad, but this sort of condescending imperialist colonialist attitude should surely have died out by now

39 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 8:20 pm }

Paul re the 1.8M viewers (count them, 1,800,173.5). BIG DEAL. look at the opposition they were up against K’O’Briens labour party show on ABC, the zoo on 7 (WTF is that?), 2.5 men (utter quality comedy) on 9 and repeats of mythbusters on SBS. Real stiff opposition at that time slot!!!!! Still I suppose if the audience treated MC as a comedy, I would have to say it was funnier than 2.5 men.

40 CG { 06.01.10 at 8:21 pm }

Sour: The “old” Rick Stein I am referring to was his old BBC series where he would hit the road in his Landrover with his little dog, go to local s towns in UK and France, and cook up local produce, etc. His most recent Asia series (on ABC in Aus) was post his end-of-life crisis and hooking up with the “teenager” (its all relative, AnnyB!!). I did see some adverts for the Asia series and totally agree that he was coming off as a colonial idiot in his dealings with the locals. Having lived and worked in Asia for 10+ years, that old colonial attitude makes me ill…but it unfortunately still prevalent amongst the old-boy Jardines network in Hong Kong, for example…and you still see lots of it in India as well.

41 Muru { 06.01.10 at 8:22 pm }

NT Kate: “And about Matthew, who really really needs to get some counselling about being an adult and not being so dependent on parental approval.”

This is exactly why Matthew is pissing me off. Seriously, he’s 21 – he needs to grow up and stop being so dependent on his parents. Otherwise, he’s going to live a very miserable life.

I’m happy that Jimmy is gone, but I would’ve been happier if Matthew or Jake were shown the door instead. Jake’s probably the most unenthusiastic contestant of the bunch – kind of like the Sam of Season 2.

42 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 9:51 pm }

Sorry i was wrong. It looked a lot worse on the ad than it was on the episode ten minutes ago.
I must admit it is a very interesting show culture/geography food wise, BUT I still sense an underground attitude of condescension.
Still that BIRIYANI looked to die for!!! Pity MC cant have something like that on its masterhaclass.

43 Paul { 06.01.10 at 10:04 pm }

Agree that the opposition is horrible. Australian Story at 8pm is decent but other than that its very, very ordinary.

44 sourkraut { 06.01.10 at 11:50 pm }

Agree Oz story is good mostly.

45 pollywaffle { 06.02.10 at 12:08 am }

Skt – I dont think Rick was ALL that comfortable with well educated Indians with posh vocals…. he was cringing, yes it was rather funny, but I think for Rick it was coming from a rather different place