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Countess Luann From Real Housewives Of New York Sings….Badly

Well real singers will be again peeved that a reality TV star has managed to release a single whilst there still playing to 10 people and a dog in a pub, but I think it will the only one.

Here is the Countess singing her single Elegance Is Learned. As you can probably guess from the electronic tone of voice she cannot sing that well. I have seen the episode where she recorded it and her voice is pretty poor. But she does look smoking hot.

However of the two episodes I saw in the USA, the Real Housewives of New York look likes it is going to be fabulous in its third season. Kelly Bensimmon provides some amazing scenes (that is all the spoilers I am going to give).

Also I interviewed Simon Van Kempen, and Alex McCord, which I will put on the blog a week before the series commences here. And when will that be? Well I better get over my jet lag and ask Arena – in other words will get back to you on that one.

Thanks @Laura_Valerie for tweeting me the link.