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Guest Blog: Masterchef Australia Elimination Dictionary

Regular commenter Pollywaffle put this in the comment section of Masterchef Australia P&O Challenge, however I thought it was so good it deserved to be in a separate post.  Please add your own definitions in the comment section.

MC Elimination Dick-tionary:

  • ‘That plate has all the alaments’ – but frankly one more slither of saffron would have got it there.
  • ‘Its all about the taste’ – bugger they got the plating correct.
  • ‘Shall we?’ – better hurry up before Matt scoffs the lot
  • ‘I lurrrv the way the salty/zesty/zingy melts in with the fresh, crunchy, creamy’ – when in doubt just throw together any old word salad
  • ‘I’d be happy to see that in any restaurant’ – yep, since Channel 10 pays for anything I consume
  • ‘The steak/fish/chicken is overcooked, under, raw’ – Great, the constant interruptions at your food station worked a treat
  • ‘Disgustation menu’ – innovative dish consumed but not shared by large colourfully attired food tosser
  • ‘Pteh,Gerrrguphaw – thats a pip,shell,bone in my dish’- slam dunk
  • ‘How do you feel right now? How much does this mean to you? For someone your food dream is over’. – Im serving up your elimination, 3 ways
  • ‘You must leave the MC kitchen for the last time’ – pick up the souveenir cravat on the way out but don’t do anything drastic.


1 pollywaffle { 06.03.10 at 2:55 pm }

RR – boo-boo (mine) alert – disgustation

2 Sand' { 06.03.10 at 3:29 pm }

“My food philosophy is to use the freshest ingredients, seasonal and local produce and cook them simply to obtain vibrant, clean flavours.”
So far I haven’t heard one guest chef who hasn’t said something in that effect!

3 TDK { 06.03.10 at 4:33 pm }

“I’m gutted” – I’m the least impressive of a bunch of not very impressive cooks.

4 Jenny Draut { 06.04.10 at 12:03 am }

I love to cook, fresh produce is always the best choice..

ask any decent chefs

but i was laughing myself silly the other day by reading a free meg by C10 7 project”s host(cant remember his name, but definitely NOT Dave Hugh) telling us about his experience at some restaurant being served rather Big Plate with very small size “Main Course”, when he finally questioned the waiter, he didn’t flinch by saying in a funny French accent”we always serve zis size etc…”

then makes me wonder about the size of the food being served in Restaurant, don’t we pay good money for a good decent size meal?

after all, sometime its not just about the presentation its about the bloody size good and grateful for the tummy…

food for thought

5 Real cheffing { 06.04.10 at 1:07 am }

“you’ve got to be passionate in this industry” = most of you shouldn’t give up your day job

6 Real cheffing { 06.04.10 at 1:15 am }

“I’ve realised I don’t want to do anything else” – even if I can’t really do this

7 website mumbai { 06.07.10 at 10:21 pm }

I like to cook in my house