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Survivor – Want To Know What Is In The Rulebook and the Player’s Contracts?

One of the past Survivor contestants has given a copy of his Survivor Contract and the Rule Book to leading US reality blogger Reality Blurred.

And it is highly restrictive and some clauses seem pretty unreasonable. In fact Mark Burnett looks like he has been taking lessons from North Korean dictators.

The article says:

The contract allows for, among other things, CBS to register a domain name in the contestant’s name and use it forever; the “fictionalization” of a person, including for “a humorous or satirical effect”; and the assignment of copyright and other rights to material one produces while on the show, such as an original song.

It also prohibits contestants from having a personal web site during the show (incredibly, pre-existing personal sites must be changed to say “Site Under Construction”) or from writing or commenting online anywhere about anything, even if it has nothing to do with the show (tell that to all the contestants on Facebook). They may also never write a book about their experiences, and contestants and family members also agree to resolve any disputes in binding arbitration.

Contestants also have to:

  • agree that the environment means subjecting oneself to risks including “severe mental stress.”
  • agree to “be considered an ‘employee of Producer’” “for the purposes of workers’ compensation only.”
  • notify producers if they discover a fellow contestant is someone they know.
  • agree to “not defame, disparage or cast in an unfavorable light Producer, the CBS Television Network or any CBS entity or any sponsors of the Series.”
  • “not advertise my winning of any prize.”
  • be available for a week following the finale to do press.
  • give CBS an exclusive option to enter them into “a talent hold agreement.”
  • agree to psychological exams and lie detector tests, the results of which can be broadcast on TV.
  • refuse contact with past cast members or physical contact with same-season cast members until after the finale.
  • agree that they may be further injured because of the lack of health care facilities, and may contract HIV or other diseases from contaminated blood supplies in remote hospitals.
  • pay $5 million each time they violate the confidentiality agreement.

Reality Blurred has more on the contract in this indepth and interesting article.

Also Reality Blurred has a blog post with a copy of the rule book, and if you are a real Survivor savant it makes for some interesting reading. He kindly highlights the most interesting parts.

And it appears some of the rules do get broken. The article states:

There are also very clear rules against two things we saw Russell Hantz do during the last two seasons: communicating with members of the other tribe and taking and/or damaging personal property.

Reality Blurred is a great blog with some great articles.