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Masterchef Australia – Sharnee’s Gone One Down, Two To Go

“One of the three of you could be Australia’s next Masterchef” said Matt Preston to Callum, Matthew, and Sharnee. I doubt it, none of these guys have shown they are one of the top 24 ‘amata’ cooks in Australia.

I keep on wishing the three of them would be teleported into Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen to be really told the truth about their culinary skills.

I love the way that Sharnee deadpans to camera “Food is something I can put my personality into.” Huh? However that was not her most outrageous quote of the night. This award goes to her saying “If I had used my instincts it would have turned out much better”  after Sharnee had completely cocked up the challenge. Anyway more on that later.

The pressure test was to cook a stroganoff and fresh pasta without a recipe. They were not told what type of meat was in the dish, but seriously is there any other type but beef? But a quick google did show there was other stroganoff recipes for lamb, pork and veal.

Matthew whose mum had made stroganoff when he was in his teens had a slight advantage in this challenge. By the way I don’t know why his dad is so anxious about him going into the food industry, if it is a disaster he can always go back to accounting.

The three of them started showing their inexperience when they tasted the dish.

Sharnne thought there was a lot of mushrooms and salt in it.

“I definitely can pick up beef in there” said Matthew. Hallelujah! They had 60 minutes to produce the dish.

Lucky for them tonight they were able to go back in the pantry during the challenge otherwise it would have been a total disaster.

Callum grabbed chuck steak first, and unfortunately was helped out by the peanut gallery. How he thought that would cook in the allotted time was beyond me. This is basic knowledge. Anyway he ended up with filet steak.

Interestingly enough the peanut gallery did not point out to Sharnee that she had chuck steak, but that may have been after she overheard that she had picked up pork rather than veal, and they had just given up on her.

Without a recipe there should have been no input from the other contestants, isn’t the point of the challenge for them to rely on their own palates?

Sharnee was having a shocker, she said all her basic pasta recipes had flown out of her head, and she was desperately trying to make her pasta the right consistency. Also she threw the chuck steak uncut onto the frypan, to cook before cutting up.

George in his assessment of the top 10 (see previous blog post here)  had said Sharnee knew her flavours. Well tonight she didn’t. She couldn’t pick paprika, and picked nutmeg instead. Probably her fatal error.

The judging tonight was hammed up by both George Calombaris and Matt Preston. They really needed a third person on the panel, it is tedious with the two of them. If Gary Mehigan is off at physio why don’t they get someone else in. I thought Matt Moran was replacing him and we have barely seen him.

Matt Preston thought it was a good looking stroganoff from Sharnee.  Personally I thought it looked like a red oil slick.

George said “her biggest mistake is the steak…. it is tough”.

“Not a stroganoff if it was a creamy beef stew we would be happy” said Matt clearly thinking the tough chuck steak was not an issue, this would indicate that he would be more then happy with Jenny Craig food.

Matthew’s dish was thought to be too red according to George.  His other criticism was the way he had cut up the beef, however he thought the flavour was good.

Callum’s lacked sauce according to George. However Matt liked the flavour of the stroganoff but thought the pasta was overcooked.

George also criticised Callum for inconsistently cutting up the meat.

Unsurprisingly Sharnee was eliminated, and hopefully she won’t get a wild card to get back in. Now can Matthew or Callum be eliminated this Thursday?

Sharnee also revealed she wanted to be a food writer which she has started doing.

“I’m working full time at a catering company and I’ve also got a contract with a personal fitness company, writing up healthy recipes for them,” explains Sharnee, who will finish her law degree later this year. “I’m doing work experience at a few Brisbane publications in the field of food writing and restaurant reviewing sections, and I’ve also done work experience with some restaurants.

“Overall, MasterChef has had a hugely positive affect on my life and I’ve walked away feeling more confident, more positive and with a lot more direction.”

Tomorrow night Jonathan is up against Gordon Ramsay protege Josh Emmett. I wonder if he met him when he was doing work experience at Petrus?


1 CG { 06.16.10 at 1:24 am }

Paul – If one of the core ingredients of an elimination dish is trivial, what are the non-trivial aspects of this competition? You insist this is a cooking show where ther winner will be chosen based on cooking talent and in full accordance with the rules as presented to the viewing audience. Given this your position that a key ingredient in in a taste-and-replicate test is trivial is non-sensical!

2 Paul { 06.16.10 at 10:13 am }

Its not rocket science.

The contestants have to replicate the dish that is PRESENTED to them. Paprika was a core ingredient in the PRESENTED dish.

End of story.

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