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Masterchef Australia – They’re Back – That Was So Not Surprising

Ok the big reveal was what we thought it was  – that some contestants would get the opportunity to re-enter the competition in a cook off scenario. Three contestants will come back to make another top ten.

What I did find interesting was the contestant’s that declined the opportunity to have a crack to return as apparently their “culinary journey is on track”. Mmmmm.  Joanne, Adele, Fiona, Dominic, and Carrie apparently all believe this to be the case.

The one I am most surprised by is Joanne, as I thought she would have had a real chance of getting back in, however maybe she is missing her kids, or maybe she is extremely peeved about the amount of negativity she received on the social media.

I suspect Dominic is not even on the culinary track anymore, and if today’s paper is to believed he has fallen off the wagon with his drinking with an incident at Star City Casino.

Tonight they were to face four fairly simple culinary challenges with contestant’s eliminated at each stage.

First challenge is to clean prawns until you had 40ogms of them. The  last one to finish was gone. Kate was struggling as she has probably only used frozen ones from Vietnam before. Matthew said he had never peeled them before, which is very un-Australian.

I am surprised that none of the contestant’s punched out Gary Mehigan and George when they went around gibbering to contestant on this time sensitive task.

Courtney flew through the prawns and she was first to finish, then Jimmy, Peter and Skey, Matthew then Jake. In the end it was down to Sharnee and Kate, why wasn’t I surprised. With Sharnee being the first to go.

The second challenge was to cook mash potato to a standard adjudicated by Matt Preston, he called it the “Mashterchef Mashacre!”

Kate has got to apply for Hell’s Kitchen she would be the perfect contestant for Gordon Ramsay to yell at. The cooking mashed potato demonstrated this. She has the combination of poor cooking skills mixed with her attitude of only aspiring to the mediocre.

She said she did not like mash and never cooked it at home, which I interpreted as her only using instant mash from a packet.

I think these basic challenges actually did highlight the weaker chefs. Daniel struggled the whole way through, Jake looked wobbly, and Kate was just a disaster. I wonder how her catering company is going.

Kate chopped her potato far too small and then appeared to undercook it. And was unable to rectify her mistakes.

Props to Phil for being quick by just chopping the potatoes into squares.  Daniel’s was lumpy, and Jake was told he needed to add more butter, salt and cream.

Ironically when Matt Preston was tasting Courtney’s (or it could have been Skyes) he says it has loads of salt and then said it was one of  the best. Jake’s eventually gets praised for being actually able to taste the potato and not just using it as carrier of saturated fats and salt.

It was then down to Kate and Daniel, again why am I not surprised, and Kate was eliminated as basically she would have needed to start all over again.

Matt farewelled her  with “Your character and humour we really value”, I note he said nothing about her cooking.

Round three was to make ten french style pancakes otherwise known as crepes.

I don’t know why Phil was rabbiting on about being a protein shake/museli type of guy as I thought crepes were normally eaten as dessert.

Gary went around giving out advice. He told Matthew he usually added milk to the flour not the other way around. He flipped Skye’s pancake and gave her a flirty you owe me one look. He does like the girls as earlier he had given Courtney a kiss when she finished her prawns.

Daniel who appears to be still unemployed was having lump issues again but managed to get through.

And it came down to Matthew and Jake, Matthew still had to do one more pancake but had run out of mixture therefore Jake managed to come from behind to stay in the competition.

I really liked the pep talk that George gave Matthew about telling him to get into a kitchen and obtain his apprenticeship for once it felt like it came from the heart.

The final round was to reproduce eggs benedict which included making the hollandaise sauce in 20 minutes.

This time the bottom two were going home.

You knew Skye was about to have a disaster as she was talking about how well she was going and then her hollandaise split and was unusable. And again Daniel showed his incompetence as he only cooked one egg instead of two.

Both he and Skye were eliminated. There was no way they could keep her in the competition without it looking rigged.

Tomorrow night looks fantastic with the contestants left having to cook a dish for the remaining seven contestants.

As regular commenter Fides suggested maybe the contestant’s should be strategic and pick the worst dishes so those contestant’s get to re-enter.

I am going to have a guess of who is getting back in  – I think Jimmy, Courtney and Peter. Ok these are the ones I would like to get back in. There is a part of me that would like to see Devon get another go, as his elimination was unfair.


1 Casonia Logenberry { 05.04.11 at 5:13 am }

Hell’s kitchen is the best cooking show in the whole world and it really moves me and blows me away each and every time I Seen it and I really enjoy, Really rocks me in so many Raw ways and really love to hear every single word that comes out of Chef Gordon Ramsay Mouth and of course he breaks people around him and he often push people to a point of no return and of course some people have lost it and went off on him and back talked him and it is all because people are not used to be talked to like that and they want to go off and call him every name in the book and if that happens then you lose your shot at making some real money and really being able to take the best care of yourself until the best in the world and Hell’s kitchen is all about a job and it is a Hell of a job that will really take care of you and help you relocate and move to another state and show you a whole new life and that is the reason I Love Hell’s kitchen so much, Because it is about freedom to move on and change your life for the better.

2 Casonia Sade Logenberry { 05.18.11 at 9:48 am }

Masterchef is good old fashion home cooking and that means you can cook those wonderful meals you love and show what you know and really put it on the table and yes it is going to be Judged by harsh and hard core judges that are looking for great food that is tender and juicy and cooked to delight them and they have to love it and if they don’t your out, Just like that and that means you have to be true and stay true to yourself and really open up to every idea and every meal that you have ever made and you have to be ready to bend over backwards and do the job in the world and never, Ever slip and lose that passion and going on Masterchef you need to let go and leave everything that matter behind and of course your going to miss your family and friends and people that mean the world to you and yes you maybe missing your pets and grandparents but to go on Masterchef you have to look at the big picture, Your leaving everything behind and your trying to be the best you can be and that means your giving your heart and your time and your soul as a cook and what you want to do is throw them for a loop and come out with food that would blow this judges away and make them want more and you have to stick with what you know and so y0ur not a fool who has to go and to try new things as they are given to you is fine but you really need to stick with the program and win and that means look forward to being gone for a large amount of time and sooner or later it is going to come to the end and make sure your standing there to win the prize of a life time.

3 Casonia Sade Logenberry { 05.18.11 at 9:52 am }

Masterchef looks fun but the reason I would not make it on the show because I made a living at cooking and they don’t want some one who has did that, They want some one who is a home cook and that really sucks and really blows and I am sad and upset and wish I could cross paths with Chef Gordon Ramsay and the reason I Like him is that he is blunt and aggressive and I think that is groovie and massive Cool.

4 Casonia Sade Logenberry { 05.18.11 at 9:57 am }

Masterchef is like walking on egg shells and you are not allowed to have one bad day or your going to get kicked off the show and of course you need to aim to please each and every day and everything will be great and fantastic and yes Masterchef is on its way June 2011 on Fox 13Q and that is going to be outstanding and we will see what is going to happen and see who is going to make the grade and who is going to suck or blow and have to go but it is always fun to watch and my friends will watch that show over Hell’s kitchen and kitchen nightmare Because the Rudeness is tuned down and less yelling and screaming and my friends can’t stand the abusive attacks Chef Gordon Ramsay give to people and they are sweet and kind loving people and they don’t swear.

5 Casonia Sade Logenberry { 05.18.11 at 10:05 am }

For Years I have loved Hell’s kitchen and on that show I understand and hear the frustration and yelling and screaming and name calling and that part has not hurt my feelings at all and with Chef Gordon Ramsay it is all about passion and learning his food and style and how to put it together and make food taste great and his yelling is him not being happy with the person, Who is lazy in understanding and putting out food that some one would be ashamed of and Masterchef is some one who already have an idea what they can put on the table and should know and have an idea of what they are putting on the table and if it is not right then it is going to hurt The judges feelings and if it is gross and tasteless and cold or not flavored or spiced up to some degree it is going to get put downs on the meal and that means that person has ran out of ideas and there not well rounded in all directions or they maybe losing steam and they are slipping and not care anymore and or they are a one trick pony or they simply can’t understand that they need to add twist and turns to there food and add class to it…In order to make them want more and to come up with fresh ideas and give them a reason to make them want you to stay and that means you have to reach deep inside and really show the core of your cooking.

6 Casonia Sade Logenberry { 05.18.11 at 10:09 am }

Dear Chef Gordon Ramsay Good Luck to Masterchef I am sure this is going to be a smash hit again and of course you have a die hard fun forever and ever, Because you are amazing and fun to watch and when something taste yummy there is a look of delight on your face but when something sucks and completely blow, We know what way your going to go and you make no bones about the way you feel and that is the major reason I Will always love your shows.

7 Casonia Logenberry { 05.25.11 at 3:19 am }

Looking foreward to your Reaction on Home Cooking and hope this people could amaze each and every one of the judges and like Whitney float like a Butter Fly and Sting like A Bee and she really put her best foot foreward and Rocked it out in her own Special way and know Here We go again with all the fun and some people so Rich that they don’t really need the money. They Cook for the pure pleasure of pleasing others and that is straight up hard to know if your family or friends are telling the truth on certain dishes.. Rather they blow your mind or purely suck and on MasterChef We are all going to be put to the Test and that means you have to be the Best or Simply leave?

8 Casonia Logenberry { 05.25.11 at 3:28 am }

Be Ready to be the Best and that means you got to come up with Ideas and Do the very best you can each and every day and Be prepared to hand over your time and that means get everything at home in check and so that way you will not have to worry about a thing, When going on Masterchef you have to put your best foot foreward and look at each day as doing something new and having different things happen to you and be in the moment of having a life that is different from the life you left behind and thank god for each moment that you get to see new things and meet new people and look at new skys and learn to Dream the Dream of something happening to your life that changes you on a daily basis and that your getting this wonderful chance that you where picked out of 1000s of people and take mercy on the fact that each person who picked you felt there was a need for you to be there and to kn0ck out the dishes you know and offer what you have learned to the world is special on so many levels and that is sharing your ideas and plans and know how with each other and at the same time sharing secrets in the kitchen at Masterchef and that is something you can bring to the table and that is putting your Heart and Mind and emotions and feelings on a plate for 3 of the Best Dam Chefs in the World and Be proud of that moment and when you serve that meal to this 3 men do it with pride and love.

9 Casonia Logenberry { 06.06.11 at 7:33 am }

Right on your back for the 2nd season and it is going to be great and fun to watch and lets hear words of wisdom and here we go and Be the Best and you will not have to go home and that rings true in life and with each Direction and it is going to Rock and Roll and Go..Go…From Smile to a Cry and your going to really have to make something happen and bust a move.

10 Casonia Logenberry { 06.21.11 at 4:15 am }

Masterchef looks really fun this year going on second season and It looks cut throat, Hard core and really pushy and really aggressive and I Still love those smart remarks said under Chef Gordon Ramsay Breath and it is fun to listen and Hear those remarks and love all the hurt of cutting people down to size…I Love it and want to see more! Take care and Good Luck to Each and Every person on this Show But I Know there can only be One! Who is going to keep rocking it out right? Who is going to Crumble and Fall and who is going to amaze us? Only time will tell and we will see…Who is to be.

11 Casonia Logenberry { 07.12.11 at 4:04 am }

Well I know I am never going to get a shot at Hells kitchen or masterchef and I am going to be enored forever and ever and I know that I am Numb to his insults and Put downs and I Know that fat people are not good cooks in his mind and He even said it on tv chef gordon ramsay said fat people can’t cook and I Know that he is never going to notice me and That is the reason I say adlease I Tried but trying any futher makes me look pathic and sad.