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Women’s Weekly Masterchef Australia Photoshoot

The latest Women’s Weekly issue has a photoshoot with last year’s Masterchef Australia winner Julie Goodwin with Marion Grasby, and Claire Winton-Burn. I presume the reason Courtney is not in the shoot, was that at the time of the shoot, they did not know who was going to re-enter the show.

Anyway there are some lovely photos of all three of them.

Some of the highlights from the interview are:

  • Julie Goodwin will have her own cooking show on Channel Nine, which will screen at 5.30pm on a Saturday night. It will feature  “simple food cooked well at home with readily available ingredients”.
  • Julie’s marriage was never in strife, those stories were just scuttlebutt.
  • Owning her own restaurant is on the back burner until 2012. Julie wants to learn how to run a restaurant properly first.
  • Julie’s cookbook Our Family Table has sold more then 110,000 copies.

Also it must be tough and tiring to be on the show, as Claire and Marion did the photoshoot after a day of filming.


1 Sourkraut { 07.05.10 at 11:48 pm }

Dont you dare play current Gummint internett censor.
Awright folks lighten up, I’m the only sour old B round here!
Glad others dislike sex and the shitty

2 Airwalk { 07.06.10 at 3:17 pm }

I agree with SK-no censor…but if you must, I vote for Paul. His last unedited post on the thread read as a threat to CG and AW…whats next a Hate CG and AW page from Paul?

3 Airwalk { 07.06.10 at 3:32 pm }

Or after reading the latest thread on Claire WB and Pauls badgering,I will vote for myself to be censored. btw seems quite calculating if Paul edited that long post in this thread prior to posting it,I received it because I am subscibrd to this thread as I am sure CG And SK are,and to have then removed the majority of what he wrote Seems a bit odd

4 realityravings { 07.06.10 at 4:09 pm }

Airwalk – a person has a 5 minutes to edit there comment. And that should be respected. If you think it was a threat email me directly and I will deal with it.
As I have said previously to ALL people who comment on this blog attack debate on the blog post not the person.
I have actually been contacted by a person (not a regular commenter) who has said they are uncomfortable about posting on the blog with a different view because they fear being flamed.
One of the great things about this blog is the points of view of its readers. I don’t agree with everything Paul writes, nor do I agree with everything CG writes. Sometimes I do agree with what they write. But both make interesting points, as do you, that at times makes me think about my own views on the subject being discussed.

Sourkraut – I have had to censor my blog before under threat of legal action, but you will be pleased to know I did not shut it down unlike some forums at a certain pay TV channel who crumpled like a Zumbo macaron on a styrofoam tower…..

5 kingfisher { 07.07.10 at 12:42 am }

Since their return from england the show and amateur cooks have gone down hill ,they have cooked very average meals most of them have been a mess and this includes “everybody just loves me” marion . who ever wins this years title it will be the division 2 title. plus some of the celeb chefs what science projects have they been cooking if only they could cook up a cure for cancer. for the celeb challenge why can’t the amateur and the chef cook a meal from a secret recipe handed to them by the judges i feel the celeb chef has a huge advantage as they have cooked their meals hundreds of times where as if they both followed a secret recipe we would see a even playing field both making mistakes and the judges not knowing at all who cook what . does anyone notice george and matt have each a earpiece , do they need to be told by the director what to say and somehow pull a pip, shell or bone out of nowhere ?
i enjoy watching mc but after chris got toss over a raw leg of lamb from julie i knew who where running this show the $$$$$$$$$$ sign but i keep watching just hoping that they might ditch a favourite and make it more interesting . tata kingfisher

6 Lucy { 10.25.10 at 2:55 am }

Really?! MasterCrap is still on?! It is very popular?! So was Bad Boofhead… I mean Big Brother! Boring!