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Masterchef Australia – Has The Daily Telegraph Told Us Who Has Been Eliminated?

The News Limited papers nationwide have run with a story about how Masterchef Australia has turned into Nastychef, but have they accidentally let the cat out of the bad on who has been eliminated. (Thanks Airwalk for the link).

The Daily Telegraph states:

Media experts say this year’s top 10 is filled with arrogant and unlikeable contestants who are whingeing, whining, criticising and crying their way to success.

Only three – Marion Grasby, Adam Liaw, and Peter Kritikides – seem capable of cracking a smile.

It’s a stark contrast to last year, when “sweethearts” Julie Goodwin and Poh Ling Yeow captured hearts and the top two spots.

“The contestants aren’t shining like they did in last year’s series,” media analyst Steve Allen said. “Only the intense contestants are left. Anyone who was a bit lighter of heart and mind has gone.”

Last Sunday’s show was a perfect example of how MasterChef has turned into NastyChef, with judge George Calombaris berating contestants for their poisonous attitude to the return of eliminated people.

Fans have filled the show’s forums with less-than-flattering comments about contestants, particularly Aaron Harvie, Jonathan Daddia and Claire Winton Burn.

I hope this is not ominous for Alvin, Courtney and Jimmy who I thought were all smiley contestants, but were not mentioned in the article.


1 skye { 07.03.10 at 10:11 am }

Well, I think they might have just left those guys out for the sake of the story – because there is no story, and with the addition of those three it is even more apparent. Julie was “smiley” but she also whinged and cried, Poh was a bit of an ice queen/bitch, Julia was a Claire-style downer, Chris was the designated grump, Justine was generally upbeat but fairly serious, Andre was quite temperamental, Sam was upbeat (but hopeless), Lucas was genial, etc etc

They weren’t overwhelmingly happier or smilier than this year’s lot, and I had to dig fairly deep in the memory banks to come up with that last 3, so I wouldn’t say they were any more likeable or memorable either. Chris (villain/hat-wearer) was just so much better a character than the wishy-washy Aaron. I find it interesting that this year’s favourite is Marion, who although nice and unthreatening, is also very competent and about ten billion times better than the direly mediocre Julie.

2 CG { 07.03.10 at 11:06 am }

I agree with Skye, I just think they left the other three (Alvin, Courtney, Jimmy) out of the piece because it didn’t fit the storyline. Time will tell but I don’t think it is a spoiler.

3 Reality Raver { 07.03.10 at 12:31 pm }

Skye and CG – hopefully you are right. I just thought it was a bit strange.

4 seepi { 07.03.10 at 12:59 pm }

Harking back to the old contestants, yet again, what I really miss is the focus on the food.

I can remember what they all liked to cook. We used to get plenty of contestant commentary on their food and cooking – eg – chris talking about beer and using the whole beast, julie talkign about home spun cooking, poh talking of her exotic asian ingredients, and explaining how she was trying somethign she had eaten at a restaurant (the fried meringue), justine with the french influence, lucas with his cafe food, andre with his endless caponatas etc etc.

They used to wander around asking the contestants about their food, and also they would taste all dishes, and when they took their dish up to the judges they would explain what it was and why they chose to make it.

this time around there is no talk of the food At All. All contestant chats are about teh competition ‘i would be mortified to be in the challenge’ ‘i hope I dont’ lose it for my team’ etc. the cooking is just a quick excuse to get up to the long drawn out ‘suspense’ of who is in the elimination round etc.

Bring back the food!! Even after all this time I have to rack my brains to think of the sort of food these contestants make.

5 skye { 07.03.10 at 3:59 pm }

I agree seepi – there definitely does seem less focus on the food this time around, and the contestants themselves seem to have far less focused culinary interests and areas of expertise.

6 Wurstsemmel { 07.03.10 at 5:44 pm }

Agree with everything Seepi and Skye said. I don’t believe MCA2 is anywhere near as good as MCA1.

7 Sourkraut { 07.03.10 at 7:09 pm }

Totally agree with everything you quoted from the article raver.
This seasons group is less interesting than a Siberian fir tree branch and has about the same talent.
Last years group (even though I disliked some of them more than a little) were at least interesting characters that you could either barrack for or in the case of the so-called spurned gurlies,… detest For no good reason IMNSHO)
I still have yet to get one single clown to reply to my valid question as to why they think this MC2 bunch are better cooks than the MC1 bunch (even allowing for the god awful strawberry risotto and the piddle pie)

8 Sooty { 07.04.10 at 9:35 am }

Sour, sweetie, I confess! I was one of those clowns, but in my defence I put my bid in when the poll went up in the first week or so and they did seem a pretty impressive bunch. Marion had come up with the snail cheese thing, and Adam and Alvin struck me as very interesting with whatever I can’t remember now they cooked.

I also must confess I was reacting to the jaded ‘this will be awful’ ‘it’s all old people’ (seriously, if you can find it check it out, that was a big complaint here when the promos started) and my favourite ‘I’m so cynical and jaded and bored and I’ve seen through all the machinations and I definitely shan’t be watching this season’ posts – and if you can find the pre-season remarks you will see these self-same won’t-watchers are still here and posting!

If I’d waited a bit I would have voted for last year’s cooks.

One thing that upsets me about this year’s show is that I trusted that eventually they would start showing every dish cooked in each challenge, and that still isn’t the case. But really, after the scones and cakes and runny jam… Yikes.

9 CG { 07.04.10 at 12:49 pm }

Not to gloat (I would never do that, ha!), but I voted that MC1 were better cooks in RR’s original poll. I figure when the judges and marketing folks have to come out and advertise “this year’s cooks are better!”…well, they doth protest too much. Plus MC1 would have attracted / selected more “genuine” cooks. Once any reality show takes off, the second and subsequent season attract a lot of reality show wannabees and posers. Phil being a perfect example.

10 Airwalk { 07.04.10 at 2:47 pm }

omg – Phil ‘I ant this more than anything’…if I had to hear that and see his I am a puppy dog face again…hy didn’t he just pitch a Jersey Shore in Tasmania show to 10 and stay away from MC? MC1 all the way btw

11 Airwalk { 07.04.10 at 4:00 pm }

oops looks like i need a new W button…here’s the 2 I missed above w w

12 Sourkraut { 07.04.10 at 4:08 pm }

I’d’a thunk you’d refer to me as soury, still complement gratefully accepted.
Thanks for the explanation and FAIR ENOUGH too!
I must admit to being one of the cynical and jaded won’t watch againers. but unfortunately at one of the bloggers biddings I took a look at an episode and got sucked in again. I suppose what made me comment was seeing all the things I whinged about last time were still happening although I was pleased to see the greater number of Asian chefs this time round, But what chance have they really had to shine especially Joanne who was never given a chance to cook Lebanese food (which I love), and even if they had been given the chance none of the judges were really qualified to judge that type of food. OK Its a tired old whinge, but the point is its only one of many, and I suppose I keep watching to see what else I don’t like about the show. Yes I know its extremely negative but that’s how i feel.
I also dislike spin and B/S and some of the claims about the contestants this time round really got on my sour sour nerves. This was made worse last week when the very basics of cooking could not be successfully carried out, outdoor ovens or not, they had no idea.
The thing is, a successful chef needs to go through TAFE, do an apprenticeship and learn properly. The idea that a chef can be made through Masterclass lessons, self teaching and the masterchef process is laughable. That is why I whinge about the lack of older contestants who although they may not have done a formal course, would have come through the school of life, practice, and Mum’s kitchen, hardly likely in the case of these gen Yers.
Oh dear i wasn’t going to do this. I just made a bigger wanka of myself. TOO BAD

13 Airwalk { 07.05.10 at 2:53 am }

Yeah if MC was a fastrack to being a chef, they should pick the Irmgards and not the Callums as the Callum/Matts can go do an apprenticeship and go to TAFE etc a bit more realistically than the oldies. And SK agree with this comment ‘OK Its a tired old whinge, but the point is its only one of many, and I suppose I keep watching to see what else I don’t like about the show.’