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Dancing With The Stars – Jason Stevens Eliminated

In a non-surprising move NRL footy player, and former sex abstainer was the first person eliminated from Dancing With Stars last night.

The combination of having no rhythm and not being known outside NSW did not make it easy for him. But on the plus side he did seem like a nice bloke.

Tamara Jaber again showed she could dance, and The Sunday Telegraph pointed out that fans on the official forums thought her previous dance training was unfair.

The article quotes her Take 40 bio where it state:

“I danced and sung constantly in competitions … and managed to collect 400 trophies,” she says in her biography on the Take 40 website.

“It was my life. I completed all my dancing exams and would compete in competitions all over Australia every week. I’d devote six hours to ballet, three hours to tap and eight hours to jazz … believe it or not, singing was what I did in my spare time.”

Personally I would like to know what her fellow competitors think about her dance training. And Esther Anderson please put on some weight you are gorgeous but far too skinny.

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1 seepi { 07.05.10 at 12:04 pm }

I think Jason Stevens eliminated himself last week when he talked about burping on his wife and his dance partner – ewww. He did seem nice tho, and his wife looked lovely too.

A good show tonight – more suspense as we had an elimination at the end, and also not so long, as we didn’t have to have Pammy A say ‘beautiful, gorgeous’ at the end of each dance.

They seem to be coupling up big time this time around – Jo Beth’s partner kept kissing her, and Rachael Finch is supposed to be on with hers also.

Also – there is going to be some ‘expose’ on today Tongiht about how many couples get together, with Nicki Webster saying she would never let her hubby go on Dancing with the stars.