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Rachael Finch Continues To Impress Me


Ok I am always a bit dubious about beauty queens, but former Miss Universe Australia Rachael Finch continues to impress me. Currently she seems to be getting a profile by working on reality TV shows. Last year on Celebrity Masterchef she showed she was not just there as eye candy, and now she is performing on Dancing With The Stars and she will stick on there for awhile.

But one thing I really like about her is that she has not illusions of celebrity.

In the Daily Telegraph this week she said contestants should expect scrutiny when they appear on a show like Dancing with the stars.

The article said:

Finch said all the dancers should expect the sort of scrutiny Esther Anderson has received for her dramatic weight loss and Tamara Jaber for her marriage break-up.

“You have to absolutely be aware there will be scrutiny when you appear on a show like this,” she told Confidential.

“While you’d like it all to be about your performance and how you dance, that’s not going to happen and everyone’s aware of what is happening with their profiles in the media. Our whole lives are in the media. The important thing is how you handle it, how you absorb it.”

The article continues:

“When you have a high media profile people always want to know about your love life. But Tamara certainly hasn’t talked about it and she’s seemed pretty happy.”

I think she is refreshing by knowing her interest to the public will also depend on her private life. I only have one piece of advice for her, if they ask her to be involved in I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, say no.

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1 seepi { 07.17.10 at 11:00 pm }

She does seem surprisingly normal and together.

And how much better did Alex Fevola look during rehearsal with a normal ponytail and no ‘big hair’.