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The UK Apprentice – Italian V Indian

Episode Three of UK Apprentice and the challenge was to make as much money out of one night running a kitchen in a pub. The boys chose to do Italian, and the girls indian.

Some thoughts about the challenge and the show:

  • Firstly at this stage I don’t think any of the contestant’s are Β likeable;
  • Sara the project manager for the girl’s team who is indian didn’t know the spices that go into a curry;
  • I was surprised none of the guys could cook the spaghetti bol looked disgusting;
  • Also surprised none of the girls could cook either;
  • Thank God the guys did not take up on Rafe’s suggestion of speaking in italian accents to the customers;
  • I wonder why the boys thought they were given a list of cheap food wholesalers, but were too disorganised and ended up buying their ingredients at a supermarket.
  • Can they give the receptionist at Sir Alan’s office a computer;
  • Boys team 301 pounds, and 604 pounds for the girls team, so they won.
  • The silence was deafening when Sir Alan asked what Ian was like as a project manager;
  • It cracked me up when Kevin pretended to be The Apprentices Don Corleone, when he was back in the house and tried to make out that he was the one to cut Ian’s throat.


1 Wurstsemmel { 07.17.10 at 1:35 am }

And how annoying is it that C7 shafted this, bumping it to a later time spot to accommodate that Australia Versus crap.

Agree, RR, no characters here that you’d feel like adopting. Rafe is the epitome of the upper class twit….keep expecting him to announce he’s from the Ministry of Silly Walks and do a John Cleese. Same with the Italian accent….wish the team had taken up that idea. Would have been hilarious and Alan Sugar could have had an apopleptic fit.

Love the Kevin-Don Corleone comment. He’s one of those people who appear to good at deflecting blame. Surprised Alan Sugar did not call him on ot more…..he definitely put himself up as head chef. Could be a Masterchef crossover opportunity here…shocking spag bog might just get him a place in the final 6.

Did you notice the Indian bollywood dancer, writhing about in his singlet? Looked like he’d had a bowlful too much of the girls curry and was tenth in the queue for the toilet cubicle.

Some nastiness in the girls team which makes for good viewing..

An excellent series, deserving of a better time spot.

2 Izobel2 { 07.17.10 at 4:31 pm }

I’m glad I noticed the change of time so I didn’t miss the ep. That Indian Bollywood guy was just weird Wurstsemmel! He made me embarassed for him. It was like dejavu with Gavin (the guy always filmed wearing no shirt!) from Season 1 Apprentice and those crappy ‘professional’ dancers he paid for in his restaurant challenge!
And yes I agree I don’t think anyone likes each other. Looks like this week is the merge of girls and guys. Can’t wait!

3 Reality Raver { 07.17.10 at 10:37 pm }

Wursts – I am finding Rafe strangely attractive – well I was until he suggested speaking in an italian accent to the customers. Yes the bollywood dancer was gold, never seen a dance like it!

Izobel2 – did you watch the show live? Oh God those dancers that Gavin brought in was amateur hour, remember Bouris could barely contain is amusement.

4 Kaylen { 07.17.10 at 11:01 pm }

It was amusing, yet at the same time I couldn’t help but want to hide away and pretend I wasn’t a part of the human race, with those hooligans as representatives. πŸ˜‰

Re: the dancer. Hee – I was half expecting them to have accidentally hired a stripper when he started taking off his clothes. XD

Would have been gold.

5 Anon { 07.18.10 at 1:54 pm }

Either the editing is really unflattering or these constestants are incredibly dense. One would think they would have studied the previous seasons and have most of the challenges sussed. Though it is amusing when they turn up in their expensive suits (pink seems to be in -pink ties and pink tassles on Sara’s skirt at least) and have to engage in manual labour.

Were they defrosting pizzas? Anyway HeadChef Kevin is a complete tosser.

Agree Wurstesemmel, the girls’ team infighting is providing great entertainment.

6 Izobel2 { 07.18.10 at 11:32 pm }

Ha! No RR I didn’t see Gavin’s great dancers live, just on TV. Luckily I didn’t have to actually pay to watch that entertainment or have that set tiny menu that no-one actually liked!
You are obviously into guys that look like they’re wearing loads of makeup to find Raef hot! :-)

7 Reality Raver { 07.18.10 at 11:50 pm }

Izobel2 -I have always had a Brideshead Revisited fetish