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Masterchef Australia Updates – Neil Perry Says He was Taken Out Of Context

Neil Perry has told Matt Preston he was taken out of context in an article in the Sunday Telegraph. (See blog post about it here)

In a message on Matt Preston’s Face book Page he writes:

Hi Matt

Just so you know that story in the Telegraph was bull today.

What I said was that I love Master Chef because it brings fresh food into the homes of Australians and that is amazing. Lots of young Australians’ are seeing food prepared from fresh ingredients and going out and trying to copy that. To me that is the best part of the show and it is in line with the message I always try to get out to the GP.

So at no stage did I say anything negative about the show, as I believe it is amazing to have food on mainstream network, especially a show that pushes real food being cooked in front of a huge audience. I told him I wanted to go on Master Chef Junior as that is what I have spent my whole life preaching about, young people realising how amazing fresh food is and hopefully cooking is the point of the whole thing.

They asked me if I was upset about Marion getting voted off, and I said you have to remember at its heart it is a game show and if you aren’t at the top of your game every day you can get voted off. To me the contestants aren’t important to what Master Chef is doing. The audience are the best thing. That is what I love about the show. They (the contestants) just happen to be in the middle of the nightly gold fish bowl. I’m not expecting you to unearth the next Robuchon or Ducasse.

I also said that people like Marion had to make the most of the fame the show gave them and really build a career as it could be over quickly if they didn’t get the momentum. By the way like Poh, I think she will really do it. However all 20 are going to find it hard to make it in the food world. I did say that there are heaps of talented young cooks out there that have done the hard yards who would really run the great restaurants of tomorrow.

I also said that they would need to work hard at it as making sauce ranges and writing cook books requires some skill. And in my experience it isn’t all that easy. Plus I hoped that those who want to open restaurants go and work for some really good people first and get to understand what it is like to cook for 50 or 100 people, or they are probably going to have a hard time realising their dream.



However, Johnathan Moran is standing by his story according to a story on Nine MSN.
He states:

“Neil Perry can back track but I’ve got the notes and the recordings,” Moran said in a post on Twitter last night.

“It’s funny how people say they’ve been misquoted when they don’t like a story.”

Neil Perry has also offered Masterchef Australia contestant Matthew Caldicott an apprenticeship. Matthew told TV Week. “I’ve been working for Neil and he’s offered me an apprenticeship, but while Masterchef is still on, I’m going to use that to my advantage and see what else comes up before I commit”.
Also I just noticed that Justine Schofield from Season 1 has a cooking advice column in TV Week.


1 Anonymous { 07.19.10 at 4:43 pm }

I like how on the ninemsn page they have the same story listed with 2 seperate titles(prefer the slagging title myself):
MasterChef pasting: Top chef denies slagging contestants
* ‘Hate criminals’: Gaga lashes out at church protesters
* MasterChef pasting: Top chef denies slagging contestants
* Inspired: ‘Sex and the City’ fan beds 1000 men
* Search: Lady Gaga
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Perry denies slamming MasterChef contestants

2 anon { 07.19.10 at 5:04 pm }

Having dealt with Jonathon Moran in the past – to paraphrase, “it’s funny how people always say they’re misquoted when they’re quoted by him”.

I’m with Neil Perry on this one. Pretty easy to see how his quotes have been selectively used…

Wouldn’t want to be the Sunday tele editor and have a booking for Rockpool this week…

3 Anonymous { 07.19.10 at 5:07 pm }

Its kinda the same as the editing on Masterchef isn’t it? (don’t agree with Julie when she says that if she didn’t say it last year they couldn’t use it. She won didn’t she so she wouldn’t say anything different as in the end her edit won didn’t do her too much harm.) Its how they use what you say and the faces you pull(in MC Jo and Jono’s case this year)

4 Wurstsemmel { 07.19.10 at 6:18 pm }

What surprises me is Matthew’s response to the apprenticeship. If Matthew is truly orientated to giving up the accountancy career and switching to really becoming a chef, what a golden opportunity. What else is he waiting for out of Masterchef if it’s not an apprenticeship with one of the top chefs in Australia? He ought to remember that he wasn’t that crash hot else he’d still be in (well, I know there are a couple of similar calibre in the top 6….moving right along….)

Has his head been turned by the Masterchef media experience? Does he have a range of sauces to spruik? Please say it isn’t so.

5 CG { 07.19.10 at 6:18 pm }

Well, because it is Neil Perry, I tend to believe Johnathan Moran, especially if he has tapes of the conversation/interview.

Ij factl, I reckon Perry is only digging a bigger hole for himself. Perry is known to be volatile: recall recent incident where he fired a pregnant “hostess” at Rockpool and other outbursts over the years. But the funniest bit is everything he said is exactly what everyone has been thinking this season: the contest has degenerated into a “game show” , the “best amateur cooks” are “nobodies”, and it is unlikely if not foolish to think any of them will go on to long-term success in the industry unless they step back and are willing to put in the hard yards.

If Perry had said something truly outrageous that would be one thing – but what he has said puts in writing what most top chefs and a majority of viewers have been thinking and saying on blogs like RR for many weeks.

Wurst: of course Matt is waiting for a better offer in terms of $$ and the easier path… a pre-packaged, self-saucing chocolate pudding? Ironically, Matt’s attitude just reinforces NP’s points.

6 MelbaToast { 07.20.10 at 2:13 pm }

Matt really is an idiot for not taking up an apprenticeship with Neil Perry. He has been HANDED an opportunity so many young people would die for, yet he’s blowing it off to see what else may come up. Isn’t the point of MC for many young people to land such an opportunity with such a chef.

Matt – I hope Neil takes back his offer!

7 Gillian { 07.20.10 at 2:14 pm }

Totally agree CG. This is such a great opportunity for Matthew and he’s young enough to be able to do an apprenticeship ie doesn’t have a family or probably mortgage contraints.

8 sourkraut { 07.20.10 at 2:21 pm }

I dont care.
I still agree with his comments

9 Neil Perry Not At The Masterchef Australia Finale! | reality ravings { 07.26.10 at 10:00 pm }

[…] But very interesting that he was a no-show a week after the article in the Sunday Telegraph where he basically said Masterchef was just a game show and the contestants would struggle to make it in a professional kitchen.  See previous blog post here on this issue. Neil at the time said he was taken out of context. […]

10 duchess { 12.27.10 at 1:42 am }

of course he would not come, if i had someone take me out of context then i would also refuse my appearance on the show, some people are so narrow minded and ignorant
if someone can make it in a controlled environment for cooking it does not mean at all they can be creative … consistent and finally cost efficient, why wont ignorant people with no intelligence of the industry keep their so called “educated responses to themselves?” There’s nothing more irritating then arrogant people which are ignorant. Neil mate we know you rock and for god’s sake who has done what you have for australian cuisine. I stand very humbled next to you.