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Reality Tidbits – Monday Edition

Jo-Beth Taylor has been eliminated from Dancing With the Stars, no surprise the only three in with a shot are Tamara Jaber, Esther Anderson and Rachael Finch.

Tough week for Tamara Jaber following her split with Kyle Sandilands. She didn’t turn up for a gig on Friday night leaving her bandmate Reigan Derry to perform solo. Also there have been articles hinting that Tamara is gay, all based on her saying a few years ago she had lesbian tendencies. Personally I think it is bollocks. Anyway Reigan Derry has now broken up with her boyfriend, who was a lawyer in WA.

In this week’s New Idea Tamara talks about the split and why it occurred. I wonder if it has anything new in the story apart from different careers and not spending enough time together.

Then there have been the rumours that Kyle Sandilands has some lady over in LA. One suggestion was it was Sophie Monk, who has now turned brunette and lost too much weight. Here are some photos of her in Woman’s Day.

Last week Bristol Palin and Levi Johnson got back together and engaged within six weeks. Considering she has been flogging herself as a speaker to talk about abstinence I find this totally bizarre. Anyway you knew it would not be long, but they are now flogging a reality TV show. The only good thing about a show about them that it would have to be the nail in the coffin to mum’s Sarah presidential ambitions wouldn’t it? (Source: TMZ)

Roxy Jacenko who runs PR company Sweaty Betty, and has starred in a reality show following her around at work and at play, will also appear on The X Factor as a guest judge. This will help promote her and her show which will also be on Channel Seven. Roxy will also ensure her name is kept in the papers by dating some high profile men. Last week she was seen around town with Dwight Yoakam. I am looking forward to this show as it will the first Australian made show of this reality TV genre.

And finally Paris Hilton has been caught with drugs in France. (Source: TMZ)


1 Angel86 { 07.19.10 at 8:25 am }

Interesting that Tamara ended up in the Bottom 2 on DWTS. Thought she was supposed to get all the sympathy votes. She has too much of an advantage due to her extensive dance training, its against the spirit of the show.

2 Culinary Boner { 07.22.10 at 1:42 pm }

As observed so astutely by Joe Hockey earlier this week Paris’s…ahem… lifestyle choices… may have played a part here…
they certainly seem to have reduced the options she had for easily concealing the drugs.