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Australia’s Next Top Model – Five Out In One Hit

Australia’s Next Top Model premiered last night and here a few thoughts on the first episode.

1. Props to Sarah Murdoch for being the only cast member not to have botox, and therefore a moving forehead. Charlotte Dawson, Alex Perry, and Jez Smith all were very Stepford wives. Yes Alex and Charlotte were joking about it but did not divulge that they had a mound of collagen in their lips.

2. Kimberley the Gold Coast metre maid seems to be the bogan of the bunch, and apparently being a metre maid is a stepping stone to working at Hooters. And of course working at Hooters is a stepping stone to being on reality TV. I thought she was going to be eliminated, but she did take good pictures, and will give great TV.

3. Jessica 19 who is from a small country town, appears to be this year’s Alamela, as she made sure she got shot with a book in her hand, however I am sceptical about her alleged intellect as she is unemployed.

4. Sophie looked older then 19, but maybe it was that her make up made her look like a cadaver, shouldn’t your lipstick be a different shade than your skin.Considering she is an Avon lady not a great advertisement for her product. And at judging was told to tone down the beauty queen and fake tan look.

5. Josh Flinn is the new Jonathan Pease taking on the model mentor role. Obviously they wanted to stop the mentor flirting with the young models rumours starting again by appointing someone that is gay. BTW I thought he earnt is pay packet by actually giving some pertinent advice at the photo shoot.

6. The catwalk challenge was at Fashion Week, and it was sponsors Harper’s Bazaar parade, four girls were to miss out on the on the show. Claire missed out as she has something wrong with her legs.  Alison legs didn’t follow her feet. Also she was having troubles following instructions.  Claire was relieved, and good humorously took the piss out of herself. Kathryn was told her body was out of proportion.

Ashlea was told she was fat as she did not fit the sample size by Claudia Navone, who had a look on her face as if she was telling her she had leprosy. Which I suppose excess fat in modelling it is probably the equivalent of.

Josh said to camera the girls would learn from this as it is important for models to be able to process rejection.

7. The photo shoot was based on Mad Men, the judge Jez Smith was the photographer. Josh who appeared to have swallowed a truth serum this episode, told Valeria she was too highly strung and this was a competition. She then went off and sobbed in a corner.

8. At judging Alex thought Kelsey was mesmerising on the runway, was that because her shirt was see through and her swaying boobs were hypnotising him?

9. Five girls were eliminated to bring down the numbers to a more manageable eleven, Alison, Claire, Valeria, Sally, and Ashlea were the first to go.