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The UK Apprentice – The Photography Challenge

Last episode I blogged about how none of the contestant’s on The UK Apprentice were likeable, this week I am not sure any of them are actually employable.

In fact from the behaviour of the majority of them in the this challenge where they had to sell photographs of people I would have fired them all.

Highlights of the episode:

  • Simon saying he had an IQ of 170, but when he was eliminated said he would be back to putting up satellite dishes;
  • The project manager of the other team putting Lucinda in charge of of the IT stuff when she cannot work her mobile phone. I would have thought one of the roles of a manager is to put people in jobs that best fit their skills. However not sure what skills Lucinda actually have that fit the business world.
  • Alex is just a tool and was undermining Simon the whole way, and I loved how Alan Sugar’s female colleague called him on his bullshit.
  • In fact the whole team did not give Simon a chance, with that girl (sorry forgotten her name) just talking over him all the time.
  • On the the other team the girl’s continue to think that if you are project manager you must belittle and yell at the other team members you don’t like. Props to Rafe for keeping out of it.

Anyway Simon’s team made a loss and therefore lost the challenge, and in the end he was fired.


1 Kaylen { 07.25.10 at 5:01 pm }

lol. Watched it yesterday – it was hilarious in how bad they all were.

I like Sir Alan’s two sidekicks – they were the best out of the lot of them, as with Sir Alan. 😛

I’m with you, though, in that I would have not only fired the whole lot of them, but also called the police and been all “omg keep them away, they murdered my sanity! LOCK ‘EM UP!” :( :(


2 Wurstsemmel { 07.25.10 at 8:36 pm }

The time slot is a killer but I am addicted. I did doze off in this episode. Does anyone know if it’s getting a repeat showing?

3 par3182 { 07.26.10 at 12:36 am }

It amazes me how the public line up for whatever service the apprentices are currently messing up; why would anyone pay to eat at a restaurant run by amateurs or fork out cash for a dodgy photo printed on plain paper?
So many fools and their money, so easily parted.

Simon’s glamour photography was not only tacky but embarrassing for those who had to pose provocatively in the main public thoroughfare of the shopping centre. Sexy! Shame the other team couldn’t work the printing gadgets; their idea was brilliantly simple (but again – WHY would anyone pay good money for a photo with a fake celebrity?)

If there’s a viable candidate amongst this group we are yet to be introduced.

4 Pollywaffle { 07.26.10 at 11:02 pm }

The English public must all carry a whinge filtering device as they happily take up these services where the staff are in plain sight ripping shreds off each other or worse still progressing to stage 5 clinical depression and no one even bats an eyelid. If seeing the manager sucking his thumb and hugging the curtain of his ‘glamour tent’ doesnt put you off hopping aboard the slapper sofa, what will?

5 Anonymous { 08.03.10 at 10:39 pm }

Wow didn’t realise this series was so old(2008)-found it on youtube and have now watched the whole series so saves recording or watching it late…enjoyed it though