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Masterchef Australia – The Finale

I am not going to talk that much about tonight’s finale between Adam and Callum because I am just going to presume you have all seen it.

Like a lot of finales on TV I thought this one lacked a lot of tension, as it became apparent early on that Callum should not win. Seriously he should have been deducted five points for identifying hollandaise as lemon curd.Β He was four points behind after the basic skill test and I thought he was given some very generous marks for his assiette of chicken and pea dish which he did for his invention test. But compared to Adam’s pork belly which looked so much more complex and luscious.

Interesting things to note from the evening:

  • Claire not looking particularly enthusiastic when Adam and Callum walked in to the Masterchef Kitchen;
  • That neither could identify a guava straight away;
  • However Adam redeemed himself by picking romesco sauce, I had never heard of it. At first I thought it was harissa until they started shovelling it into their mouths;
  • Callum should have been put out of his misery once he put cream in his omelette;
  • No Adam Molenas and Adriano Zumbo in the final scene; and
  • Julie Goodwin being called an acclaimed chef by George Calombaris.

Once they started scoring Peter Gilmore’s deluxe snow egg you knew that Adam was going to win.

George showed how cunning he was by offering Callum a culinary scholarship on national TV, as it would have made it difficult to turn down the low paying traineeship. Also it meant George got to snaffle Callum’s talent for himself, when he knew Shannon Bennett from Vue Du Monde was keen on him as well.

What now for Adam? Well a cookbook, and hopefully he will open some sort of eating establishment. I wonder how his girlfriend feels about having to move to Australia. Looking forward to seeing more of him soon.

Tomorrow the season wrap-up.


Winners of the competition are FibashfulBee, Β JPW, and Stephanie. Can you email me with your postal address, or I will try and find you email addresses on my dashboard.


1 Anonymous { 07.26.10 at 5:55 pm }

yeah i agree-something wasn’t right with Julie

2 Pollywaffle { 07.26.10 at 5:59 pm }

CB, Pollywaffle is living it up on a yacht in the meditarranean, courtesy of all the monies won boldly betting that Callum would use the chicken oyster card ( of death) in the final

3 NT Kate { 07.26.10 at 6:04 pm }

I doubt Woollies is feeling too hard done by. While Coles presumably has a slight advantage in knowing what ingredients are about to be featured, I’ve noticed Wollies selections too have been heavily influenced by what’s hot on masterchef, even down to seeing marrow bones suddenly appear for the first time ever in my local after the risotto challenge. All sorts of never before seen interesting ‘speciality’ ingredients have also been appearing on their shelves reasonably expeditiously.

So I suspect that Woollies is getting a lot of the benefit of Coles’ product pushing without having to fork out the dough to advertise. The two shops are so much the same that I really doubt many people went to Coles on the basis of all that advertising until they thought of the recipe card gig (and even then, would you really swap over just to get Adam’s prawn egg thingie)? Do hope the contestants were getting extra pay when their names and recipes were being promoted so heavily.

In any case, thanks RR for making this show much more entertaining. Not sure I’ll really watch any more reality tv (I’m pretty much overdosed at the moment) but will keep an eye on your entertaining blog all the same!

4 CG { 07.26.10 at 6:11 pm }

Ha, went to Martha Stewart’s site ( to get a baking recipe…and was bombarded with adverts for MC USA with Gordon Ramsay. From what I saw, the set-up is almost exactly the same as MC Australia: big warehouse, long stainless steel benches, dramatic contestants, tears!… If anyone ends up finding a link to the US shows or if they turn up on Youtube, please let us know. I can’t stand Ramsay so can’t see watching the whole series but wouldn’t mind watching an episode to see just how similar it is to the Aus version.

5 Anonymous { 07.26.10 at 6:13 pm }

will do CG…watching The Next Food Network Star and Top Chef til I find MC US online :)

6 Culinary Boner { 07.26.10 at 6:27 pm }

pollywaffle, good to hear someone other than a food corporate has made some money out of MCA. Did you also bet that them ‘poultry oysters’ would get nine-outta-ten across the board? I’m presuming not, because you’d probably also be able to buy Greece with the winnings.

7 Anonymous { 07.26.10 at 6:29 pm }
8 Kate { 07.26.10 at 6:34 pm }

YAY. Apparently Adam is likely to open his restaurant in SYDNEY!!!!!!!!

9 Suzanne { 07.26.10 at 8:05 pm }

Thank you so much RR for your wonderful recaps, live posts and everything in-between. As well, of course, thank you for giving a place for other people’s witty, irreverent, funny, rude and/or crude comments.

Would love to hear your thoughts on Junior Masterchef when it rolls around, as well as Apprentice UK which I am trying to watch, even though it doesn’t start until around 11.30pm.

10 Suzanne { 07.26.10 at 8:07 pm }

NT Kate, I am not a regular Coles shopper but had to go there last week as all the other local supermarkets were closed. The over-saturation of MC marketing will mean that I won’t go there again unless I am desperate. Every aisle, section and shelf were covered in the MC logo!

11 TB { 07.26.10 at 8:39 pm }

I still reckon Claire looked fine and happy. Not everyone needs to be smiling 100% of the time during a very long taping – indeed a few of the ex-contestants weren’t smiling at one point! And she was one of the first with a huge smile on her face to congratulate Adam.

Yay for Adam! Such a better result than last year. Even though the result was predictable, it was still quite joyful to watch. I’m just delighted for him.

The funniest part of the episode was seeing Julie amongst the real masterchefs… Oh dear.

12 CG { 07.26.10 at 8:52 pm }

Coles today announced a new 2-year deal with Masterchef.

Wesfarmers (company that owns Coles) also announced Coles’ grocery (non liquor) sales were up more than 4% this last quarter (in same quarter Woolies grocery sales down).

After these announcements were made, Wesfarmers share price went up over 3%.

13 CG { 07.26.10 at 9:02 pm }

Correction to #62 above, sales increase for Coles does include liquor sales – as did comparble results at Woolies. But Coles beat growth forecast at 4%+ – while Woolies missed their forecast in the same period.

14 Paul { 07.26.10 at 9:04 pm }

Thanks CG,
On those figures you certainly wouldn’t want to be working in the marketing department at Woolworths at the moment. Might be some hard questions asked at the next AGM.

Don’t know if it can all be put down to the MC affect but you would definitely think its had some influence.

15 Anonymous { 07.26.10 at 9:29 pm }

sorry to change the subject but don’t forget Julie G will be cooking the ‘perfect omlette’ on the Today show tomorrow. Hopw she is ok as like CG I thought she looked ill on the final show.

16 Reality Raver { 07.26.10 at 9:53 pm }

Thanks guys for the nice comments. Also this blog would be nothing without you all and your witty comments. It will be nice to write about things other then Masterchef, however still to come the highlights and lowlights of season 2.

17 Anonymous { 07.26.10 at 9:58 pm }

Congrats on your appearances on national tv today :) Saw TT but not The Morning Show

18 brain dead dave { 07.26.10 at 11:17 pm }

Julie Goodwin’s omelette would want to be an improvement on last week’s tandoori pizza. Her coronary inducing “creations” are usually chockers with lard and sugar….but hey,that’s how she shows love.

19 Fides { 07.27.10 at 11:35 am }

Couldn’t help myself, from BDD’s last comment I went searching for Julie’s artery hardening recipes on the Today site. Got distracted when I saw that Season 1’s Justine Schofield also cooks for them on Weekend Today… she was doing a demo on Sunday morning and talking about the finale – don’t know if this was just a special guest appearance or she is a regular on the show. The hosts talked to her as though she’s a regular, but I couldn’t find any other recipes of hers.

Just seems a bit odd considering she’s still working for Ten : later on finale day she was a behind the scenes reporter at the Alexandria warehouse for the announcement. Not particularly insightful, but any behind the scenes action from MC is welcome.

20 NT Kate { 07.27.10 at 11:45 am }

Actually Woollies sales increased by a record 7.5% in 2009-10 according to a 22 July press release, and linked the upsurge to increased home cooking. Its profits were three times those of Coles, and sales one and a half times those of Coles (W making double the profit of Coles on each sales dollar).

What has changed is that previously supermarket sales increased roughly in line with inflation – now suddenly they are going ahead way above that. There are two reasons for that according to the commentators. First people, urged on by MC to cook away their fears about the state of the economy! Second, Coles has been doing a massive price slashing operation. No wonder that forecasting in this environment isn’t that reliable.

But Woollies still managed sales growth of 3.4% in the last quarter to 29 June while increasing its prices by 1.2% overall, compared to Coles 4.2% increase while cutting prices by 2.2%. And Woollies didn’t have the advertising costs….

21 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 11:50 am }

BDD Julies omlette was not perfet Poor Love- it was pretty bad actually. Adam should show them-his taping on the frypan handle and delicate handling made him look like a pro. Jullie put cream in hers and left it in the pan for too long-I learned the perfect omlette when I worked for the egg board when I was 13(in a van cooking omlettes at a fair-definately no cream: water or milk.

22 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 12:32 pm }

Yes ,anonymous , I saw Julie’s segment and was cringeing when I saw the cream going in.

23 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 12:55 pm }

Yeah cream (I usually do half milk and cream) makes a rich scrambled eggs with good salt and some fresh herbs (dill, parsly and chervil) but omlettes-either nothing or milk or water if you must. I always cringe when i see her cooking and the hosts asking her questions like shes an expert. Feel embaressed for her but guess theres people out there who can cook worse than her so her tips can’t hurt some :)

24 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 12:57 pm }
25 smauge { 07.27.10 at 2:40 pm }

Re comment 68 – you don’t get that fat from making salads!

26 sourkraut { 07.27.10 at 2:42 pm }

You’re welcome! HA

27 Pollywaffle { 07.27.10 at 2:50 pm }

With a number one cook book wont be long before Julie starts rolling out the national Julie’s Kitchen Lardon program for primary schools – its the one where your kid really brings home the bacon

28 Anonymous { 07.27.10 at 3:56 pm }

Julie’s recipes will turn your child into a mover and shaker.

29 brain dead dave { 07.27.10 at 4:01 pm }

Comment 78 was me. Sorry.