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The X Factor – Launched But Everyone Appears To Be On Matt Newton Watch

The X Factor was launched in Sydney on Friday night with all the judges and hosts there and other Network Seven personalities to ensure maximum publicity.

Ros Reines on the Sunday Telegraph videotalks to the host and judges about whether they were going to play good cop or bad cop. Kyle Sandilands left the party before the dinner was served but we can just presume he will be playing bad cop.

Even though newly rehabbed host Matt Newton was not drinking on Friday night, rumours abound he had been out at nightclubs earlier in the week partying with the other judges and Brian McFadden. Hopefully it is not true for his sake. But this is the second time in a few weeks that Matthew has had stories like this in the headlines with police being called to his Darlinghurst house because of a disturbance. (Previous blog post here)

Still no news on when the program will be screening on Channel Seven, but in Richard Clune’s TV column in the Sunday Telegraph, they are hoping for a big guest every week on the show. It is going to be big.


1 skye { 08.01.10 at 2:09 pm }

The Matthew Newton factor is enough to make me completely disinclined to watch this – I have never been able to stand the sight of him, even long before his various issues came to light. Also the fact that it was such a dud last time (does anyone else remember the horrors of “Rock Boy Jakey B”?), and the dreadful Kyle being involved.

I actually am quite baffled by the Newton thing, he is pretty unappealing generally and his hosting experience is sketchy at best. I seem to remember some thing where he pretended to play the piano with his penis during a NYE telecast, I wouldn’t have thought he had the greatest cv for this stuff.

2 Jen { 08.02.10 at 12:53 pm }

I have previously commented on here before how I am not excited that Matthew Newton is going to host the X-Factor due to his dubious past. However after going through some mental health issues myself I find that maybe we should give him a second chance, especially if he is getting help. My only concern is that this might be a big gig for him to take on considering his past drinking and anger problems etc. I think he really needs to take some time out for a longer time and take on smaller gigs. The issues he has had in his past don’t just disappear over night. I am just concerned for him. I know that I have tried to take on too much to prove I am ok and it wasn’t good. Anyhow that’s showbiz I suppose. I wish him well.