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The Block – Tensions Are Reaching Boiling Point

Vaucluse residents will be breathing a sigh of relief with the renovations on The Block  apparently finishing soon.

According TV Week there is some tensions but it is not between the neighbours in this upmarket suburb but between the teams.

The article says:

One of the duos have made themselves outsiders after accusing other couples of cheating.

“They called a board meeting and confronted their neighbouring team about an alleged bending of the rules,” a show insider tells us, adding that the situation erupted after the accused couple had a friend, who happened to be a tradesman, stay over for the night.

“The house was split on whether the rules had been broken or not,” tells our source. “But most people thought it wasn’t handled in the best way. It all got very heated and a few of the girls were really upset. There were lots of tears shed and the atmosphere has been pretty uncomfortable ever since.”

I take it this is there pre-publicity build up starting. Hopefully they will announce a start date soon.


1 skye { 08.02.10 at 10:34 pm }

I want a start date for this, winter means reality tv for me, and we’re almost finished, I need more! Also wanting an air date for Junior Masterchef so my 4 year old son will stop hassling me about it.

2 Reality Raver { 08.02.10 at 10:49 pm }

Skye and I thought my child was the only one hassling about Masterchef. I heard an October start date for Jr Masterchef. Have no idea about The Block. Do you think they are all going to start post the Commonwealth Games?