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The UK Apprentice – The Greeting Card Challenge

I thought it was an oxymoron that a team thought their eco cards were were a good idea, and just proved they were morons. Who would buy a card with a how to make your life more green. In fact I am sure you can something like that on those free postcards that you see in cafes.

The challenge for each team was to produce a greeting card where there was a gap in the market, and sell it to  three of the big chains.

I liked the idea of single day, and I do think it would be a successful particularly if it was around Valentines Day.

Kevin was the project manager for the eco card team, and as we have seen in the previous few weeks he is a complete tool. He definitely thinks his abilities are higher then they actually are, but then he is not the only contestant who thinks that.

The other depressing thing about him was he saw success in life being about the cars and property he owned. He was desperate to do the pitch even though he was not the most experienced to do it. He probably lost business due to his arrogance, also not helped by Jen telling the buyers that she did not buy as many cards now due to being more environmentally aware. I think the company was speechless at that one.

The only positive thing about their project was the guy having his kilt blowing up, with the message use wind power.

All the guys still left on the show are arrogant, but maybe that is the type of personality this show. The project manager of the other team (who I did not get his name apologies) had as his mantra that he would step over anyone to get the job with Alan Sugar.

I actually thought Rafe was the one did the most on this challenge – he came up with the singles day concept and did the pitch.

It was again interesting to see the dynamics between Lucinda and the other girls, they clearly don’t like her.

The singles day theme won the day with an order for 19000 from Tesco’s, whereas Kevin’s team only sold to one of the chains and only 6000 cards.

Kevin decided to bring in the indian girl, and Claire back into the board room. He brought back Claire because she did not step in and ensure she did the pitch, even when he was backing out at last minute. However I have noticed her not stepping up to the plate or taking responsibility in the other challenges when she has not  been the project manager.And the other girl was brought back in because she did not contribute much to the challenge.

No surprise the Alan told Kevin he was fired.

What surprised me was the arguing that went on back at the house when it was revealed Kevin was gone. They were down right rude to the indian lady (Shela?) saying well that is a tactic to use to just not do anything, therefore not making yourself a target.

I have to confess I still have no idea who is going to win, as none are that likeable. My favourite at the moment would have to be Rafe, but I get the feeling he is on the show for another reason, rather then wanting a job with Sir Alan.


1 Wurstsemmel { 08.05.10 at 11:19 am }

Thanks for the recap, RR. I was watching it but dozed off and missed the week, I’ll tape Really pleased to hear Kevin went…complete and absolute tool. Would have loved to have heard his parting comments.

Out of all them, I have to say Rafe is the only one who stands out, although there are several I can’t stand…particularly the Irish girl…and the girl who narrowly escaped being fired after ticking Sir Alan off…see? Not so memorable that I can put a name to the face. I feel sorry for Lucinda, although she is a little different, she does seem to do well on tasks when she’s not undermined by the bitchy other women.

2 Suzanne { 08.05.10 at 11:21 am }

Thank you RR for posting about Apprentice UK. Each week I tell myself I have to miss it as it is 0n so late, but then manage to stay up for it.

I felt sorry for Sara (the Indian girl), although she is a bit whiny, the others are so over-the-top gung-ho, just plain LOUD, it would be hard to get a word in. It seemed like a bit of a conspiracy (led by the revolting Jenny) to name her as the weakest team member. I’m glad Rafe (?) stood up for her back in the house.

I really like Lucinda – her quirky outfits and different way of leading (in the ice cream challenge) show that she doesn’t take herself too seriously. I think that’s why the others don’t like her, they don’t seem to understand anything except a take-no-prisoners, over-bearing sales technique. But there is no way that she will win.

3 par3182 { 08.05.10 at 1:19 pm }

Best bit – the wide-eyes look of shock on SirAlan’s female offsider when the winning team reacted like they were at a football match.

Sara shouldn’t have even been in the boardroom, which was yet another example of Kevin’s inability to read a room (after his insistence he do the pitch followed by his argumentative pitches). The only way he might’ve avoided being fired would’ve been taking Jenny in front of SirAlan, who clearly HATED the eco card idea. But Kevin really was overdue to be fired (even if he has eaten in A LOT of Italian restaurants and has coffee for dessert).

And what a pack of bullies back at the house, ganging up on Sara. That’s the second time a quiet woman has been picked on by the loud pushy bitches, but this time the men (sans Rafe) joined in. Awful.

There’s no teamwork going on, just people looking for someone to blame when a team (inevitably) fails.

4 Izobel2 { 08.05.10 at 2:32 pm }

I agree with all of you. The eco card was a terrible idea. I would’ve liked to see the awful Jenny doing the sales pitch. To see how many times she could put her foot in her mouth when she said she didn’t send cards anymore because she was so environmentaly friendly. And who would even send that type of card? They would’ve been better off with Sara’s indian religious style cards. Glad Mr Bank Manager went. Looks like he’ll have to wait a while for the Porsche. Thanks for the recap RR. PS RR Looks like your boyfriend Raef was the only nice one in a bunch of bullies at the end there.

5 Reality Raver { 08.05.10 at 4:02 pm }

Wurstsemmel and Suzanne you both deserve extra brownie points for staying up and watching it, I have to record it.
I think the other girls hate Lucinda in a reverse class thing. They think because she is ‘posh’ she is lazy. I think she just has a different style. The other thing is with everyone pushing themselves forward some have to hang back like Sara.

But as par3182 suggests the others don’t understand that approach. How the boys that Kevin was great is unbelievable the only talent Kevin has is that his ego was twice the size of his body.

Izobel2 – LOL I must admit one of my favourite scenes last night was when Rafe and those two other guys were in bed discussing the pitch. I actually had that in my blog post but then removed as I thought readers would think “What are you like?”

6 Anon { 08.05.10 at 10:07 pm }

Wurstsemmel-in his cab ride Kevin moaned that it was a ‘massive blow’ and was ‘angry’ that there were still people in the competition ‘that should not be there’. Finally that he ‘truly believes that Sara should have been fired.’ Kevin was a complete moron and should have brought Jenny in.

Frankly, that final scene was absolutely appalling and they should all be fired. The ‘group think’ is astounding.

The lot of them completely lack self-awareness and should be concerned about their future employability.

7 Wurstsemmel { 08.05.10 at 10:28 pm }

Thanks, Anon. Would have loved to have seen his face,