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Farmer Wants A Wife – The Girls Go To The Farms

PREDICTION: There is no way Nathan on this season’s Farmer Wants A Wife is going to get a partner on this show. Not only does he live in the middle of nowhere, but the nearest town 400 kms from his farm was in the middle of nowhere.

Also it is just you and him, and he is severely lacking in charisma. Then having all that against him. The girls shredded two tyres and he had to come and get them, and that took 8 hours. Quite frankly I would not have bothered to unpack, and be insisting to Fremantle Media to send in a chopper to get be the hell out of there.

Jamie the pearl farmer was having better luck with his three women, as where he lived was isolated but Monkey Mia on the water was beautiful. I find him a tad immature and by the sounds of it he has never had a relationship, which is a bit disturbing in a 40 year old man. So I don’t know how much of a catch he would be. But I really like Emma and hope she gets what she wants.

Shaun still gets hottie of the series, but the scene where he was looking over his wedding photos made me think was he over his first wife. I bet she won’t be happy being shown to be a villain on national TV, as he keeps on saying she left because she was still in love with a previous boyfriend.

Devon seems like he has the emotional maturity of a 15 year old. Who thinks taking a girl rabbit trapping is going to have an aphrodisic affect, and if it did she wouldn’t be the girl to pick to be your wife. By the way he actually lives in Hopetoun and is just staying on his parents farm for the series.

Charlie is another farmer who is clearly in his parents home, but he probably still lives there with them. He seems like a sweetie, and at least he tried to do something exotic with his zucchini kilpatrick. So if this doesn’t work out for him he could audition for Masterchef. The thing about his girls is that one is 19 (Sophie) and the other is a 21 year old chemistry student. I mean are either of them really looking for a full on relationship at such a young age?

Becky is a sweetie as is her daughter, and I think she has a great chance of finding a partner from this show. She has the benefit of having three strong guys to help her with the farm work for 10 days. That must be giving her a bit of a break.

At this stage I am have not got any favourite girls or guys as I have not seen enough of them, but hopefully after next week’s episode we will know if there is any chemistry between them farmers and their dates.


1 skye { 08.05.10 at 12:55 pm }

My thoughts after last night – I don’t think there will be a happy ever after couple this season:

Nathan – a bit of a doofus, but I think the main problem he’s going to face isn’t the remoteness, it’s the fact that he’s just a drover and doesn’t actually have a farm of his own (or parents). He should be on another show called “Itinerant Labourer Wants a Wife”.

Pearl Farmer Guy – leathery, thong-wearing player. I suspect he’s on the show because he’s already been through every lady in the district who’d have him. He reminds me slightly of that sleazy old guy with the whistling false teeth from last season, who was playing all the ladeez.

Devon – well the name says it all really – a big chunk of meat with nothing going on. The staged wet t-shirt hose-a-thon must have been a desperate move by the producer to get some action happening as if the rabbit trapping is an example of his moves then things must be pretty dire on “his” farm.

Charlie – surely he’s not actually looking for a wife, so his infatuation with some squishy little blonde will be fine – just fun and games while it lasts for 5 minutes. He’s pretty cute though!

I think I was a bit hard on Shaun last week, but seriously that guy has some major baggage. I predict tears on his farm.

Becky has a bunch of duds imo. Gavin is another obvious player (and “business developer” what is that? has the ring of dodginess), the demolitions expert is actually not keen on her I think, just swept up in the testosterone fuelled competitiveness of the whole thing, and the other guy is a bit creepy.

2 Wurstsemmel { 08.05.10 at 5:02 pm }

Agree with everything Skye said and LOL at most of it. I just can’t see anything interesting happening this season.

The most decent catch would have to be Shaun but, as both Skye and RR said, some major baggage. Still looking through the wedding photos? Run away girls.

3 wallah { 08.06.10 at 10:33 am }

Aaaaah Jeez, I’m getting sucked into this. You summed up my thoughts exactly RR, nothing like a buried dead rabbit to get the mood going. My girlfriend grew up in rural Australia and can’t stand the show or the contestants, so I get to watch it in the spare room hahaha. I reckon Nathan will turn out to be like Cousin Eddies daughter on Vacation, with a massive dope plantation way out there. Could be he’s employed by some people to sit there all year round and watch out for helicopters and backpackers. And Skye, you summed up the pearl farmer dude precisely, I like how he put his “dress thongs” on to meet the ladies. And poor Becky….drop your cocks and grab your socks was more appropriate for her little morning rousing.

4 Anonymous { 08.09.10 at 10:36 pm }

A reality blogger should not comment negativily on anyone as they are all known to have the most shallow of all jobs known to man. I do feel sorry for you, your life must be so boreing to have to blog for a living.

5 Reality Raver { 08.09.10 at 11:56 pm }

Anonymous – For the record I don’t blog for a living, so that is probably even more boring and tragic then you first thought.

6 Sarah { 08.31.10 at 7:03 pm }

hahaha totally agree with raver! Nathan is boring as hell, and probalby why he moved back to the city supposed to be a big secret but guess its out now…lame ‘o’

7 Anonymous { 05.10.11 at 2:07 pm }

Looks like another series is on the horizon! CHannel Nine is looking for singles now…