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Reality Tidbits – more Masterchef

How can we miss Masterchef if it really won’t go away?  Another week goes by and our season two contestants keep themselves in, at least, our peripheral vision.

Matt Preston alerted the Twitterverse to this story, about Callum’s dream of having his own show, asking whether people would watch it.  Would you?  I’d watch it once, and – to be honest – would be hoping for it to be more Julie Goodwin than Poh, as it would make for a more entertaining blog post!

I fear that Callum has no real understanding of the television world, even after his months of immersion.  “It [hanging out with Poh] made me jealous because her job is so fun – it’s MasterChef without the pressure of being eliminated.” They might not call it “elimination”, but networks do have other ways of making unsuccessful shows disappear.

Adam Liaw has been busy blogging, and posted a fabulous piece about the chefs he met on the show.  I hope Claire is taking note of the comment about Shaun Presland: “Your food is defined by your passion, not your ethnicity.”  It’s a really fun post, with some interesting insights and genuine laugh-out-loud moments.

Aaron Harvie has taken to social media like a duck to water, and has been dropping hints of an upcoming project with Matthew Caldicott.  He was also spending time yesterday with “some of the MC boys”.

For those of you with pay TV, the real Masterchef is starting on Monday.  Some of you hardcore fans might have already found ways to see this series (I’m guessing it’s the one from earlier this year), but if you haven’t it is definitely worth checking out. It’s on Lifestyle Food at 7.30.

Finally, if you are still jonesing for a reality TV cooking fix, check out The Restaurant on BBC Knowledge, Thursdays at 7.30. You might be able to catch the opening episode again on repeat during the week – I watched it and was instantly hooked (shameless plug for my recap here).


1 Pollywaffle { 08.14.10 at 7:07 pm }

Callums show would be called…
No Sweat
Fondant Foodie
The Sauteed Pimplenel

2 seepi { 08.14.10 at 11:17 pm }

Alvin was on the Circle on Friday, and he said he is busy updating his website, and writing a column for a food mag, where they put him in a different kitchen (famous kitchen) every month (or week?) and he writes about the experience.
He sounded happy. He didn’t manage to cook his egglplant sambal in the 4 minutes they gave him tho. Noone ever seems to actually cook on the circle, they just get interviewed while cutting up the first ingredient.

3 Kyeema { 08.15.10 at 8:50 am }

I really hope that Callum gets some really wise advice that he listens to. Poh’s show is fun because she has the bubbly personality (sometimes over the top) she comes across as a delightful (but sometimes too surface) person who flirts with every guest on her show. Can’t see Callum (the words earnest, honest, persistant, and dogged come to mind as well as charming and innocent) ever having this type of fun at any activity he undertakes. He has prodigious talent and the world is his oyster…. but he will have to spend some time finding his niche.

Adam’s blog piece is a cracker!

4 Clover { 08.15.10 at 11:49 am }

the words sweaty pimply adolescent and gaping fumbler come to mind too…

Callum’s Desserts – ‘Here’s one I stuffed up earlier”

5 Kyeema { 08.15.10 at 2:20 pm }

that too!

6 Reality Raver { 08.16.10 at 9:16 pm }

Thanks Injera – I will check out the restaurant, but what I really want to know is are you going to blog on Heston’s Feasts?

7 Reality Tidbits | reality ravings { 08.16.10 at 10:11 pm }

[…] young whipper snappers on Masterchef Australia this year, first Callum wants his own TV show (see injera’s post on that here), and now Matthew Caldicott wants to try his hand at […]

8 Injera { 08.16.10 at 10:29 pm }

It’s in the IQ, for sure, but I’m going to be glued to Masterchef, too!

9 pluck a duck { 08.19.10 at 11:23 am }

So now Matt P is essentially conducting a “focus group” in the twitterverse on the saleability/appeal of a TV program for Callum.

How’s the old saying go “don’t hold an election, unless you know the outcome”?

The MC producers, having orchestrated for Callum (aka Blinky Bill)
to be one of the top 2 in MC, obviously had some plans in mind for him and the 3 month gig at George Callumaris’ Press Club is probably all part of getting Blinky Bill somewhat up to basic scratch so that he could try his hand at a TV show. He’s got to be doing something like a TV show, as he doesn’t have the burden of Adam of having to come up with a cookbook by next Mothers’ Day.

So, Matt P’s twitter the other day is probably just warming us up for the reality – Blinky Bill is coming to a TV channel near you.

Maybe for a bit of a difference, they’ll do Callum’s cooking show as an animated series like that for his namesake, Blinky Bill?

10 Culinary Boner { 08.20.10 at 6:20 pm }

They should call it Cletus’s Home Cooking in honour of his slightly older and more worldly look-a-like, who also appears occasionally on Ch10 –
Now should they need a theme: