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Luke Jacobz To Be The New Host For The X Factor

On of Channel Seven’s favourite son’s Luke Jacobz has been given the job of replacing Matt Newton on The X Factor. To be honest I would not recognise the guy in the street, but he must have a lot of fans from the various TV shows he has been on.

Matt Newton who was given the role to much raised eyebrows when he had just completed rehab has had to be replaced on the show because of a violent incident with his now former girlfriend Rachael Taylor. She has applied for an AVO, and he has been carted back to rehab. See more about that debacle on my previous blog post.

I am not sure what impact the role of the host will have on the show, as the main stars they have been promoting have been the judges.

The show premieres on Seven next Monday night at 7.30pm, with a week worth of shows. Channel Seven has not clarified whether they will edit Matt Newton out on the footage they already have.


1 skye { 08.23.10 at 11:02 pm }

Who the hell is that guy?

2 Izobel2 { 08.23.10 at 11:16 pm }

He used to be on McLeod’s Daughters, then Home & Away and Dancing with the Stars. I liked him on McLeods. I jut googled him and it said he was host of Popstars in 2004.. Never knew that. Yes RR it will be interesting if they wipe out Newton like they did the crim loser on Biggest Loser, whom I spent the whole first week looking for in the background!!

3 Mick G. { 08.23.10 at 11:31 pm }

Yes, Luke was host of Popstars Live when they changed the show’s format to piggyback off the success of the debuting Australian Idol just months prior. There was also stories in the media at the time about Popstars producers reprimanding Luke for allegedly being involved with a female 16 year old finalist off-air. At least he’s a better choice for host than Matt Newton.

4 bella vita { 08.24.10 at 12:15 am }

I remember him well from Popstars 4 and he was a bland and uninteresting host. Thank goodness there are 4 good judges for the show, as i cant see the host doing a lot (ala Grant Denyer)

5 Annon { 08.24.10 at 12:43 am }

I thought you said STEVE Jacobs, and I was wondering why the weather guy was going to do X-Factor. Probs wouldn’t make much of a difference either way

6 skye { 08.24.10 at 8:26 am }

Would you believe I actually once went to a taping of Popstars Live (knew someone working on it and they were having trouble drumming up audience members so we helped them out) and I still don’t remember this guy. He must surely be the blandest of the bland.

7 reality raver { 08.24.10 at 10:26 am }

Skye and Bella Vita – I don’t even remember Popstars Live.

Annon- when I read the press release the image of Steve Jacobs popped into my head.

Mick G – I never heard that rumour, but then I had never really put a face to the name before.

Izobel2 – well we won’t have to wait long to find out.

8 Kelly { 08.24.10 at 11:01 am }

I have know idea who this is….( granted I rarely watch channel 7) Did they purposely choose someone with a fairly low profile, because of the MN situation?… One would think that a show like this would need sa pretty big name host to compete with the high profile judges…
To be honest it make me less interested in the show.
Austar will probably win out again for me… Monday nights of Tabitha Salon takeover and Intervention

9 Culinary Boner { 08.24.10 at 1:01 pm }

Nice bit of ‘leg over’ work there by Luda.
Speaking on behalf of us blokes, we can’t we have Luda instead of this ponce, whoever he is?

10 seepi { 08.25.10 at 10:23 am }

He used to be on a kids show in the afternoons (with a bus) that I had a bit to do with. He is a lovely guy, which is more than you can say for many tv types.
He does seem to like to date the talent tho – didn’t he date luda also?

11 reality raver { 08.25.10 at 10:27 am }

Seepi – we should just be thankful he ain’t hosting Junior Masterchef then.
I suspect his is a safe pair of hands and will be totally innocuous

12 Annon { 08.25.10 at 1:58 pm }

I’m not sure where Paul is hiding these days, but I will throw in a conspiracy theory for him;
Ch7 picked Matt Newton as a publicity stunt. They figured he was either going to stuff up, and they would get all of this publicity
He wouldn’t stuff up and CH7 could then get all of the publicity from ‘how X-Factor saved Matt’ ect

13 bella vita { 08.27.10 at 4:05 am }

RR: Popstars Live was shown 2 years after Scott Cain won Popstars 3.
It had a lot of controversy at the time with Molly Meldrum and Christine Anu quitting as judges after the 2nd episode as they thought the format and talent were crap.
It rated dismally and the final two were a Rock singer in his 20’s and a 16yo blonde from memory. Neither did anything after it.

14 Hayley { 08.27.10 at 5:06 am }

Molly didn’t quit, it was John Paul Young. The judges had been instructed to slam the contestants instead of giving constructive feedback, and Christine objected. She stayed on a bit longer than JPY did though. Apparently, that year’s winner Kayne Taylor later moved to Germany, where I assume he has gotten further with his music career than he ever did in Australia. Last I saw of the aforementioned 16yo runner up Miranda Murphy, she was singing backup for Leona Lewis on Sunrise 2 years ago.

15 Culinary Boner { 08.27.10 at 8:13 pm }

Interesting stuff by other commentors here about Kayne Taylor. Given Germany’s status as the home of some of the worst pop-rock music (and fashion) in Europe, if not the world, is the fact that he’s in this market an indictment that he truly is piss-poor? Perhaps we will see him on Eurovision. Maybe he should’ve gone to Finland to try the the make it in the Black Metal market. Gimme an S gimme an A gimme a T…etc…

16 Johnno { 09.10.10 at 1:36 pm }

What happened to Rodrigo Alvarado Episode 1 (some body to love) never to be seen again