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Matt Newton’s Girlfriend Rachael Taylor Takes Out An AVO On Him

As I reported last night (see previous blog post here) Matt Newton has been dumped from The X Factor as host and is now back in rehab. The rumours of a violent altercation with his former girlfriend Rachael Taylor would appear to be true as she has now taken out an AVO against him.

I would say Matt Newton’s acting career is officially over now.  Also no news on whether The X Factor will try and wipe him out of the show completely like they did the contestant on child pornography charges on The Biggest Loser or who the new host is.

The Daily Telegraph reports:

ACTRESS Rachael Taylor has taken out an AVO against her boyfriend, the TV personality Matthew Newton, after “unprovoked violent assaults”.

“After much consideration and struggle I have made this personal decision to send a clear public message that violence, threats, abuse and intimidation are not acceptable and should be dealt with by the full capacity of the law,” Taylor said in a statement released by her manager.

The action follows a series of “gravely serious incidents” including two unprovoked violent assaults on August 13 and 14 while the couple were in Rome, the statement says.

“Ms Taylor says that she has taken this step to address significant fears for her personal safety, well being and security following events – both in Australia and while on a recent holiday in Rome, Italy,” it reads.

“I thank my family and friends for their ongoing support through what is an extremely disturbing, distressing and difficult time,” she said.

It’s not the first allegation of domestic violence Newton has faced.

In 2007, he pleaded guilty to a “one off” assault on actress girlfriend Brooke Satchwell during a break-up argument.

Newton admitted to punching Satchwell and pushing her into a wall at his Sydney home while she begged him to stop.

He was given a 12-month good behaviour bond for the assault, but the conviction was later quashed after the judge heard of his history of mental health problems.

Earlier today it was announced that Newton had been forced to quit as the host of the Seven Network show “The X Factor”, one week before the new series is due to air.

“Matthew had a strong commitment to the program – he has tried his utmost to make it work,” the statement read.

“He has the support of his family and close circle of friends as he works his way back to full health.”

In April, Newton – son of showbiz couple Bert and Patti Newton – spent 28 days in Melbourne’s Malvern Private Hospital, which specialises in drug and alcohol issues.


1 Rob { 08.23.10 at 5:14 pm }

I take it the wedding plans are off?

2 Scott { 08.23.10 at 5:16 pm }

Whoever signed off on the decision to get Matthew Newton to helm this show is an idiot. $20 million dollar investment and they decide to put a guy with a recent record of substance abuse and domestic violence as the front man! It was amateur hour from the start.

3 Culinary Boner { 08.23.10 at 5:18 pm }

Good on her
This guy is an A1 arsehole

4 skye { 08.23.10 at 5:38 pm }

Just reprising my comment from the other post as it is more relevant here:

Yuk. Channel 7 must be at least relieved they managed to get their press release out before Rachel Taylor made her AVO public. This story is really awful, Brooke Satchwell must be feeling very vindicated today (in an awful kind of way), after the conviction for assaulting her was overturned and a lot of people (not me) gave him the benefit of the doubt.

God knows how Ch 7 are going to cut him out of the existing footage by sunday, they managed to do it with Collectors though, so I guess anything’s possible.

5 Emma { 08.23.10 at 5:49 pm }

The problem with him is, there are never any negative consequences for his bad behaviour. Like I said in the last post, he got away with it a few years ago and now it’s like de ja vu.

I know we’re all supposed to go down the PC route and hope he has support and help etc but honestly I am sick and tired of hearing about demons and mental health issues from people like him. He’s a spoiled, selfish, narcissistic brat and he needs a massive wake up call.

So help me if one more girl goes out with him after this I will lose all faith in my gender.

6 Sam { 08.23.10 at 8:11 pm }

He lives off his parents public image!!! So listen girlfriend basher, stay out of the public eye, NO ONE LIKES YOU!!!!! You need to be put behind bars, as if it was someone else they would be!!!!! Your nothing but TRASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

7 Tony { 08.23.10 at 8:54 pm }

So Matthew Newton goes off the rails again… Gee, didn’t see that one coming. He should have the word “Loser” tattooed on his forehead as a warning to producers and women who are stupid enough to contemplate hiring or dating him in the future.

8 dmc { 08.23.10 at 9:06 pm }

Physical abuse of women is intolerable. There is now way he should have been anywhere near this program, or any program.

9 Luke Jacobz To Be The New Host For The X Factor | reality ravings { 08.23.10 at 9:45 pm }

[…] Matt Newton who was given the role to much raised eyebrows when he had just completed rehab has had to be replaced on the show because of a violent incident with his now former girlfriend Rachael Taylor. She has applied for an AVO, and he has been carted back to rehab. See more about that debacle on my previous blog post. […]

10 Reality Raver { 08.23.10 at 10:02 pm }

Just saw on twitter that as well has having anger management issues he it appears he has an alcohol problem as well.

It will be interesting to see if this has any impact on the shows ratings.

I agree with Scott, it was too big a risk to take.
I wonder when channel 7 knew they were in trouble as there have been a few stories about cops being called to his Darlinghurst dwelling, and also he was seen drinking in Kings Cross.

11 Anonymous { 08.24.10 at 2:00 pm }

Canadian publician online says this:
Newton’s former agent, Titus Day of 6 Degrees Management, said he had dropped the troubled star and declined to comment on the allegations of violence.

In Rome, officer Giovanni D’Auria of the paramilitary Carabinieri police force confirmed that they had been called to the Westin Excelsior Hotel on the night of Aug. 13 because of a verbal fight in one of the rooms.

He said Newton was being sedated by paramedics when the Carabinieri arrived, and was then taken to the hospital.

Newton apparently “lost his temper,” D’Auria said. There were no allegations of physical violence at the time.

Taylor told ambulance staff and Carabinieri that her boyfriend suffered from “psychological problems,” D’Auria said.

The hotel declined to speak about the incident, citing guest privacy.

Interesting…suppose she’ll get the tatt of his initials removed too?

12 Kerry { 08.25.10 at 7:42 pm }

He is a freak, nothing less than a woman beater, why wre we being nice to him? becuase his parents portrayed the perfect family? This is learned behaviour! Where did he learn it from, has anybody asked the question?
Was the family really that perfect? I think NOT! But that is one opinion!! This ANIMAL needs to be OUT of the media

13 Rob { 08.25.10 at 8:20 pm }

According to witnesses at the Westin Excelsior Hotel in Rome, Matthew Newton punched Rachel Taylor in the face and then slammed her head against the floor. This pathetic excuse for a man is nothing but a bully and a coward. We only seem to hear of him inflicting violence on women, i.e. someone smaller and weaker than himself. Matthew Newton is, and always will be, a gutless turd.

14 Mark { 08.28.10 at 3:43 pm }

If you remove all the false hype and unearned privilages bestowed upon Matt Newton you are left with a man who clearly is off poor character. The facts are he has violently attacked two respectable women. He resembles the behavior of a ill tempered dog. No matter what excuse his supporters offer for his actions this doesnt not mitigate his responsibility for his behaviour morally or legally.

15 Anonymous { 08.30.10 at 9:37 pm }

He is abuser. The worse kind of ‘man’ if u can call him a man…The sense of entitlement he thinks he has must be astronomical. What a shame that this type of behaviour continues to have ‘excuses’ tied to it. There is NEVER an excuse for abuse.

16 Ingeborg { 04.02.13 at 5:24 am }

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