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Come Dine With Me Australia – Season 2 Blasts Off To An Entertaining Start

Series two of the Australia version of Come Dine With Me Australia has started on Lifestyle Channel this week, but seriously it could really be called Come Drink With Me, as they are all so sloshed by the end of the evening. But seriously if I was stuck with some of these people for five nights in a row I would be drinking heavily as well.

In episode one of the week I had high hopes for Helen with her slowcooked lamb with feta, but then I saw her massacring the lobster with sweet chilli sauce and her wild abandon with the salt and I knew there were going to be a few misses at her dinner party tonight.

I would like to know the rules of the show as her appetizers of Dolmades were made a week prior and the koupes her mother basically made them.

The big gripe about Helen was that she did not offer a drink until everyone had arrived. That is a big fail considering no one knew each other and they must have been pretty nervous.

Also the other  fatal flaw of bringing out the belly dancer whilst everyone was sober at the beginning of the evening. I think if she had unleashed her at the end of the evening dream analyst Joan Hangar would have really got into it.

But maybe we should be thankful that did not occur as young 18 year old Taylor may have found it far to exciting. I thought at some stage the sub-plot to the first two episodes was going to be some sort of Harold and Maude type scenario between him and Joan.

Ok back to the food, well it is meant to be a cooking show, Helen served prawns and smoked salmon with tomato, cucumber and tango mayo for entree, followed by the lobster which got mixed reviews.

Taylor does not like seafood, but thought the mayo was ok as it covered it. And then whinged he could not taste the lobster – which should have been a positive for him considering he hates seafood. But it wasn’t. Ray did not like the prawns and poor Paula was struggling for screen time.

Joan thought the lamb and feta dish was too rich, but the others thought it was nice.

Except for Taylor who was expecting a fine dining experience and bitched about the lamb and that the icecream served with dessert was not home made.

Ray who could only keep his inner yob contained for so long started cracking beer bottles with his teeth and skulling beer. I think he could provide some cracker scenes by the end of the week.

The scores? Joan gave her a 7, Ray a 6, Paula a 8, Taylor a 6 for a total of 27. A respectable start to the week.

In episode two it was Ray’s turn to cook which was trad english turn.

The entree was a scallop and black pudding tower, main roast lamb with cranberry and mint sauce marinade and dessert was De-constructed Nuneton Mess naughty boy style.

The other four contestants must have felt nauseated watching this episode, particularly super clean Helen as his hygiene practices were disgusting. He used the same towel to wipe his dripping sweat and then a bowl with it.  Not just once but multiple times.

And boy did he sweat between entree and main he had to go and change his shirt. Taylor had a point when he said if he sweats that much over scallops and black pudding what would he have been like being a top gun marine.

Ray was a bit clueless and thought Taylor was gay. Clearly he could not see him flirting with Joan. Joan looked like she was encouraging it with her body language and upper leg flashing. You go girl.

His whole night was a bit iffy, with over cooked lamb and burnt vegetables. Also his Eton mess was a bit more 4 ingredients rather than Masterchef.

The scores – Joan gave 5, Taylor gave a 7, Paula gave a 6, Helen gave a 5 for a total of 23. So the $2000 prize money won’t be going to him.


1 Paul { 08.25.10 at 10:23 am }

From a bloke’s perspective, Paula can come rescue me from a house fire any time !!!!!

Ray’s sweat was pretty nauseating. Was it filmed during a heat-wave or something?
Helen looks like she’s going to be the overly critical one and Joan is starting to annoy me.

Can’t believe Taylor is only 18. Acts like he’s 30 – be a bit immature lad – you only get one crack at it.

2 Beth { 08.25.10 at 11:47 am }

The sweating was TOO much. I giggled my way through the episode and had to look away many times. He sweat through his shirt. TWICE. His whole apartment had such a bachelor feel of eeeeewness that I was surprised to see that he had a lady living in that too. Eeeeew. So far this series lives up to my expectations at least…James Valentine is very funny. Looking forward to the rest of the week…

3 Verna { 08.25.10 at 2:13 pm }

As the viewer, you knew you were going to be watching a disaster when the commentary from James Valentine pointed out that he couldn’t find anything in his own kitchen. Drawers and cupboards were opened in vain as he searched for bowls and utensils. There was no chance that he was going to be able to get the meal out seamlessly and that only heightened the anticipation of the fall he was going to have.

I could not finish my own dinner whilst watching Ray sweat!! I would have eaten very little if I was there and I would have thrown up if I had seen the cockroach climbing on the wall during dinner.

I will never understand why men think that opening a bottle with their teeth is impressive. People may smile and laugh but believe me, it is not WITH YOU it is AT YOU.

Finally, I loved his shirt change. As we watched – imploring him to change – we were laughing out loud when he applied deodorant to the outside of his changed shirt. Was that in hope that it would hide the creases or somehow stop his profuse sweat making it to the outside of his shirt?? Either way it didn’t work and his night was bad.

4 PinkPatentMaryJanes { 08.25.10 at 4:39 pm }

Loving this series already but am fearful I’ll never be brave enough to eat out again – oh, that tea towel – and the sweat! How does a person sweat that much? Once again casting genius and I do love James Valentine’s voice-overs with just the right amount of snark.

5 Reality Raver { 08.26.10 at 11:43 am }

Paul – I think Ray just sweats under pressure like Callum from Masterchef Aust did.

Beth – yes I got a surprise that a women lived there with him.

Verna – agree about the bottle opening with the mouth – when that starts happening I always think that it is a sign to leave the party.

PinkPatentMaryJanes – it was naughty of them just to let him keep doing that with the towel. No one will eat at his house again.