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Reality Tidbits – Sunday edition

Rob Palmer wins Dancing With the Stars beating Tamara Jaber and Alex Fevola to take the title.

Junior Masterchef will premiere on Channel Ten on Sunday 12 September at 7.30pm, it will go head to head with Channel Seven’s big reality show The X Factor.

The X Factor will also be having a show following it on 7TWO called the The Xtra factor to be hosted by Natalie Garonz. It will follow what happens after the performance and judgement shows.

For people who are missing Masterchef Australia, the UK version has started, and if you are wondering what is is about Injera has the precis on her blog.

Also another reality/cooking show on BBC Knowledge is The Restaurant and if you are wondering whether to watch it, check out this recap again on Injera’s Blog. In fact she has some great blog posts on cooking related shows. Go and check it out.

Paris Hilton shows just how stupid she is being busted for cocaine possession in Las Vegas. Her boyfriend gets done DUI and whilst she is talking to the cops she pulls out her lip gloss, and out drops the coke. (Source: Daily News)

The Australian version of Four Weddings will premiere on 8 September at 7.30pm. It will be hosted by Fifi Box, who was hospitalised last week due to an allergic reaction to a fake tan lotion. (Source: TV Tonight)

Jeff Probst won the best host for a reality TV show at the Emmys for his role on Survivor.

If you are wondering what most of the Real Housewives look like in a bikini then go to the Huffington Post for a slide show.

Also speaking of photos the Huffington Post also has pics of Rachel Zoe on her honeymoon and she looks young.

Page Six also say the Real Housewives of NYC are miffed that they are not being paid as much as Snooki and co on Jersey Shore. Currently the Housewives get paid $4000 per episode.

Two studies have shown that reality TV is making some people have unnecessary plastic surgery. You could say most plastic surgery is unnecessary. (Source: PR Web)

Will The X Factor use auto tune, American Idol have been forced to come out this week to say they don’t use it. However The X Factor and America’s Got Talent does. Auto tune takes away the pitchiness of a singer. It will be interesting to know if the Australian version of the show will be using it. (Source: Reality TV blog)

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