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The Apprentice – Why Was Rafe Fired Before Michael?

The UK Apprentice continues to be one of the best TV shows currently on Australian TV. The last three episodes have been crackers, a trip to Marrakesh, a bridal show, and a TV commercial shoot.

Firstly the Marrakesh episode could be the most entertaining one of the whole series. The challenge was to buy the exact list of products provided for the least amount of monies.

The highlight was Michael and Jennifer buying chicken which was meant to be kosher. Jennifer thought it just meant the chicken had to be blessed. Michael who is allegedly jewish appeared to  not know what kosher meant. In fact it looked like Michael had put that he was part jewish on his application to the show to try and ingratiate himself with Sir Alan.

Anyway the two Jennifers ended up getting eliminated in that episode.

Then there was the bridal convention episode which saw Lucinda’s team win with an upmarket  bridal designer, mixed with some down market g-strings. Again Michael managed to survive even though on the losing team he was trying to flog expensive wedding cakes like you would second-hand cars, and Shari was fired.

Just when I thought Michael could no longer dodge any bullets Rafe was fired ahead of him because of their advertisement they made promoting tissues. Ok Michael and Rafe got carried away with the creative side of things, but the advert I thought was pretty classy. Clare who is starting to look like a contender pointed out they needed to show the brand a bit more, but they ignored her.

Interestingly enough their I heart my tissues box was not as well liked as the garish Aitishoo pack of the other team. And their corny ad won because they mentioned the product plus that it was anti-bacterial.

And then for some reason Rafe was fired, and I still cannot work out why. Was it because he had taken the lead with the commercial? Any way very disappointed as I thought he stayed composed when everyone else was losing it, or taking swipes a the other contenders.

Alan hinted that he thought there was not much behind the facade, but I thought Rafe was a team player and led when he had to. Michael who is more bluster then substance, lives on for another week in Apprentice land.


1 Suzanne { 08.30.10 at 1:56 pm }

I couldn’t help myself – had to watch the rest of the series on youtube…. and am now conversely sorry that it is over (even though it WAS over 3 years ago!).
So glad to see the revolting red-heared Jenny go – such a bully!
I cannot understand how Michael got through. Rafe, along with Lucinda, was one of my favourites and apart from his momentary lapse of judgement in thinking that an ad doesn’t actually have to throw the product in people’s faces to make it effective, was fantastic.
There’s a great show on after each episode called “You’re Fired”, which has the just fired competitor on the show with a panel of “expert” commentators (some of which are English comedians, so not sure why they are experts..), but it gives a good look at what the just-sacked person really thinks.

2 reality raver { 08.31.10 at 8:59 am }

Suzanne – oh god I missed the You’re Fired show would love to know what Rafe had to say. I still don’t know Channel 7 buried this show. It is gold. I am unsure about Lucinda some eps I like her but in others I can see she is a total pain in the arse.