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The X Factor – When Did Channel 7 Realise Matt Newton Was Going Pear-Shaped?

All the media outlets are continuing to run hard on the Matt Newton leaving The X Factor story.

Channel 7 must be loving it because if anyone did not know there was a show called The X Factor and it is starting tomorrow night they must do now.

But I wonder when did Channel 7 and Fremantle Media know they had a problem with their host? Also if they did know it was going pear-shaped what were they doing to try and deal with it?

The latest New Idea which you can presume is the Channel 7  mouth piece had some contestant’s saying that Matt was aloof, and that he smelt of alcohol.

The Sunday Telegraph went in hard today, claiming Matt Newton has drug induced schizophrenia because of his use of hard drugs including ice. They also said his drug use was known to his family and to some senior employees at the Seven Network, when it hired him.

They also state that Matt’s parents Patti and Bert will be interviewed on A Current Affair tomorrow night. They reveal he suffers from anger and mental issues.

Ros Reines in the same paper says that Matt Newton’s problems have been brewing for years.

However Sun-Herald quoted contestant India-Rose Madderom who said she was surprised that he had left, and that he was doing a really great job.

Anyway one thing is for certain, new host Luke Jacobz won’t generate the column inches that Matthew Newton has.