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Come Dine With Me Australia – Week 2 – Another Diverse Group

It is week two of Come Dine With Me Australia and first out of the blocks is Jesse who is portrayed as a bit of a sports loving yob. He calls his home Hotel Hibiscus which he thinks people don’t want to leave.

It was interesting that even though he had the Uncle Norm persona he was using some to top quality ingredients, and serving some interesting wine and beer.

His first course was chicken, bacon and mushroom risotto.

His main was Hibiscus Hotel Prime Rib-Eye with veges, one being bali corn which he said he survived on when he was holidaying there. He said otherwise there was only slugs and grasshoppers to eat. As James Valentine said what part of Bali was he in?

Also is Arnott’s Chocolate Ripple Biscuit’s sponsoring the series, it has been the second chocolate ripple dessert in a week. I’d never heard of the biscuit nor the dessert, but David the 42 year old advertising guy seemed to know it. Obviously a culinary delight I have missed.

The other diners this week was 35 year old Jane Izzaro a marketing manager for her husband’s fashion business. Her Italian husband is 28 year old older then her. I think thought she was a bit more posh then she actually was. For someone who preferred to read rather than dirt bike ride, she did not seem that articulate.

However she was presenting herself as nice and the person who gets on with everyone, which I am not sure I am completely buying it.

I really like the Japanese karate lady Kyoko, I think she will be telling the people what she really thinks by the end of the week. Also she is not drinking much as it does not agree with her so she will get bored quicker than the others.

At the other end of the relationship spectrum, we have bogan scrummy muumy 36 year old full time mum Sharon. She is into dirt bike riding and hanging out with her 24 year old boyfriend. She has just come back from getting a boob job in Thailand, and may have gotten some botox when she was over there as well if her unanimated face is anything to go by.

Since she cannot cook I am unsure why she has applied to go on the show.

41 year old David Whiteside who is in advertising and looks like he is a neat freak. But seems to be cast as the nice guy of the week like Paula was. But like her he might be a little dull.

Jesse’s rissotto did not rock their socks off, and Jane thought it more an Australian way of cooking it rather than Italian.

The steak main looked pretty damn good, and got the thumbs up from all involved, whilst the dessert was given mixed reviews. Kyoko did not like the alcohol taste of it, and David thought it was not complex enough.

Jesse finished the evening with a song he had written about his daughter and it was quite good, maybe he should have toddled up to The X Factor auditions.

David gave him a 7, Kyoko an 8, Sharon an 8, and Jane gave him a 9 for a total of 32. A stand out score that will be hard to beat. Jane has not given herself much room to move if she has a really sensational evening on another night. However, Sharon’s turn tonight does not look like she will be able to crack a ten.