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Come Dine With Me – Cougar Sharon’s Turn To Cook

Not sure why Sharon went on Come Dine With Me Australia considering she said she is not a great cook, but she reckons she can throw a great party. But maybe she is just used to catering for the 24 year old boyfriend.

Her starter is Smoked Salmon on Cos Boats, her entree is Cajun Chicken with a mango salsa,  her main is veal scallopini with smashed sweet potato, and dessert is Tantalising trio of treats mini lemon cheesecake, toblerone mousse  and homemade strawberry ice cream.

Was she sponsored by Masterfoods, she used it in their cajun chicken spices and lemon butter for dessert. She started off with her version Long Island Ice Tea, with vodka, cointreau, malibu, strawberry liquour.

Jane who considers herself as a woman of the world, and said Sharon’s house was what she expected “suburban”. To be fair to her  the show did go out of their way to show her as a bit of a bogan by flashing her Supre label at the end of the episode.

The cajun chicken did not taste of much at all. There was an hour and a quarter between entree and main. Also it was all pretty flat, so I don’t know why she thinks she is such a good entertainer. I was surprised there was not jelly shots.

It was almost painful to watch the silence of the diners. It looked like a really dull evening and they have another three nights to go.

David looked like he was just shovelling it down his veal so he could get the hell out of there.

Jane said the veal did not taste Italian. David thinks Jane is a bit egocentric. And no surprise that Jane celebrity crush was Silvio Bersculloni. Says a lot about what she wants in a guy – clearly not ethics. I cannot wait for her night to cook.

David gave a 5, Jane a 6, Sharon a 6, and Kyoko 7 which gives her a total of 24.


1 Culinary Boner { 09.01.10 at 5:20 pm }

Why can’t they get the NRL “cougar” Charmyne Palavi on this show?

FFS, I’d even sit through James Valentine’s drivel in this case. If ever there was an ‘Aussie stunner’ screaming out for reality tv stardom it’s our Charmyne – &

Just imagine the culinary gems and wild party games she’s be able to lay on. It’d be devils on horseback and smoked oysters followed by bikini twister and spin the bottle.

And why the fuck hasn’t Max Markson signed up to launch her on to our screens yet? We need more low-brow reality tv. Not lame singing comps featuring Kyle sitting on his fat arse.

2 Reality Raver { 09.02.10 at 11:36 pm }

Charmayne would have been disappointed that I’m A Celeb get me out of here is not going to happen.