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Come Dine With Me Australia – Kyoko Gets Mixed Reviews

It was karate Kyoko’s turn to cook tonight as she did an amazing job to produce so much food in her tiny kitchen.

Her menu was Edaname, Packet Dried Squid with Japanese Mayo, and avocado dip, then she had Japanese mixed entree with about six dishes in it.

Her main was Stewed Japanese Beef Curry, and dessert was Sticky Date Pudding.

Jesse and Sharon were a bit non-plussed about the menu. And the whole episode was shown as some sort of class divide which versace Jane was happy to perpetuate.

Jane thinks “Jesse is trying to keep up” clearly thinking he is on some sort of lower social scale then her. Also she thought Sharon was being a bit intimidated by tonight as well. But those were the only negatives as she was gushing over everything.

Kyoko was a fast cook and had it totally under control. The karate welcome got everyone in the mood for a fun evening. But the down side was the cosy eating space.

Jesse did not like the dried squid, nor did Sharon. Jane thought it was sensational as she did the edaname. David also thought the food was faultless.

For someone who doesn’t drink, Kyoko gave out vodka infused watermelon with persian fairy floss as a pre-dessert, and seemed to be knocking back the sake.

The only downside was the sticky date pudding with the majority thinking it was  average.

However she still scored well as her evening was entertaining.

David scored an 8, Sharon a 7, Jesse a 6, and Jane gave her a 10 which gave her 31 which still means Jesse is in the lead. Tonight David’s turn to cook.

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1 Moshina { 05.09.11 at 8:54 pm }

Does anyone have contact details for David Whitehead?