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The X Factor – Last Auditions Show There Is A Lot Of Talent There

OK so we have a contender in apprentice hairdresser Sally Chatfield who sung Hurt by Christine Aguillera, her voice was amazing.Not sure Kyle had to kiss her feet but then he did have to bring her moment back to him.

Now let’s discuss Kyle Sandilands who is the head judge in a sense just by sheer force of personality. In fact I think Channel 7 have edited him well or he has decided to be sarcastic but not cruel. In fact on tonight’s show he gave me several laugh out loud moments. Particularly when he told one female group “Female Proclaimers, no thank you”.

It was a good choice to have Kyle as he seems to be a format suited to him. However, it will be interesting to see him mentor people as his background is not as musically immersed as the other three judges.

And isn’t Ronan Keating the sparkly one. I am not sure which shine more brightly his blue eyes or his white teeth. He is a good addition to the show, however I thought his dummy spit over Kaspa DeVetre was a bit over the top.

Poor Kaspa had kind stumbled through the audition process and found himself on the live show sing Wicked Game by Chris Issak. He did a medium rendition but then when he kind of said he was on The X Factor because his mates told him to put his money where his mouth he was deemed not serious enough and Ronan stormed off.

And Ronan if you have an issue about sitting their for hours having to listen to crap acts have a talk to the producers they are the ones putting them through.  I mean how many Imelda Marcos wannabes did we really need to see.

Yulyia Rai a former  ukraine pop singer who married an Aussie and moved here had a spunky attitude about her but I thought her singing was not that great. But Kyle was giving her extra points for the perve factor and she got through. Props to Natalie Imbruglia for saying no.

Elizabeth Hilton who would have been better sticking with her opera singing genre was not so lucky.

Another made for reality TV was Chris Doe  an 18 year old looking for his real father, I was actually surprised that he had a good voice.

Guy Sebastian’s support bad Mahogany sang A Boys To Men song they were good and were easily put through to boot camp. But it was interesting to hear what they had to say when Ronan asked them why they did not have a record contract yet. And they replied they had had a bit of bad luck.

I think it is going to be a tough competition as some talented people are being sent through to boot camp and these shows are not just about singing well it is also capturing the audiences imagination.

One such person was Tony Munnings a 41 year old fork lift driver  from Perth who sang Proud Mary. He had a huge likeability factor and these shows always like a rank amateur who could potentially become a star. It means there are are thousands of people at home thinking that could have been me. Luke Dickens was a prime example of this.

Next week is boot camp and I spotted Rai Thistlethwaite which begs the question when did reality TV become cool?

I loved the way they go the last person of the day when in fact it was a completely different day.

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1 Kaylen { 09.04.10 at 10:59 am }

No comments!? Better leave one, then. 😉

Didn’t watch it – watched the highlight show they had on the next day, though.

Dislike the audition episodes, but only ’cause bad singers hurt my ears. Will look forward to boot camp and the live episodes – there’s a lot of really good singers in this, and I’m surprised at the quality of them.

Just hopefully they go with the good singers and not the ones with the best sob story. >.>

Thanks for the commentary as always! It tends to be more informative than the show. 😛