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Rumours are circulating that two of Network Seven’s reality stars are romancing each other. Dancing With the Stars and host of a plethora of other shows, Daniel Macpherson and the new host of The Xtra Factor Natalie Garonzi. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Kym Johnson the Australian dance on the US version of Dancing With The Stars has been partnered with David Hasselhoff. The new series of the show looks awesome, including Jennifer Grey, and The Situation. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Newly bankrupt Real Housewife of New Jersey Theresa Guidice says they may owe $11 million, but rumours that her husband has had an affair is wrong. She state her an husband Joe make love at least once, sometimes twice a day. Doesn’t she realise in a few years her daughters will be able to google and read the article. (Source: I’m Not Obsessed)

If you cannot wait for season 2 of Jersey Shore,  to start here are some photos of Jwoww and Sammi having a scrag fight. (Source: Daily Mail)

Former Australian Idol judge Mark Holden is getting a good prognosis after his diagnosis with thyroid cancer. (Source: Daily Telegraph)

Apparently J-Lo is still in the mix to be a judge on American Idol next year with Steve Tyler. Rumours were circulating that her diva like demands were getting out of control and Fox had decided not to go with her. (Source: Herald Sun)

Clearly The Situation has been watching too many episodes of Entourage as he bought a Bentley not just for him but for his brother as well. (Source: TMZ)

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1 Injera { 09.04.10 at 8:54 am }

I can’t help but wonder if the “rumours” about McPherson are Seven publicity’s way of getting buzz before announcing him as host of TAR. Sure, they were talking about Cousins when the doco was hot, but if they have any risk professionals on staff they will be running for cover after their recent balls up with Newton. Might have to play it super-safe.