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Come Dine With Me Australia – I Think We Have A Live One Here

Even after episode one on Come Dine With Me Australia this week you know that it is going to be all about Tom the 40 year old builder, who considers himself the Gordon Ramsay of the building industry. So does this mean he can cook, swear, and be totally obnoxious?

I am hoping the three women will have slapped him back into his box by the end of the week.

Tonight was ex-pat english man Domonic turn to cook and it was an Indian feast. He was wondering if his guests would realise he was gay. Well if the Tupperware collection did not give it away I suspect other things did.

Actually apart from the over the top Tom, I thought this group looked like a whole lot of fun. There was  Deb McKnight a clean freak and a marriage celebrant.  Yolanda who wants to be a personal stylist, and Michelle who had a rocking sense of humour. Also she appears one of the brightest of the bunch by picking an Indian feast would be cooked by an ex-pat pom.

His entree was tandoori chicken, and onion bhaji. He gave the chicken an english twist to it by cooking it in the microwave. It was well received by most, thought it was noted by Deb that she would have like some crispy bits on her chicken.

In between the courses, Tom was rummaging and by that I mean forensically examining every drawer and wardrobe,  looking for sex toys. Maybe his building site mates will think that is entertaining, but he just looked like a tool.

The main were three curries Tom loved and he reckon he knows his curries. Deb however thought they lacked a bit of punch.

Unfortunately for Dom his dessert of Pistachio and cardamon kulfi was a bit of a disaster as he forgot to put the sugar in, and added it later in the cooking process. Also a whole nut shell and all is always going to knock a point or two off.

He got a solid start to the week Deb gave a 7, Michelle a 5, Yolanda 8, and Tom a 8 for a total of 28. Probably not a winning score, but respectable. But somehow I think this week is not going to be all about the cooking.


1 Paul { 09.07.10 at 1:09 pm }

By the sounds of the previews, Tom makes a disgrace of himself tonight.

2 Reality Raver { 09.07.10 at 1:31 pm }

Paul – cannot wait.