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Come Dine With Me Australia – Medieval Mayhem

Was this one of the best episodes of Come Dine With Me Australia ever?

It had it all an interesting medieval menu theme, swordplay that went wrong, and an out of control guest.

It was Michelle’s night to cook and she was going the full tilt with the medieval banquet complete with dress and utensils. I thought it looked fantastic and interesting.

For Michelle and her husband this appears to be an all encompassing hobby and they are with a group that deals with a the 13th – to early 14th century period, and I think she said they reenacted one particular battle. If that is the case wouldn’t it get a bit boring?

Her husband and son kindly showed them a sword fight but it got all out of control when the son managed to make contact with his father and there was blood. And boy was the dad peeved, and I thought started taking the fight a bit too seriously. But then Michelle did not appear to be worried.

Her menu was cheese heavy which Dominic who can only eat it cooked was finding it all a bit challenging.

First was pate and cheese, then cheese and onion tart, followed by Cheese Ravioli. Then it was a plate of chicken, ribs and vegetables, and dessert was a tart and a fruit pudding.

Her food got mixed reviews from her guests. Michelle was probably the harshest. Tom who had realised he had been out of line the previous evening started out on his best behaviour, but after a mound of booze, including a vodka shot suddenly his “evil twin” emerged.

First he was trying to out Greek Yolanda, and when Dominic stepped in he called him God know what because the whole thing was bleeped out, but I guess it there was derogatory remarks about his sexuality.

Yolanda, who I really like marched off saying “We don’t want to hear your shit,” and everyone had left the table except for Michelle.

Michelle gave her a 4, Yolanda a 5, Dominic gave a 7, and pissed Tom gave a 5 for a total of 21.

Tomorrow night it looks like Tom is on the wagon which for him is  probably wise. I wonder if he decided this or the producers told him to, as the other contestant’s may have arced up about it.


1 Culinary Boner { 09.08.10 at 10:22 am }

There was more cheese than a Wallace & Grommit episode.
Whilst the theme was interesting, the food was a reminder that, in cuisine terms, this was indeed the Dark Ages. Thank Heston (aka God) for colonial exploitation and the spices, herbs and veges of Sth America and SE Asia. Oh. And next time the son and hub go each other with the broadswords I suggest they opt for a moderate sized shield rather than a pissant 12cm diameter buckler. Pissed myself laughing at the reinactment.

2 Michelle { 09.08.10 at 5:48 pm }

Hmmm, seems like this guy got his names a little mixed up, its a bit hard for me to vote on my own food.

3 Reality Raver { 09.08.10 at 10:06 pm }

oops meant Deb sorry

4 Paul { 09.09.10 at 11:38 am }

Going off the current facebook mutterings between this group – it seems like the group have forgiven Tom for his apparently asshole behavior.

I like this group – every one of them is interesting and a little different.

5 Michelle { 09.09.10 at 12:24 pm }

Well I have forgiven him I think :-) although there was a lot more to forgive after I saw the things he said in my bedroom, ditzing John whilst wearing his favourite 95thRifles jacket was unkind