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Jersey Shore Hits Miami Beach

It is always interesting to see a second season of a reality TV show such as this one. Because when the guidos and guidettes were filming the first season on Jersey Shore they would have had no idea on what a phenomenon it was going to become.

Now The Situation is on $30,000 an episode, and Snooki is being paid more in club appearances than Lindsay Lohan.

Will they be much more self conscious on camera or over act and become parodies of themselves. Also one of the amusing things in season one was Pauly D and The Situation’s poor pick up attempts with chicks, and now they were “famous” they were going to not any problems getting girls.

Surprisingly one of the first comments Snooki made was political, oh ok it was about tanning salons, apparently Obama has increased the tax on them, and she is not happy as she now has to do tans at home. She appears to have a heavy hand as she was darker than Beyonce in some scenes.

Angelina who left the first season after a few episodes had now decided to hitch herself to the series again. In fact I think it was fairly lucky the producers asked her back. Apparently she hooked up with Pauly D and The Situation at Jersey Shore. “I am looking forward to seeing the fireworks between the girls, and I will just be sitting in the corner with a sparkler.” said The Situation about how the girls would feel about Angelina being in the house.

And it was on in the taxi on the way to the club. With Jwow wanting to take it outside, and strangely enough Snooki was the voice of reason – well for a few minutes.

And of course there was the predictable Sammie and Ronnie flare up as they are ex’s. Sammi thinks she is still in love with him, but what I don’t get is why?