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The Block Is Back on 22 September On Channel 9 at 7.30pm

Channel 9 have made sure they are not going to left out in the end of season reality TV festival have announced they will be premiering The Block on  Wednesday, September 22, at 7.30pm.

Thankfully it is not going head to head with The X Factor and Junior Masterchef on a Sunday night, but it will be up against the highly entertaining Four Weddings.

The Block this time around will have Scott Cam as its host and he thinks this series is going to be much tougher on the contestants.

“This time around we’ve upped the ante by giving them bigger apartments and only half the time to finish each room. One thing I can say for sure is that while I’m delighted to be the host, I’d never be a contestant,” he said.

The contestants THE BLOCK 2010 are high school sweethearts John and Neisha, both 33; best mates Mark (52) and Duncan (44) who’ve already earned the nickname “The Two Fat Tradies”; engaged couple Erin (27) and Jake (26); and from Melbourne, the boyfriend and girlfriend team of Chez (28) and Brenton (27).

The couples have just eight weeks and $80,000 to complete the best apartment. Each week the couples will present one room to judges Neale Whitaker and John McGrath in a bid to win extra cash and prizes to go towards their budget. But the winning apartment will be he one that makes the most profit when they go up for auction. Also the winner will get given $100,000 as well.

This year’s series is set in Vaucluse, and the apartment’s sound amazing.  Each apartment has three bedrooms, two bathrooms and huge open-plan living, dining and kitchen areas, which is much bigger then the previous series.

Channel Nine have also set up website,, which will have  exclusive video footage, renovating tips and tricks, blogs from experts Jason Sullivan (winner of Channel Nine’s homeMADE in 2009) and Deb Bibby (Editor of Real Living magazine), weekly blogs from contestants, room tours by the couples, and photo galleries of each room using unique technology that allows the viewer to explore the rooms in great depth and detail. The site goes live from Sunday, September 19.

It looks like this series is going to rock particularly if the casting has been spot on, and it looks like it has.

UPDATE: Following on from The Block, NINE will also be premiering the Australian version of The Boss Is Coming To Dinner where potential candidates for a job must have the Boss over for dinner, he then decides who he is going hire. (Source: TV Tonight)


1 angie @ gnomeangel { 09.11.10 at 5:10 pm }

I’m so excited that this is coming back, I just wish I had’ve known so we could have applied. I can’t wait to see how it goes down!

2 Reality Raver { 09.11.10 at 5:19 pm }

angie – really you would go on The Block, I think it would be horrendous, and just about doom your relationship.

3 Maeve { 09.14.10 at 10:06 pm }

Me too! Loved the first two series’ and The Boss is coming to Dinner looks fab too! Could be my new fav night on tv.